Benefits of a Bezel Diamond Engagement Ring

The bezel setting is an excellent option for those looking to purchase an engagement ring for their beloved. If you compare the bezel setting to a claw setting, the bezel setting (also known as rubover) is undoubtedly a less common choice for engagement rings. On the other hand, this underdog style is making a comeback as a desirable ring characteristic for modern brides. Though the overall appearance of a bezel setting appears to be contemporary at first glance, it pays homage to thousands of years of stone-setting history, making it all the more deserving of inclusion in your engagement ring’s design.

The bezel is a popular ring setting because of its contemporary appearance and adaptability for people who lead an active lifestyle. With its custom-fit metal, the bezel is one of the most secure settings available since it tightly holds the diamond in place. This type of setting encircles the central stone, guaranteeing that the stone is shielded from damage by the metal rim that surrounds the center stone. Full bezel settings are more expensive than half bezel settings, but the advantage of a complete bezel setting is that it conceals less of the main stone.

Bezel Diamond Engagement Ring

What is a Bezel Diamond Engagement Ring?

Bezel settings for engagement rings are a popular choice since they are both modern and long-lasting. A bezel setting is a style of ring that sets the diamond within a thin metal rim that has been custom-made to surround the outside of the stone, keeping it secure and protected while displaying its beauty.

In contrast to prong settings, which are pretty delicate and expose the sides of the diamond, a bezel setting completely encircles the stone and secures it in place with a strong magnetic force. This provides additional protection for the central diamond while giving a ring a sleek, contemporary look.

Diamond settings with bezels are available in several styles, ranging from beautiful solitaire rings to settings with pavé, halo, or side-stone diamonds. Some have sophisticated design elements, such as beaded, half-bezel, and vine-like designs, while others are simple.

Like other engagement ring settings, Bezel settings come in a variety of metals, including yellow, white, rose gold, and platinum.

Benefits of a Bezel Diamond Engagement Ring

One of the most significant advantages of the bezel setting is that it retains the diamond more securely than a prong setting or practically any other form of setting type.

The custom-fit metal rim of a bezel setting tightly secures the center diamond, making it significantly less likely that the diamond will come loose or fall out of the setting altogether. Engagement rings set in a bezel are among the most secure types of engagement rings to wear.

1. Before That, They are Secure

Bezel settings offer a significant advantage in terms of security. The bezel setting is a good choice for those who have physically demanding occupations or lifestyles and whose hands constantly touch one another throughout the day, increasing the likelihood that a stone would become dislodged. Doctors, nurses, and sports, for example, are frequently seen shopping for more durable engagement ring settings. An open bezel setting keeps the diamond completely encased and securely attached to the band, reducing the likelihood of it becoming loose or falling out of the ring (or damaged).

2. Offers a Sleek, Contemporary Look

Compared to other conventional engagement ring settings, bezel settings have a more sophisticated and modern appearance that is highly different. In contrast to other setting types, a bezel setting may be more appealing to you and your fiancé-to-be if you and your future spouse enjoy modern jewelry.

3. Prevents Diamond Damage

Apart from strengthening the bond between the diamond and the setting, the metal rim of a bezel setting also protects the diamond from damage. Because the rim of the setting protects the edges of the diamond, it is less likely that the diamond will be chipped or broken during wear.

This is especially beneficial for princess cut, marquise cut, and pear shape diamonds, which are the diamond shapes that are most susceptible to chipping.

4. They can Assist You in Saving Money on a Stone

Another advantage of bezel settings is that they are very effective at concealing inclusions in the sides of the diamond. This may allow you to Save Money on the stone, allowing you to put that money toward a more expensive band, a larger reception, or any of the other thousand bills you’re dealing with right now — or it may allow you to choose a slightly lower-grade stone that is larger than your budget would otherwise allow you to purchase.

5. May Hide Flaws in a Diamond’s Appearance

With its larger surface area than the prong setting, the bezel setting can conceal some typical defects in a diamond’s look, which is advantageous in some situations.

Many diamonds with a low clarity grade, for example, will have apparent inclusions. When these inclusions are close to the diamond’s borders, the metal rim of a bezel setting may obscure them, making them less visible to the naked eye.

It’s important to note that choosing a bezel setting does not imply that you may purchase a diamond with a low clarity grade and expect it to seem flawless. If a diamond has visible inclusions around the center, it’s unlikely that a bezel setting will do much to conceal them.

