Blue Sapphire and Diamond Wedding Ring

Hot Trends of 2012: Blue Sapphire and Diamond Wedding Ring

Diamonds paired with sapphires create a striking visual display for a wedding ring. This beautiful combination of stones is both classic and modern chic, with countless designs and price ranges available for every woman.



Sapphire and Diamond Wedding Ring

The most common color people associate with sapphires are a deep, royal blue. However, these semi-precious stones are available in many different colors, such as white, blue, pink, green, yellow and purple (with the exception of red). The blue sapphire still remains the most popular because it is reminiscent of royalty, the birthstone color for September, and part of the tradition of having “something borrowed, something blue” for a wedding day.

Sapphire and Diamond Wedding Ring Styles

With the rising popularity of sapphire and diamond wedding rings, there many different styles, shapes and colors that may be considered. As with diamonds, sapphires can be cut into nearly any shape and size, with some of the most common shapes being oval, assher, round, princess and emerald.

As with their diamond counterparts, sapphires can be used as solitaires or as side stones and styles range from classic and simple to elaborate and intricate designs. Essentially any setting can use sapphires and the options are only limited to one’s imagination.

Some specific design details for a diamond and sapphire wedding ring might include:

Accent stones: Sapphires can surround a diamond center stone or a large sapphire can have multiple diamond accents. Both are stunning and fashionable options.

Eternity bands: A very popular option for brides these days is to have a traditional diamond engagement ring and utilize sapphires in the wedding band. This option can add some unique elegance while still remaining conservative.

Three stone rings: Another highly popular option, diamonds and sapphires can work together to create a symbolic three stone ring, merging the past, present and future with elegance and tradition.

Types of metal: The most popular color choice for a diamond and sapphire wedding ring is a white metal such as palladium, white gold or platinum. Despite the popularity of white metals, there are stunning designs in 14K yellow gold. It comes down to personal preference, as both colors make excellent choices.


Buying a Sapphire and Diamond Wedding Ring

Just as with any engagement or wedding ring purchase, the prices can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars, depending on budget, metal choice, quality of the diamonds and sapphires. Most jewelry stores will either sell or be able to order a ring with both of these gemstones, and it may take only a simple inquiry to find out if a desired wedding ring could have some of the diamonds substituted with blue sapphires.

If finances do not permit natural sapphires, an increasingly popular choice for many couples is to opt for synthetic sapphires, color treated sapphires, or even blue cubic zirconia. Another affordable option could include using a sapphire (natural or lab created) as a center stone with small pinpoint diamonds (melee) as accents. Opting for 14K white gold or palladium instead of platinum will provide impressive savings.


Diamonds and sapphires have blended together beautifully for centuries. The popularity of blue sapphires has increased in recent years when Prince William gave Kate Middleton his mother’s blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring. Trends show continued use of this blending of styles and colors, and with the countless options available, there is bound to be something for every couple.




Images courtesy of Whiteflash, Blue, Rothem and James Allen.

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