Buying a Diamond Pendant

If you want a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, then a VS diamond pendant might be perfect. This elegant piece is made of 18 K gold and features a round brilliant cut GH diamond. The diamonds are set safely within a glass pendant, ensuring they do not interfere with its beauty. The diamond pendant would be an excellent gift for a woman who loves bling and wants to show it off.

Depending on your preference, you can easily narrow your search for a diamond pendant by determining the carat size, metal type, and price range. It may seem difficult to distinguish between a K color diamond and a D color diamond if you don’t know what each of those terms means. Fortunately, many websites offer a broader range of prices than the typical jewelry store. Just remember that you’re getting what you pay for!

Another important factor is the length of the diamond pendant chain. If you plan to wear it on your neck, you should choose a long necklace. Otherwise, a short necklace would be more suitable for a sun dress. The pendant’s length will also be determined by the length of the necklace chain. Most pendant chains are made of silver-colored metal. But there are many others, such as Figaro, cable, and box chains.

What is a Diamond Pendant?

A diamond pendant is a necklace with a center diamond connected to a chain of jewelry made of precious metal by a tiny loop (usually gold or platinum). The words “pendant” and “pedere,” both of which imply “to hang down,” are derived from Old French and Latin, respectively. Necklaces with diamond pendants are frequently given as a sign of love, specifically eternal love.

Amazon Collection 10k Diamond Pendant Necklace, 18"

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  • Twisting infinity pendant with a cluster of diamonds suspended in the middle, set in 10k white gold.
  • Snap-ring closure
  • To ensure that their diamonds are conflict-free, all of our diamond suppliers affirm that they follow the Kimberley Process.

The indicated imported carat weight includes all of the stones.

How do I Choose a Diamond Pendant Style?

The colors and shapes of diamond pendants come in a huge range. Everyone can select the option that they want and best suits them. The round diamond heart pendant, the diamond solitaire pendant, the halo pendant, the cross pendant, the pendant shaped like a letter, etc., are just a few options available. As a result, there is something to suit every preference and hue.

Conventional Diamond Pendant (solitaire, halo, etc.)

Halo or solitaire diamond pendants are the shapes you’ll want to wear around your neck if you have a classic character. These beautiful pendants, which are understated and understated, will go with you to big and small events.

Symbolic Diamond Pendant (you and me, trilogy)

The symbolic diamond pendants, such as the trilogy pendant or the pendant you and me, which give a wide selection of originality and creativity, are more individualized. You’ll be able to locate the model you want among all these.

Ingenious Diamond Pendant

The creative mind and originality are thus two crucial qualities in the jewelry field, as in many other industries. As a result, our online store offers a wide variety of diamond pendants that are all equally stunning and distinctive.

Designs & Settings for Diamond Pendants

You can choose from various precious metals for your chain and pendant. Choose from 14K and 18K gold, which are strong enough for daily use. The wearer’s preferences should be considered when choosing between the colors of gold, which include yellow, rose, and white. Platinum pendant chains are also available, but they cost more and are frequently unnecessary.

Because prongs allow the greatest light to enter the diamond and bounce back to the eye, popular pendant setting designs frequently incorporate prongs (typically four).

Halo settings and bezel settings are examples of other designs. Metal encircles the stone in a bezel setting, like this 14K white gold pendant.

The most crucial thing is to ensure you get your diamond pendant from a reputable supplier. We firmly advise selecting a supplier you believe in, such as Blue Nile or James Allen.

Inspirational Diamond Pendant Designs

There are many different designs and settings for diamond pendants. Here, we provide ideas for anything from halo pendants to solitaire patterns.

Diamond Pendant Necklaces with a Solitaire

  • White gold scallop basket necklace from James Allen
  • Princess Cut solitaire in white gold from Blue Nile

Halo Diamond Pendant Necklaces

  • Champagne diamond halo pendant from Blue Nile
  • Falling edge halo necklace from James Allen

3-Stone Diamond Pendant Necklaces

  • Drop pendant in rose gold from Blue Nile
  • Diamond necklace in white gold from Blue Nile

Unique Diamond Pendant Necklaces

  • Milgrain bezel in white gold from James Allen
  • Pear halo diamond pendant from Blue Nile

What is the Value of a Diamond Necklace?

The number of diamonds, diamond carat weight, diamond cut quality, and mounting style all affect how much a diamond necklace costs. For instance, this Blue Nile white gold three-stone diamond pendant may cost $6,500, while this Blue Nile white gold halo diamond pendant could cost $2,900. Like this one from Blue Nile, a solitaire pendant necklace with a 1.75-carat diamond can cost $40,000.

Your diamond necklace would be far less valuable if you were to sell it than you originally paid for it. A diamond necklace shouldn’t be considered a financial investment, much like selling diamond rings.

How should the Pendant’s Metal be Chosen?