6. They are Usually Simpler to Keep Clean

Because many diamond engagement rings have intricate settings, they are more challenging to keep clean (especially important if you work in the medical field). As a result, you often have two options: go ringless throughout the day or purchase one of those inexpensive silicone rings. Alternatively, you can purchase a bezel setting. As a result of the metal encircling the entire stone in a secure but fashionable embrace, you can rely on it to provide additional protection against snags — and the straightforward design makes it easier to keep clean.

7. You Will Not See it on Others

In addition, the bezel setting has a distinctive appearance. While it’s modern and sleek, the style is a little retro, so if your partner enjoys vintage styles such as Art Deco or Victorian, this could be an excellent match for your home. Bezel settings are most commonly seen with a princess or round-cut diamonds, but many other alternatives are available. The style is highly adaptable, and depending on the design, it can be perceived as either modern or old in appearance.

Types of Bezel Settings

  • A complete bezel setting is when the center stone is set to flush within a thin metal rim around the entire ring. The stone is surrounded by metal, which provides a firm grasp.
  • A partial bezel setting is where the center diamond is only partially surrounded by metal on the sides. This increases the amount of stone that can be seen.

On Diamond Accents, Bezel Settings

Bezel settings aren’t just for the center stone; they’re also for the side stones. Accent diamonds can also be shown in a bezel setting, creating unique ring designs. It’s a fantastic alternative for adding sparkle in a safe environment or simply because you like it.

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What to Look for When Buying a Bezel Diamond Engagement Ring?

  • What types of stone cuts are most effective in a bezel setting?

Even though it can accommodate a variety of various stone shapes, Webb adds that a brilliant round cut works particularly well in a bezel setting.

  • What is the pricing like in comparison to other rings?

If you’re looking at pricing, bezel settings are typically more expensive because they are more labor-intensive to set and require more metal weight from the jeweler who creates them.

  • Can the options for the bezel be used with other settings?

Yes, they are capable of being such. I frequently use a combination of a bezel and a claw setting to create a more visually fascinating design.

How to Care for your Engagement Ring Set in a Bezel?

The following is something to bear in mind while configuring your bezel settings. Occasionally, dirt will get between the metal and the diamond or under the bezel setting, which can be challenging to clean.

You can clean your ring with warm, soapy water (mild soap) and a soft-bristled toothbrush to assist you, or you can get your ring professionally cleaned regularly to keep it looking great for many years to come.

Are Diamond Bezels Real Diamonds?

Even though both watches include REAL diamonds of equal size and quality, and amount, only one has been manufactured by Rolex and assembled in Rolex. Rolex has made the dial and bezel for the Lady Datejust on the left, and the watch has been assembled in Rolex.

It can be constructed out of any metal commonly used in jewelry, although bezel-set diamonds are typically set in platinum or white gold settings, depending on the style. Because the diamond is held in place along its edge by the bezel (the metal band), the top of the diamond is the most visible aspect of the stone.

Why is it More Expensive to Use a Bezel Setting?

Due to the higher level of expertise and amount of metal required to construct a bezel setting instead of a prong setting, bezel settings are typically more expensive.

A bezel setting is typically more expensive than a traditional prong setting since it necessitates the use of more expertise and metal in its production. On top of that, a bezel setting is explicitly created for the stone to ensure a perfect fit. The additional talent, labor, and metal required to construct the setting will unavoidably raise the price.

Is it a Good Fit for Active Lifestyles and Careers?

As a result of their durability, bezel settings are a fantastic choice for people who lead active lifestyles and require a long-lasting engagement ring for their loved ones. The custom-fit rim of this setting secures any diamond in place, ensuring that it does not come loose while running, hiking, or participating in sports.

When it comes to people who have active and demanding occupations, bezel settings are also a fantastic choice. Bezel settings are a safe and long-lasting alternative to prong settings if your fiancé-to-be works in a medical field is a competitive athlete, or works in an environment where a prong engagement ring could be damaged.


A diamond engagement ring set in a bezel has a classic appeal, and its distinctive shape and exquisite design distinguish it as a classic. A bezel setting will never go out of style, and the fine craftsmanship will undoubtedly impress her with its beauty.

A diamond engagement ring with a bezel setting can cost a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The utilized metal will determine the cost of this form of setting. The more expensive the ring is, the higher the metal quality used to make it. It is possible to locate rings in various metals and select one that is within your budget. If you want to get a diamond engagement ring, you should know that bezel setting are not the ideal option.