Modern Antique Engagement Rings

Modern Antique Engagement Rings

Antique is back! If you like the style of antique engagement rings but prefer to have a more updated piece of jewelry, there are countless modern options available these days. Exquisite details with milgrain and filigree designs go hand in hand with micropave or pinpoint diamonds to create unique engagement rings for the modern bride.


Characteristics of Modern Antique Engagement Rings

These styles are also known as replica, vintage, reproduction or inspired antique engagement rings. Jewelers can create exact replicas of original antique rings, or they may get their inspiration from different eras. The designs usually include milgrain (beaded) details, intricate pave diamonds, engravings and diamond or milgrain halos around the center stone. Some engagement rings may have highly elaborate designs and details, while others may have just a hint of the antique style. Whatever the method, this is a unique style and easily distinguishable from other types of modern engagement rings.


Advantages of Modern Antique Engagement Rings

Durability: With today’s improved metal quality, modern rings can have more durability than the alloys used 50-100 years ago. Antique rings require extra care due to their age and delicate handmade details. This delicacy is a positive aspect for some people, while others opt for a modern ring with more security.

Newer techniques: True antique, vintage rings are considered to be at least fifty years old or older. With new cutting techniques, the diamonds in re-created antique engagement rings are generally of higher quality and use ideal diamond cuts.

Higher stone quality:  The diamonds cut over fifty to one hundred years ago did not use the precision cutting techniques as used in modern times. The result these days is modern antique engagement rings can offer finer cut stones with more facets and therefore more brilliance.

Ease of purchasing: Often times true antique or vintage engagement rings will require visits to estate sales, antique shops or other specialty shops in different cities. Some antique shops may not always carry engagement rings, and estate sales are not an every day event. Modern antique rings (or replica rings) can be purchased with ease and even designed to your specifications.

Appraisals: It is recommended that genuine antique rings be viewed by an independent appraiser before purchasing to ensure the price and quality of the ring. Diamonds, if used in the antique ring, may not be certified and paperwork from estate sales may have been lost throughout the years.


Purchasing Modern Antique Engagement Rings

Since the fashion industry has been trending towards vintage and antique rings, most jewelry stores will offer a number of modern vintage or antique options.  Some stores offer the option to design a ring, which is an excellent service for those interested in replicating an antique ring from a picture. Many local and online jewelry stores can use sophisticated technology to create the perfect antique engagement ring to last a lifetime.

As noted previously, with trends moving towards intricate micro pave designs, most stores will be able to offer vintage or antique style engagement rings, such as:

Blue Nile
James Allen
Rothem Collection


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