Pink Diamond Heart Engagement Rings

The heart-shaped diamond is a fancy cut with a distinctive and one-of-a-kind appearance. The heart shape, which is a modified version of the round brilliant cut, looks best when cut into a stone larger than half a carat; otherwise, the shape will be difficult to distinguish. Symmetry is fundamental when it comes to heart-shaped diamonds set in diamond engagement rings.

Only one percent of all diamonds produced worldwide, according to estimates, is made up of this gemstone. A few celebrities and their partners have worn pink diamond engagement rings. Kim Canary, a certified demonologist, and Azra Media, the founder of the jewelry company Au Exchange, have participated. Even Amanda Treviso, a buyer at Shane Co. Jewelry, which has been in business since 1929 and is one of the largest family-owned jewelry companies in the United States, has noticed a rise in the popularity of pink diamond engagement rings.

Pink Diamond Heart Engagement Rings

This one-of-a-kind ring style is becoming increasingly popular among people who want to express their love and commitment. These naturally pink diamonds, found only in Australia’s remote North West Kimberley region, are mined for their beauty and rarity. These diamonds have a light pink hue that has not been artificially enhanced, giving them depth, brilliance, and clarity.

Because hearts are universally recognized as symbols of love, it is understandable that heart-shaped engagement rings would be popular choices among those looking for diamond engagement rings. Heart-shaped diamonds look their best in simple settings that don’t draw attention away from their distinctive shape. Diamond Mansion carries a large selection of heart-shaped diamond engagement rings, and we can work with you to create the perfect ring that matches your style and budget requirements. Heart-shaped engagement rings are a beautiful way to express sentimentality and symbolism simultaneously.

Pink Diamond

A fancy-colored diamond with a pink hue is known as a pink diamond. Unlike other fancy colored diamonds, the color of pink diamonds is not caused by chemical impurities. Instead, the exact reason for the creation of pink diamonds is unknown.

Pink diamonds were once most commonly found in Western Australia’s Argyle diamond mine (now closed after 37 years). India, South Africa, Brazil, Russia, and Canada are among the countries that have been known to produce pink diamonds.

Aside from red diamonds, the pink diamond is one of the rarest colored diamonds, and pink diamonds are precious due to their scarcity. A high-quality pink diamond with a deep color can sell for up to $700,000 per carat.


A pink diamond can range from $10,000 per carat for a less intense pink diamond to $700,000 per carat for an intense pink diamond, such as this 0.71 Carat Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink Diamond Radiant Shape from Leibish & Co.

The color intensity and carat weight of pink diamonds are the two most important factors influencing their price. Pink diamonds’ value and price skyrocket as their size and color intensity increase.

A 0.60 carat Flawless Fancy Light Orange-y Pink Oval Cut from Leibish & Co., for example, costs $10,900, while a 0.68 carat SI2 Clarity Fancy Purple Pink Oval Cut from Leibish & Co. costs $51,100! As you can see, going from Fancy Light Pink to Fancy Pink significantly increases the price of the stone.

The transition from Fancy Pink to Fancy Intense Pink is usually smoother. A 0.35-carat Fancy Purple Pink Round SI2 Clarity stone from Leibish & Co. is priced at $14,100, while a 0.30-carat Fancy Intense Purple Pink Pear SI1 Clarity stone is priced at $18,250. Similarly, a 0.40-carat Fancy Purplish Pink Emerald Shape SI1 Clarity stone from Leibish & Co. costs $16,100 versus $22,450 for this 0.38 carat Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Radiant. These aren’t exact matches, but given the extreme rarity of these stones, perfect matches are often impossible to come by.

The price difference between Fancy Intense Pink and Fancy Vivid Pink is also significant. Leibish & Co. offers a 0.59-carat Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Round Diamond for $59,100 and a 0.58-carat Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink Round Diamond for $174,100. The price difference between Intense and Vivid grades is significant in most cases.

The diamond’s secondary or modifying tone can also affect its price. If a pink diamond has a purplish modifier, it will likely be slightly less expensive than a pink diamond without one.

Before looking at diamonds and jewelry, you should have a clear budget. This will help you narrow your search. You’ll also need to decide on the level of color intensity you want.

Can find pink diamonds worldwide, but the most significant deposit is in Western Australia’s Argyle mine. Only a few beautiful gemstones are produced each year, making them extremely rare. Pink diamond prices have risen dramatically due to marketing efforts and Ben Affleck’s proposal to Jennifer Lopez with a pink gemstone in 2002.


Unlike colorless diamonds, priced based on the 4Cs, fancy colored diamonds have a solid connection to meaning. Pink diamonds are one of the rarest colored diamonds, and their value varies depending on the color variations in the stone.

Purplish-pink diamonds are more expensive than brownish pink diamonds, even though they are much more affordable. The term “affordable” is thrown around a lot here, and the price is still relatively high compared to other gemstones.

As a rule of thumb, the degree of color strength in pink diamonds increases the price. Pink diamonds with solid or vibrant colors are precious. The rarer the secondary color, the higher the price, and the higher the price.

