How to Make a Pink Sapphire Ring Look Like an Expensive Pink Diamond Ring

Pink diamond rings are one of the most outstanding fashion statements a woman can make. These precious gems are truly incredible–are extremely rare and pricey. While most people will never be able to afford this luxurious piece of jewelry, they can get the same look with a much more cost-effective pink sapphire ring. These semi-precious gemstones, although usually thought of as being blue, come in different colors and are an outstanding alternative to pink diamonds and provide the same “wow” factor in a highly romantic color symbolizing love and affection.

Pink Diamond Ring vs. Pink Sapphire Ring

Pink diamond rings are usually only sold at luxury stores such as Cartier, Tiffany, Harry Winston, online at a few fancy colored diamond merchants, or auctioned at Sotheby’s for a premium price. A vast majority of pink diamonds are of a small carat size and only the rarest and most valuable ones are in the larger carat sizes more appropriate for a diamond solitaire. If you find a “pink diamond” engagement ring for a great price (i.e. for a few thousand dollars), it will most certainly be a man-made diamond, a lower quality color treated diamond or even a colored cubic zirconia stone. Buyers should always take note when so-called “deals” for pink diamond rings are being sold, as they are most certainly not a natural diamond. There isn’t anything wrong with colored, fancy synthetic diamonds, but be sure to find out precisely what type of stone it is and pay the going market rate accordingly.

A pink sapphire ring is a fantastic semi-precious diamond alternative engagement ring–and it will be modestly priced and affordable for the average consumer. The colors can be just as vivid and beautiful and when viewed in different lighting, the facets show a wide array of inner fire (sparkle) which make pink sapphires look stunning.

About pink sapphires:

  • Pink sapphires come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Colors range from light, pale pinks to vivid dark pinks which look almost magenta or red. Most women tend to prefer the deeper and darker pink colors.
  • Semi-precious pink sapphires cost slightly more than their well-known blue counterparts, but not enough to dissuade an engagement ring purchase.
  • Pink sapphires are also a fantastic option for Valentine’s Day gifts because of the symbolic nature of the colors–yet they also make the perfect statement any time of the year and for any occasion.
  • They are nearly as strong and durable as a diamond, ranking at a 9 on the Mohs scale, with diamonds being a 10.
  • They are in the ruby family–the amount of the mineral corundum determines if the stone is a ruby or sapphire.
  • Most natural pink sapphires have some sort of treatment to enhance and enrich their color.
  • Require the same care and cleaning as diamonds.

Buying a Pink Sapphire Ring – How to Help it Appear Like a Pink Diamond Ring

According to the International Gemstone Association, pink sapphires are an ideal stone that can look like a pink diamond:

“Generally, the clearer and more vivid the colour, the more valuable the fancy sapphire. If the colour is in the pastel range, the clarity should be good. Because in lighter tones inclusions are more noticeable, the trade usually prefers the gemstones to be cleaner with fewer visible inclusions. In a lighter coloured gemstone, the cut is also more important: it should reflect light back evenly across the face of the stone, making it lively and brilliant. With darker, more intense colours, the cut is not as critical because the colour creates its own impact, much like a pink diamond. No matter what the colour, sapphires combine durability and beauty for generations of pleasure.”

Here are some helpful tips to get you well on your way to owning a semi-precious pink diamond-looking engagement ring:

  1. Pink sapphires look stunning in white gold, platinum or palladium (the color contrasts make a bold statement).
  2. Sapphires are usually cut with facets, which means that every gem has tiny little points which reflect light and make it sparkle brilliantly. Stone cutters will spend a great deal of time getting the facets perfected in order to best showcase the dynamic qualities of the stone.
  3. To get the best price for your money, pick an eye-clean sapphire–don’t worry about the inclusions or flaws which can only be seen under a jeweler’s loupe. Avoid deeply flawed stones, as they will not sparkle as much and could appear more like costume jewelry.
  4. Solitaire settings tend to showcase the stone in the most dramatic fashion, yet any type setting the woman prefers is perfectly acceptable.
  5. Styles can be as varied as the taste of the woman wearing the ring–from antique to pave to a three stone ring, the options are endless.



 Images courtesy of VonBargen’s Jewelry.

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