What is Alexandrite Gemstone?

The first question that comes to mind when thinking about the alexandrite gemstone is, what exactly is it? There are two main types of this stone – Autumn and Lavender. Despite its stony hardness, alexandrite is quite malleable and can be cut into various shapes. It is a very versatile gemstone and can be used for a variety of purposes. Here are some of its benefits.

This gemstone was named after Czar Alexander and was discovered on Czar’s birthday in 1830. It is considered to be an auspicious stone, as the colors it displays are those of the Imperial Russian army. As a result, alexandrite is a popular choice in Russia. The stone is also believed to be extremely lucky, and it’s common practice for lovers to wear several pieces of alexandrite to ensure that their love life goes smoothly. One piece of alexandrite is said to invite loneliness.

What is the Meaning of Alexandrite?

The alexandrite gemstone is frequently called an emerald through day ruby through night time due to its shadeation converting abilities. The best specimen could have a raspberry shadeation in dim mild or crimson in incandescent mild and brilliant inexperienced in daylight. However, this best gem is as but undiscovered.

The shadeation of the stone takes place because of its chromium content, the identical chemical that offers rubies and emeralds their coloring. The quantity of shadeation extrude it reasons is given as a percentage, and a 100% shadeation extrude is the maximum value. If the colors vary from the anticipated coloring too much, the fee is affected and will pose the query of whether or not it\’s miles certainly an alexandrite or not.

Before we even pass into specifics, the primary factor we are able to say is that in case you manifest to have an alexandrite gem, you\’re one of the fortunate ones!

If we move into the specifics of this stone, it’s believed to deliver suitable fortune and love and is normally an excellent omen. Many trusts that this uncommon stone brings approximately stability to the bodily and religious world.

Alexandrite is likewise the country-wide stone of Russia, the birthstone for June, and the stone for the fifth wedding ceremony anniversary.

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What is the History of Alexandrite? 

The first alexandrite ever found become observed on the birthday of Russia’s Prince Alexander II in 1830 in the Ural Mountains. Miners who had been mining emeralds near the Ural Mountains found it accidentally

The tale is going that the miners have been running and taking a few emeralds returned to camp after a protracted day. When the emeralds have been added out into the campfire light, they gave off a lovely color of red. This induced pretty a little confusion the subsequent morning, while the stones were regarded as emerald inexperienced in daylight. They quickly realized that they \ had determined something sincerely particular and valuable.

In 1839 the stones have been formally recognized and given the call alexandrite in honor of the prince. The stone turned into additionally made the reliable stone of Russia as the colors took place be similar to the Old Imperial Russia’s army colors.

Properties of Alexandrite

The alexandrite change into first discovered withinside the Russian Ural Mountains inner a number of the maximum prestigious emerald mines. They belong to the chrysoberyl’s own circle of relatives and are exceedingly long-lasting given the 8. five hardness level. If you\’re fortunate sufficient to discover any such stones, they may be hardy sufficient to contain into maximum styles of jewelry.

Alexandrite has mystical properties and is associated with the crown chakra. The gemstone encourages creativity, intuition, and a loving relationship with the universe. Wearing one will help you find happiness and purpose in your life. In addition to its mystical properties, it is also the birthstone for June. Wearing one is highly recommended for people born with the sign of Cancer. However, it can also be worn for fashion.

Where is Alexandrite Found? 

They are observed in Russia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, India, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Southern Tanzania, and Myanmar – despite the fact that there aren\’t any mines devoted to sourcing those gems, they\’re commonly observed at the same time as seeking out different stones.

In addition to the precise shadeation impact of the gem, it\’s also precise in that it has lines of chromium, iron, and titanium. It is lots extra cutting-edge than different gemstones and has now no longer been referenced in historical history, the main one to trust is that it sincerely turned into observed for the primary time withinside the nineteenth century.

The factors all come collectively to provide a remarkable inexperienced in sunlight hours in addition to colorful crimson in incandescent light, with the extra opaque shadeation being extra expensive.

How Much is Alexandrite Worth?

Due to the especially uncommon nature of this gemstone, it has a tendency to be on the greater highly-priced side. It is likewise really well worth bringing up that the delivery of this stone is at the decline, so in case you search out one, it\’s far properly really well worth the investment. 

