Choosing a Jeweler for Your Engagement Ring Repairs

Choosing a Jeweler for Your Engagement Ring Repairs

repairThere could come a time when getting your engagement ring repaired will be inevitable. Whether through years of wear or possibly an unforeseen accident. Whatever the reason, you want the guarantee that the work will be done with the highest professionalism and that alone can be quite stressful.

What Jeweler Should Do Your Engagement Ring Repairs?

Ideally, you should bring the ring to the jeweler who created the ring. This jeweler is the most familiar with the design, the setting and the actual mounting. Sometimes that might not be feasible because of the number of years that have passed since you bought the ring and/or you have moved a great distance from the original jeweler. If it is not possible to contact the original jeweler, you should take your research seriously to insure you will find someone with the expertise behind your ring’s particular metal, gemstone and the gemstone’s unique setting.

What to Look for in a Jeweler for Engagement Ring Repairs

There are actually quite a few different types of repairs. Rings are quite delicate and can be quite intricate in some designs. Repairs can be broken down into various parts of the ring including the stone, the stone’s setting or the band can all experience a great deal of stress as years go by.

The Stone: The most popular gem in an engagement ring is the diamond. Diamonds need great expertise because they are the hardest known substance and should only be repaired by a jeweler with a great deal of experience in diamonds. There are other gemstones used in engagement rings that are softer than the diamond, care should be shown because they are more susceptible to damage. Flaws in most gems can be repaired with various fillings or with various treatments. There are some cases where a gem might have to be replaced but remnants of the original stone might be salvageable. The upside is, most repairs for engagement rings do not necessarily involve the gem itself, but more likely lies in the setting.

The Setting: The setting of an engagement ring is the most common area that over time will need repair. The prongs can wear out or loosen and depending how long ago the ring was created, a stronger more secure prong might be available that was not at that time. In most cases the setting can be repositions for a securer fit or if your engagement ring is an antique, the entire setting might have to be replaced for security sake. If your engagement ring is a true antique, changes in craftsmanship and durability has probably changed drastically. If this antique holds a certain level of value, you might want to look into jewelers that deal with high end antiques for your repairs.

Band Repairs: Band repairs are probably the most common aspect because of scratches or minor nicks that happen over time. Usually repairing a band will be as simple as getting it professionally polished for a great shine. In some cases, you might need the band recoated. In many cases, bands might need regular polishing depending on the metal. White gold only needs polishing periodically where silver should be polished on a regular basis. Check with your jeweler for advise.

Reshaping or Resizing Bands: Rings from time to time might get stretched out, or have been resized. In cases like this, the bands can become warped, causing stress on the actually stone’s setting. This depends on the strength of the actual metal. Platinum is very strong and is less likely to become warped where softer golds of a higher karat value could lose shape easily.

Your Appointment with the Jeweler

Always bring the jeweler as much information as possible, including the metal type, if there was an accident, what happened, how old is the ring Provide any information, such as documentation that you received at the time of purchase. Most jeweler’s provide a document called Lab Certificates which gives the entire history and stone value.

Do Your Homework Prior to Visiting the Jeweler

Take your time when choosing the jeweler you wish to hire for repairs. Once you have narrowed your search, be very clear what you want done and what you do not want done. The idea is to restore your most precious engagement ring to your satisfaction. After repairs have been completed, always check the ring out very carefully. Most reputable jewelers will give you a complete rundown and report of the repair work done on your ring. Request that a report be completed at the time of the work being done. Should a jeweler hem and haw, look for another jeweler. Should the stone need repair, never except a cheaper replacement for the damaged stone.

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