May Birthstone Earrings

If you seek a lovely pair of earrings featuring the birthstone of May, you have arrived at the correct location. Featuring high-quality jewels, highly trained artisans meticulously create these stunning earrings. To learn more about the artist or the store, click on the photographs in the gallery. In the case of Metalicious, a jeweller design business owned by Stephanie, who began designing jewelry in 1995 after attending a metastasizing lesson on the spur of the moment. As a lifelong believer in doing things on the “greenway,” the artist incorporates eco-friendly methods into her jewelry designs, such as recycled materials and ecologically friendly office supplies, into her work.

Emerald, the birthstone for May, has been cherished for millennia because it symbolizes rebirth and rejuvenation. Emerald is widely recognized as the epitome of the colour green, and it is the perfect colour for spring. In every generation, the emerald has caught the imagination, whether through poetic descriptions of Ireland as “the Emerald Isle” or the bright green of the gemstone itself. The emerald, the May birthstone, has captured hearts and minds.

For people born in May, emerald is the birthstone (like myself). It is believed that the name emerald comes from the Greek word smaragdus, which means green. Like the aquamarine stated above, an emerald is a green form of beryl that is distinguished by the presence of impurities inside the beryl.

May Birthstone

Emeralds are often found in Brazil, Colombia, Zambia, and Afghanistan, among other places. Because high-quality emeralds are extremely rare, most emeralds are heat treated to intensify their green hue. Cleopatra is rumoured to have had a passion for emeralds and is said to have claimed possession of every emerald mine in Egypt during her reign.

In addition to ruby and sapphire, the emerald is considered one of the “big three” coloured gemstones. The commercial worth of these three gemstones is more than the combined economic value of all other gemstones. Because of tiny levels of chromium or vanadium in beryl, it acquires a bluish-green colour. Trace amounts of iron also contribute to the bluish-green colour of beryl.

Variations of this deep green colour conjure images of tranquil, verdant gardens. According to legend, the emerald can make its wearer more intelligent and quick-witted, and it was initially thought to have the ability to cure ailments such as cholera and malaria. Today, it is the gemstone of choice for couples celebrating their 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries.

The English name Emerald comes from the Old French Esmeralda, from the Greek word smaragdos.

  • “Nothing greens greener than an emerald,” observed Pliny the Elder.
  • The stone was identified with Mercury in Hinduism and Venus in Western mythology.
  • According to mythology, God gave emeralds to Israelite King Solomon.
  • It is associated with calming and loving energy. It was a fertility and immortality emblem in ancient cultures.
  • Emeralds have long been connected with creativity, patience, rebirth, and renewal. Wearers are said to be more intelligent, quick-witted, and passionate communicators.
  • It was once thought to assist muscles, spine, and chest ailments. The emerald was also believed to cure cholera and malaria.
  • For centuries, it has been associated with the eyes, from relieving eye strain to opening a window to the future.
  • Emeralds now represent loyalty, new beginnings, tranquillity, and safety. The gem is said to reduce stress.
  • A 20th and 35th wedding anniversary emerald.


“emerald” comes from the Greek word smaragdos, which means “green gem.” “Nothing greens greener,” wrote Pliny the Elder, who died in the 79 CE explosion of Mt. Vesuvius, in his comprehensive Natural History. “There is no better technique of recovering their eyes than by looking at the emerald, its gentle, green colour calming and relieving their exhaustion and lassitude,” he said, adding that the May birthstone had therapeutic powers that assisted gem cutters. Green is now scientifically shown to ease stress and eye strain. Green birthstones were supposed to have magical properties. One might look into the future by placing it beneath the tongue. Some believed it helped people become more articulate speakers and exposed partners who made false promises.

Where can you Find Emeralds?

For more than 500 years, Colombia has been the source of the best emeralds, and Colombian emeralds are the gold standard by which all others are judged. Muzo, Chivor, and Coscuez are three mining locations in Colombia that are particularly remarkable. Each location generates various colors, but Muzo produces the darker tones of pure green emeralds. Chivor is connected with lighter-toned emeralds that are somewhat blue-green, and Coscuez produces somewhat yellowish green emeralds.

The birthstone for May is also found in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. The sophisticated Belmont mine is one of the most productive sites for the green birthstone. Another notable location is Capoeirana, a rugged region dominated by small-scale operations and independent miners.

The birthstone for May is also found in Africa. Zambia is a key supplier, with mines in the Ndola Rural Restricted Area producing emeralds that are blue-green in color and deeper in tone. Pakistan and Afghanistan are also significant producers.


Emerald has a Mohs hardness of 7.5 to 8, making it more scratch-resistant than a diamond, with a hardness of 10. Treatments to increase the color or clarity of the May birthstone are common. Treatment options include the following:

 Dyeing: To improve the color of pale emeralds with many cracks, they can be colored green.

