Men’s Diamond Wedding Bands Are Bold, Stylish and Masculine

Men’s Diamond Wedding Bands Are Bold, Stylish and Masculine

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There might not be as many designs and styles offered in men’s diamond wedding bands as women’s, but there are still is a nice selection to choose from. Looking into the variety of unique bands will help land the perfect one for you.

Diamond Wedding Bands – Slant Style

Slant diamond bands feature literally a slanting row of diamonds for subdued sparkle and visual attraction. Your eye might catch a striking black stainless steel design offering precious metals. This style features 1/7 carat diamonds in this unique slant take on style

Seven Stone Slant Band

Or maybe you would prefer a very polished 10k white gold ring with a slanting row of one carat brilliant round diamonds.

Men’s Diamond Wedding Bands – The Diamond and Sapphire Band

Diamonds and sapphires are not only eye-catching but have been extremely popular. With a slanting row of alternating blue sapphires and 0.10 carat diamonds, you can’t go wrong.

The Most Popular Men’s Diamonds Wedding Bands: Channel-Set Bands

These bands are exceedingly popular amongst men. These bands range from a slight accent within the entire ring or set with several large diamonds for a dramatic appearance. Here are a few of the some of the most popular designs:

Seven Stone Two-Toned Band

The seven stone two-toned band is a channel set band of 10k white gold and 10k yellow gold accents. It offers 1-1/2 carats of radiant diamonds while capturing a sophisticated allure.

Yellow Gold Diamond Wedding Ring

Offering one carat of beautiful round diamonds, this yellow gold diamond wedding ring is classic.

Sculpted Crescent Diamond Band

If elegance is your style, the sculpted crescent diamond band will meet all your demands. This band offers 9 square diamonds in a beautifully textured band that radiates polished class.

Bezel set bands are very popular due to their subtle sparkle and a design that totally protects the diamond. These bands are perfect for those who work with their hands and emit both class and masculinity all rolled in one.

Three Stone Bezel Set Band

There is a wonderful three stone Bezel Set Band of 14k white gold with 0.60 carat of beautifully set round diamonds and rare carved shape. This ring speaks uncommon taste.

Borealis Ring

Possibly you want more flair to match your brilliant personality. Then Borealis Ring is calling you. This exclusive style is made of 18k white gold with 1/3 carat round diamonds in a bezel setting. The band is topped with a beautifully brushed finish.

Final Thoughts on Men’s Diamond Wedding Bands

Wedding and engagement rings are very special and should meet your unique style and taste—including men’s diamond wedding bands. There are countless designs, shapes and timeless value in finding the perfect one for you.

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