The metal for the diamond pendant was chosen based on several subjective and personal factors. What is, in other terms, the anticipated outcome? What will it be used for (daily, sporadically, etc.)? What cost is prepared to be… There are two metal types left to choose from platinum and silver. Each has benefits and drawbacks of its own. For instance, silver enables the purchase of a light jewel at a reasonable cost and with excellent finishes. Silver is less imposing, heavier, and more expensive than platinum. Therefore, the pendant you choose will primarily depend on your preferences, how often you plan to wear it (daily, on special occasions, etc.), and how much you want to spend.

How About a Pink, White, or Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant?

Which of the three gold colors—white gold, yellow gold, and pink gold—should you pick? It’s similar to many things in that you only need to be aware of their qualities to compare them to others and come up with your conclusions. Gold is mixed with other metals like palladium or silver to create “white gold.” It fits many styles of apparel and is contemporary and discrete. Golden yellow is a sign of affluence and royalty. It is made of copper and gold. When combined with a diamond, it enables the wearer to exude femininity, grandeur, and prestige. The final components of pink gold are pure yellow gold, copper, and silver. It will highlight the wearer’s freshness, modernism, and gentleness combined with a diamond.

Diamond Pendant Set in Platinum?

Platinum and silver are the two primary metals used in the design of diamond pendants. Each of the latter has unique characteristics that may or may not be advantageous. Silver, in contrast, is more durable and enables lovely finishes at a reduced price. Silver is lighter and less expensive than platinum. It is stronger. Although it is 30 times rarer than gold, it is strikingly comparable to gold. It is quite resilient and has a lovely, bright white color. It can also be stored for a long time because its color never fades. Finally, even the most sensitive skin will enjoy this perfectly hypoallergenic metal.

How to Purchase a Diamond Pendant?

It’s important to acquire a diamond pendant from a trusted retailer, just like when buying a diamond ring. Our long experience has taught us that the following suppliers are the most dependable and trustworthy in the market.

James Allen: For the best resources for purchasing diamonds and jewelry online, visit the James Allen website, which features high-definition images and videography. They are a superior option for stunning fine jewelry because of their wide variety of expertly designed settings, and their costs are still reasonable.

Blue Nile: The collection from Blue Nile showcases superb craftsmanship. Blue Nile has the widest assortment of diamonds and settings because of its solid partnerships with diamond and jewelry suppliers. Blue Nile, like James Allen, offers top-notch video technology to make online diamond choosing quicker and more precise.

Diamonds from Brian Gavin are well-known for having the best cuts in the business. Their diamonds have the highest sparkle due to their unmatched brilliance. If you’re looking for a particularly stunning piece of jewelry, look through their inventory.

Why Pick a Pendant with Diamonds at a Wedding?

On your wedding day, give your sweetheart a diamond necklace as a follow-up to the engagement ring to symbolize eternity in your relationship. There is a diamond that is perfect for every woman’s personality. All women wear diamonds in different ways, whether they are delicate, opulent, covert, or exuberant. The selection of the stone must consider your beloved’s uniqueness and sensitivity.

Consider a diamond necklace or a Venetian chain, for instance. On your wedding day, your wife’s beauty and sensuality will be magnified tenfold. Your sweetheart will be beaming with happiness and love as she wears her wedding gown, proudly displaying the crystalline stone that represents your unbreakable tie.

Diamond Pendants’ Ideal Chain and Clasp

A cable chain is ideal for pendants since it is robust, stylish, and adaptable. For this reason, a cable chain is the most popular pendant chain option.

Because it is strong and lovely yet not as pricey as platinum, 14K or 18K gold is the greatest precious metal for diamond pendant necklaces. Yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold chains of 14K and 18K gold are available. A magnificent example of a diamond pendant chain is this James Allen 18K white gold halo diamond pendant.

A lobster clasp is the best form for diamond pendants since it is safe and simple to open and close. This Blue Nile three-stone drop pendant with an 18K gold lobster clasp. Spring rings, barrels, and magnetic clasps are further options for diamond pendant clasps.

How to Figure Out Chain Length?

Your chain’s length will mostly depend on your desire and what the dealer has to provide. The most popular chain length is 18 inches, with standard chain lengths ranging from 16 to 24 inches.

The diamond will hang from a 16-inch chain above the sternum (unless the person has a thin neck, then the diamond will hang lower). The pendant will generally hang right around the chest with an 18-inch chain, and the diamond will often hang below the sternum with a 22- or 24-inch chain.

Think about the style of the person you are purchasing for. If in doubt, check the lengths of the chains on their favorite necklaces.


Diamond pendants are timeless and will never go out of style. These necklaces are a must-have for any jewelry collection. You must first decide whether you want to buy a preset diamond pendant or a custom-made one. It’s best to buy a clean pendant with plenty of brilliance. If you choose to go custom, however, the options are limited. You can select from yellow gold and white gold pendants; many designs are available in both settings.

A diamond pendant can be either a solitaire, a halo, or a combination. The diamond can be in either setting, but a martini setting shows off the diamond better. A martini setting is the most common choice, while four-prong settings are more expensive and tend to show off the diamond’s shape. Choosing a pendant with a martini setting can save you money, as you will need less metal.