  • Oils, waxes, and synthetic resins frequently fix surface-reaching fractures in emeralds. The idea is to make the fractures less visible and improve the perceived clarity. The amount of filler material present can be small or large, and the different substances have different degrees of stability.
  • The emerald birthstone necessitates special attention: Heat, changes in air pressure (such as in an airline cabin), and harsh chemicals should all be avoided. Never use an ultrasonic cleaner on an emerald because the vibrations and heat might cause the filler to sweat out of fractures. Exposure to hot water used for dish washing can potentially harm filled emeralds. Scrubbing emeralds gently with a soft brush and warm, soapy water is the safest way to clean them.


Perhaps you remember The Emerald City from “The Wizard of Oz,” which was called after this renowned gem’s brilliant, sparkling greens.

Emeralds can be pale green with blue or yellow undertones or deep, rich green. The finest emeralds have a deep green color with a tint of blue, and they have excellent translucence, depth, and clarity. The green color is caused by chromium, vanadium, or both impurities, and iron will also cause bluish tones in the hue.

Emeralds are distinctive stones because of their inclusions, alien objects trapped within the jewel. Under a microscope, the inclusions are said to resemble mossy plant life. Inclusions can also reveal the origin of a gemstone.

The emerald is a six-sided mineral variant of the mineral beryl. Aquamarine, the birthstone for March, is a kind of beryl.

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Tiny Emerald Threader Earrings, 9K 14K 18K Gold Setting, Yellow Gold, Cable Chain Earrings, May Birthstone, Gemstone Earrings/code: 0.001

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A gold pair of threader earrings with an emerald drop! May’s birthstone is believed to be a symbol of loyalty, peace, and new beginnings!

DESCRIPTION: Each pear drop emerald weighs at least 0.45ct and is at least 6.1mm long (approx. 0.24in).

The gold chain is 9 cm (approx. 3.5in) long (total length), and 0.8mm (approx. 0.031in) thick.

Is it True that Every Month has Two Birthstones?

Each month is often linked with a single birthstone, but some months contain many birthstones, as seen in the chart below. This fact indeed causes some confusion, but the fact that there are numerous possibilities for a few months was designed to offer more affordable options alongside the usual, more expensive stones.

The emerald is the birthstone for May, and it is a gemstone that is always green in color. It belongs to the beryl family of minerals, including aquamarine (which is the birthstone for March), heliotrope, and morganite (which is the birthstone for April). Beryl, also known as beryllium aluminum silicate in chemical jargon, is an asymmetrical crystal with six faces.

Is Emerald a High-Priced Gemstone?

. Can purchase emeralds for as little as $1 a carat or $100,000 a carat.  You can find any gem in a wide variety of quality, ranging from opaque and only appropriate for carving to transparent and well-colored, making auction houses grin and everything in between.

To answer the question, the answer is yes. Emeralds are significantly more expensive than other gemstones, and emeralds are the most valuable gemstone in the world. They are even more expensive than the so-called diamonds themselves in most cases. When it comes to less common (rare) and deftly priced (expensive) jewels, most people think of diamonds as the first thing that comes to mind.

Which is More Valuable, Sapphire Or Emerald?

The point is that, while emeralds are not as hard and durable as sapphires, they are highly durable. Also suitable for everyday usage, they are pretty comfortable. The fact that they are highly scratch-resistant and durable means that it is scarce that you would damage an emerald ring, for example. Please keep in mind that diamonds are 90 times harder than sapphires.

Is Emerald the Birthstone for Gemini?

Emerald is the birthstone for Gemini in May. Emerald requires minimal introduction because it is one of the most often used gemstones. For many people, emerald is the gemstone that represents the color green. The emerald, often known as “The Jewel of Kings,” has been a favorite of royalty since antiquity.

For many people, emerald is the gemstone that represents the color green. The emerald, often known as “The Jewel of Kings,” has been a favorite of royalty since antiquity, and Cleopatra was one of the emerald’s most famous admirers.


Emerald is an attractive choice for May’s birthstone. It is one of the earliest known gemstones and reflects the bright green of summer. Despite their close relationship to aquamarine, emeralds are only found in green or bluish colors. This green stone has many symbolic implications and is worn by some of history’s most influential and famous ladies, including Cleopatra and Elizabeth Taylor. Another fantastic option for your child is emerald jewelry. Emeralds are a child’s favorite birthstone, and they make lovely jewelry in earrings, rings, and bracelets. Emerald jewelry might also encourage your child to think creatively and dress up. Kids of all ages will appreciate personalized rings, bracelets, and earrings. As kids get older, they can even select the items they desire.