As the carat size of a pink diamond increase, the price rises exponentially. A.50 carat stone could be sold for $50,000, while. Could sell a 2 carat stone for $500,000.

Clarity is essential in colored diamonds, but it is not as crucial as colorless gems. Even stones with lower clarity levels can command high prices due to the color’s ability to hide flaws. Although the brilliant round cut is the most popular for colorless diamonds because it emphasizes the stone’s brilliance, fancy cuts are best for pink diamonds because they allow the actual color of the stone to shine through.

Shapes like radiant, cushion, heart, triangle and marquise are ideal for colored diamonds because they hide flaws while emphasizing color.

The pink diamonds we see most frequently in pink engagement rings, such as Blake Lively’s large pink diamond engagement ring, appear paler in color, with such intense, pristine pinks commanding a much higher price.

Pink Lab-Grown Diamonds

If you’re looking for stunning lab-grown pink diamonds, then look no further than this website to purchase pink diamonds online. At New World Diamonds, we are pleased to present to you our one-of-a-kind collection of pink-colored diamonds that are both stylish and sophisticated and will enhance your overall appearance. These diamonds are available in several shapes, including round brilliant, princess cut, emerald cut, and pear-shaped diamonds. You can also purchase a pink diamond engagement ring from us and have it customized to fit your specific tastes and requirements.


Use a small bowl of warm water and any mild liquid detergent to clean the surface. Gently brush the jeweler pieces in the suds using a toothbrush to remove any remaining residue. Rinse thoroughly under warm running water and pat dry with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove any remaining residue. Keeping your diamond jeweler in pristine condition is as simple as soaking it once or twice a week in a gentle degreasing solution, such as water mixed with a few drops of mild dish soap. Using a soft, clean toothbrush, gently remove any remaining dirt from the diamond after removing it from the cleaning solution.

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Is It True That Pink Diamonds are More Valuable?

The more intense the natural color, or, in the case of white diamonds, the lack of color, the more rare and expensive the stone is to purchase and maintain. The most expensive diamonds on the market certified natural Fancy Vivid pink diamonds are the most expensive, with prices ranging from 30,000 to 100,000 per carat, or 20 times the price of a white diamond.

What Exactly Does a Pink Heart Diamond Ring Represent?

On the other hand, Pink diamonds exude the qualities of love, creativity, and romance, just as the color pink does. Pink diamonds are a symbol of femininity, romance, and tenderness. Because heart diamonds are among the rarest and most complex shapes to cut, they tend to be more expensive than other fancy shapes due to their scarcity and difficulty in cutting. Because heart diamonds are among the rarest and most complex shapes to cut, they tend to be more expensive than other fancy shapes due to their scarcity and difficulty in cutting.

Is It Worthwhile to Purchase a Pink Diamond?

The pink diamond is one of the rarest colored diamonds on the planet, and it is even rarer than every other type of colored diamond, except red diamonds. Pink diamonds are precious because they are scarce. A high-quality pink diamond with an intense shade can fetch up to $700,000 per carat if it is of exceptional quality.

Pink diamonds stand out among colored diamonds as prestigious and expensive stones. Pink diamonds are linked to luxury and can be seen in the hands of wealthy celebrities.

Do Diamonds in The Shape of Hearts Appear Larger?

It is generally recommended to look for heart-shaped diamonds with a minimum weight of 1.00ct when purchasing a diamond. Heart-shaped diamonds are relatively ‘deep,’ which means they appear smaller than other modified brilliants of the same carat weight when viewed from a distance. Perhaps more importantly, their distinct shape is not visible in smaller carat weights, which is a significant advantage.

What Is The Proper Way To Wear a Diamond Ring With a Heart Shape?

When you’re looking down at the back of your hand, and you’re wearing a heart-shaped diamond engagement ring, the point of the ring should be facing your wrist. So that whenever someone looks at your hand, they can tell that you have given your heart to your soul mate, Will remember you as having done so.

The bottom line is that a heart-shaped diamond ring can be worn in any way you want. However, there are two schools of thought on how a woman should wear a heart-shaped diamond ring. When looking down at the back of your hand, you should wear a heart-shaped diamond engagement ring with the point facing your wrist. People will be able to tell if you have given your heart to your soul mate by looking at your hand.


The pear-shaped design is given a fun twist by a customized center diamond made from your hair. A French pave-set diamond halo encircles the center stone and the desired shape. You can customize the design of your ring, but the price does not include the diamond. Consult a diamond expert if you’re unsure about the shape and size of the diamond you want to buy. In most cases, you’ll have to buy the diamond. Even though pink diamonds are rarer and more expensive than white diamonds, many people prefer them for their color. They come in various shades, from pale blush to deep purplish pink and everything in between. However, because they are rarer than white diamonds, they are more expensive, and some couples prefer to go with less expensive alternatives. Pink sapphires are another option to consider as a diamond substitute.