Why Are Princess Cut Engagement Rings More Affordable?

Why Are Princess Cut Engagement Rings More Affordable?

princess cut engagement ringsWhat Exactly Are Princess Cut Engagement Rings?

Simply put, princess cut engagement rings are those that have square-shaped cuts offering incredible brilliance. These gems can be solitaire styles or a central cut surrounded with other stones from diamonds to gems. The princess cut is often referred to as a “square modified brilliant” in many reports. They are growing in popularity because they are more affordable than the round brilliant diamond due to less waste in the initial cutting stages. Keep reading to find out more on princess cut engagement rings and why they are a fantastic option for the modern woman.

Princess Cut Engagement Rings 101

This cut of diamond came into being in the 1970s and was an extremely limited cut. Due to modern technology, there is an excellent variety of settings and styles for this precious shape. It is one the most popular shapes for both traditional brides as well as for contemporary brides. It is said, that if you turn this shape so the corners face north, east, south or west, the actual diamond will look like a diamond-shaped cut.

Tips for Getting the Best Set Princess Cut Engagement Rings

  1. The corners should be properly seated within the ring prongs to insure they are shielded.
  2. The corners should be “chamfered”. This means a very slight amount of the point of each corner should be removed without changing the overall shape. This will give added strength to each corner.
  3. Ask for a channel setting that will protect all sides of a row of matching princess cut diamonds.
  4. When choosing a setting for princess cut engagement rings, caution should be shown with the corners.  These cuts are prone to chipping and therefore should be inspected very carefully  to ensure there is proper shielding for the corners

Let’s look at the Pros and Cons of the Princess Cut Engagement Rings:


  • More affordable than any other cut of diamond (due to requiring less waste during the cutting proces)
  • If you love a brilliant cut, but are not impressed with the emerald cut or other square cuts, this will probably please you greatly.
  • This cut offers a very modern and clean appearance to the ring.
  • Princess cuts are perfect as a solitaire setting and able to stand on their own as solo.
  • The Princess cut is an excellent cut for hiding flaws or even harder to see color variations. To the human eye, this cut will appear perfect even though there might a flaw.


  • Either a modern look is just not for you, or you really want to march to your own drummer, this cut may not be for you. No amount of ring guards, side stones or anything else will change the fact that the Princess cut is square. You might want to look at other avenues if square is not for you.
  • The corners are prone to chip, so extra care exact settings must never go unlooked.
  • Make sure you are working with a jeweler you totally trust. This is extremely important because of the careful setting that must take place and the fact that this cut can hide imperfections.

Ways to Make Princess Cut Engagement Rings Stand Out

  • The beauty of this cut is it can be very easily dressed up because of its symmetry.
  • Additional diamonds on either side or semi precious gemstones of any shape will compliment this stone. Look into styles that offer trillion and pear shaped side stones.
  • Opt for the princess cut halo design for extra flair.
  • You might want to choose baguettes on either side of the stone as well.
  • Enhance the entire ring with a wedding ring guard.
  • Buy a princess cut eternity band to go along with a princess cut engagement ring.
  • Look at some options to find what will reflect your personality. This is a very flexible a wonderful cut to work with.
  • Every wedding retailer will offer a large selection of princess cut rings to try on. Also, don’t overlook asking your jeweler to create or design your own ring. Choosing side stones, metal choices, etc, spend some time with your jeweler to get just what works for you!


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