Clear Diamond Engagement Rings

Previously, sapphire, ruby, or emerald engagement rings were the most popular and prized styles for engagement rings. But today, clear diamonds are the most popular style for engagement rings. There are many reasons why you should consider a clear diamond engagement ring. Read on to learn more about these beautiful diamonds. Here are some ways to maintain the brilliance of your engagement ring. Let the diamond shine!

To purchase a clear diamond engagement ring, you need to understand the definition of clarity. The best clarity grade for a one-carat diamond is VS2, which means no inclusions are visible to the naked eye. A stone’s clarity grade may be affected by its color and cut. Discussing this decision with your jeweler is important, as clarity and color can greatly influence the price. However, clarity and cut should always be your top priorities when buying a diamond engagement ring.

Clear Diamond: What is it?

The amount of internal natural inclusions in a diamond is measured by its clarity. Diamonds are created under extreme pressure and heat. Interior and exterior features are frequently the results of this. These aid gemologists in distinguishing between genuine diamonds and imitations, and synthetic diamonds.

Diamonds with the greatest clarity ratings are Flawless (F). When examined by an experienced diamond grader at 10X magnification, flawless diamonds are devoid of any imperfections or flaws.

White diamonds are the common “clear” gemstones in most engagement and wedding rings.

Vaarya 3/4 Ctw GH/SI2-I1 AGS Certified 14K White Gold Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring

Vaarya 3/4 Ctw GH/SI2-I1 AGS Certified 14K White Gold Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring

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  • 100% Conflict-free Natural Mined Diamonds, Vaarya gift box, and American Gem Society (AGS) certificate are all included. Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Size 7 ring in 14K white gold that can be resized
  • Natural diamonds must be at least G-H in color and SI2-I1 in clarity.

What is the Grade of Diamond that is the Clearest?

Flawless is the highest possible rating for a diamond’s clarity (F). Under 10x magnification and in the hands of an experienced diamond grader, a diamond is considered flawless if it contains neither inclusions nor imperfections.

Diamonds generate the best glitter and fire because they reflect white light. A diamond is less likely to reflect white light the more color it contains. Consequently, there will be less glitter. The best sparkle and quality may be found in a D-color diamond.

Are Real Diamonds Clear?

Check to see whether you can read the words on the page through the stone by placing it on top of the newspaper. You cannot see through a genuine diamond of decent grade because of the intensity with which light is refracted. Alternatively, cubic zirconia is more translucent and will allow you to see through it.

Are Clean Diamonds Desirable?

A diamond’s level of transparency or yellowness is called its hue. In general, diamonds of the best grade are completely colorless, whereas diamonds of inferior quality frequently have a very slight yellowish hue.

Are Clear Diamonds More Expensive?

Diamonds come in a variety of hues. Within the typical color spectrum is diamonds that vary from colorless to pale yellow and brown. The most precious diamonds within that spectrum are colorless since they are the rarest. They established the benchmark for grading and valuing other diamonds in the normal color range.

How is a Diamond Made Clear?

Two things typically come to mind when the term “clear” is used about gemstones: Whether a stone is transparent or (2) whether internal defects make a transparent stone appear more or less clean.

The crystal structure of a typical clear diamond contributes to its transparency by allowing light to travel through it.

Although just carbon makes up the chemical composition of diamonds, naturally occurring stones frequently have remnants of other chemicals present when the diamond was born.

In general, a stone will appear cleaner the fewer of these imperfections are present in it.

A diamond may be clear, but it may still appear less flawless if it has too many internal imperfections.

These stones are thought to have poor clarity.

Does a Diamond’s Color Affect How Clear it Appears?

The visible tint of a stone is meant by the term “diamond colour,” and the color of a white diamond has no bearing on its purity.

However, a diamond’s color can alter how dazzling it seems.

Strong yellowish undertones, for instance, might give the appearance that a white diamond is dull, highlighting any defects and adding to the perception that the diamond is not very clean.

White diamonds’ yellowish tinges have little to no impact on their clarity, whereas fancy color diamonds, which are naturally colored, can appear less clear depending on the source of their color.

Is it Difficult to Find a Clear Diamond?

The rarest of all diamonds are colorless ones.

This fact may surprise you, but colorless diamonds are among the rarest. Even though we are referring to transparent diamonds, we usually refer to these as white diamonds. White diamonds are clear diamonds.

What is the Biggest Engagement Ring Shape?

The marquise, pear, oval, and emerald diamonds (in order of which looks the largest) are the four shapes that appear to be the largest per carat. Oval diamonds are a popular option among these shapes for people who desire a classic-style engagement ring but also want to maximize the size of the central diamond.

What Diamond Cut has the Lowest Price?

Emerald and Asscher cuts are the least expensive carat for carat. When these diamonds are cut from the rough stone, which will cost the same regardless of how it is cut, there is less waste because they are step-cut.

What Diamond Cut has the Most Beauty?

The brilliant round cut is the most dazzling or sparkiest diamond cut. The 58 facets that a round brilliant diamond is cut with (including the culet) allow light to penetrate the stone and reflect off each facet, giving the stone a lovely glitter.

How to Safely Store your Engagement Ring in a Diamond?

Additionally, cleaning your diamond ring is suggested before putting it away. By doing this, any dirt or debris won’t become embedded in the setting, making it much more difficult to remove afterward. Your diamond ring should be kept in a felt or microfiber bag. Before you wear it again, keep it in your jewelry box.


Diamonds are available in almost any color you can imagine. While colorless diamonds are the purest form, it doesn’t mean that they’re always the best choice. Most engagement rings are near-colorless, which means that they have a hint of yellow or brown. As a result, colorless diamonds are rarer and more expensive than their counterparts. You can choose your diamond engagement ring based on how many color nuances you’d like.