Currently, one-carat alexandrite gemstones can cross for around $15,000. Alexandrite gemstones which can be larger than one carat can cross for between $50,000 and $70,000 for each extra carat.

How to Tell if an Alexandrite is Real?

The first step in determining whether or not the stone you have is a genuine alexandrite is to examine the colour change under various lighting conditions. It should seem emerald green in strong light and reddish or purple in dim light. It’s possible that you don’t have an alexandrite if this isn’t readily evident. The most precise way to tell for sure is to have the stone examined by a jeweller.

Synthetic alexandrite stones do exist, and they appear to have the same physical and chemical qualities as genuine alexandrite stones. Synthetic alexandrite can also change colour, albeit it usually takes the form of a sapphire-like colour shift from greyish blue to pink. These gems are worth about a dollar per carat, so they’re a good investment.

The Alexandrite is a Magical Find

The shadeation converting alexandrite stone is magical for such a lot of one of a kind reasons. The herbal alexandrite uncommon and difficult to find, which makes it a completely unique addition to any series whilst the capacity to alternate shadeation shows a form of hidden magic in the stone. Now you recognize why we referred to as it nature’s magic trick!

What causes Alexandrite’s Color Changing Property?

The shadeation alternate withinside the gemstone is as a result of chromium, that\’s the equal detail that reasons ruby’s crimson, and emerald’s inexperienced. However, there’s some thing unique how alexandrite interacts with mild, making it show each crimson and inexperienced colours.

In science, white mild carries all of the colours of the rainbow, and a specific gemstone absorbs and displays specific wavelengths of mild. When the mild isn\’t always absorbed, it’s pondered and perceived because the shadeation of the gemstone. When there may be chromium ions withinside the stone, it permits it to take in a few colours of mild even as and mirror others.

During the day, a extra share of inexperienced mild is pondered so we see inexperienced in alexandrite. At night, there’s a extra quantity of crimson mild in candle mild and incandescent mild, which chromium ions don’t take in, main to the crimson crimson shadeation of alexandrite.

Alexandrite Clarity

A excessive readability score makes an alexandrite valuable, offering it has a notable shadeation alternate and saturation. In GIA readability grading system, alexandrite is appeared as kind 2 stone, because of this that that it’s normally included. It most effective method that the first-class alexandrite remains anticipated to have few inclusions.

Sometimes, the gemstone can display chatoyancy because of its needle-like inclusions, however it’s uncommon and greater valuable. The cat’s eye impact seems whilst a white line shines at the middle of a cabochon-reduce alexandrite stone, because it movements beneathneath a mild source.

Alexandrite Cut

Cut is one of the maximum crucial elements in a gemstone’s appearance. It’s the reduce that permits the gemstone to expose the most powerful colour extrade via the crown. Because of alexandrite’s rarity, it’s frequently reduce for max weight retention.  Most of the time, it’s discovered in combined cuts, proposing step-reduce pavilions and brilliant-reduce crowns. Oval and cushion cuts also are popular

Alexandrite Carat Weight

Alexandrite utilized in earrings is generally below one carat. Gemstones over 5 carats are extraordinarily rare. Size usually impacts its value, as large sizes and higher-exceptional alexandrite rises in fee dramatically.

The maximum treasured alexandrite in lifestyles weighs 65.08 carats and has an expected price of over $four million. 

The Smithsonian Institute owns this especially uncommon – and highly-priced – gemstone. This stone became located in Sri Lanka. Another  astonishing specimens have additionally been located in Sri Lanka coming in at forty three and 27.five carats respectively. These  gemstones are on show withinside the British Museum of Natural History.


However, synthetic alexandrite has been on the market for many years, and it’s now much more common. Originally, it was produced by synthesizing corundum with vanadium. 

Alexandrite is however, quite uncommon and is frequently located as a derivative whilst mining for different gemstones. To provide you with an idea, one alexandrite is located for each hundred emeralds. If you discover an alexandrite, do not forget your self lucky!

Gemologists were able to tell these stones apart because they were mere copies. But since then, the process has changed dramatically, and flux grown alexandrite closely resembles the natural alexandrite. Despite the low-quality of synthetic alexandrite, it’s also much cheaper than its natural counterpart. Synthetic alexandrite is available in a variety of shapes and sizes.