Shopping Guide: Diamond Wedding Rings

With the ever-changing styles and sizes of diamonds in jewelry today, it is no wonder diamond wedding rings have become an increasingly popular alternative to a simple gold band. The gift of diamonds are a time-honored tradition for brides-to-be and when set in a band, they effortlessly compliment an existing engagement ring.

Diamond Wedding Rings vs. Engagement Rings

Most people consider diamond rings to be synonymous with diamond engagement rings, yet they are two completely different rings with their own specific characteristics. Engagement rings are generally solitaires or a single stone accented by other colorless diamonds or colored gemstones. On the other hand, diamond wedding bands are a diamond studded, more ornate and sparkling version of the simple wedding band.

Types of Diamond Wedding Rings

There are countless styles of diamond wedding rings to choose from which can enhance the existing brilliance of any engagement ring:

1. Three stone/trilogy ring: This style is a popular diamond wedding ring (often either very simple or antique in design) and can be worn alone or paired with a more subtle wedding band.

2. Eternity or half eternity ring: A very popular choice for a diamond wedding ring, with a row of diamonds surrounding the full circle of the band or only the top half (a more affordable option).


3. Pave bands: Increasingly becoming a hit among brides-to-be due to the vintage yet modern design. The band is literally paved with tiny diamonds, giving an incredible sparkle and “wow” factor. Pave settings require more care as knocking the ring can enable the delicate diamonds to pop out.

4. Channel band: A classic style, with diamonds set in a channel either around the entire band or half way.

5. Bridal set: Often times an engagement ring and diamond wedding ring will come as a set, making for a stunning matching ensemble. Fantastic deals can be found by going this route.

How to Match a Diamond Wedding Ring to an Engagement Ring

One of the best ways to enhance and highlight an engagement ring is to have a matching diamond wedding ring to create a complete set. Most jewelry stores will have a large variety of matching diamond wedding rings which can be paired with any engagement ring. The only exception is when an engagement ring is highly customized–and sometimes the best option may be to go with a simple band. Here are a few things to consider before purchasing a diamond wedding ring to match an engagement ring:

  • Choose a diamond wedding ring that will not distract from the beauty of the engagement ring but rather compliment it.
  • Opt for matching stone shapes, as well as matching diamond grades.
  • Pick a setting that is as close as possible to the engagement ring. For instance, a three stone engagement ring in a prong setting will not pair well and compete with a large pave diamond wedding ring in a channel setting.
  • Same color, carat value and type of metal.
  • Similar width of band and matching details such as vintage designs or engravings.
  • Settings which will not rub or grate against each other; ensure that the prongs for the engagement ring are high enough above and far enough apart from the diamond wedding band.

Cost of Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond wedding rings are considerably more expensive than simple gold wedding bands, but they certainly do provide sparkle that may be well worth the price difference.  There are many factors which affect the cost of diamond wedding rings, such as number of diamonds, carat weight, how elaborate the setting is and the quality grade of the diamonds. Some couples opt for slightly lower quality diamonds which are eye-clean since they are generally smaller, more affordable, and under less scrutiny than one large single diamond. Other couples choose half-eternity rings instead of having diamonds around the full circumference of the band. Some will also choose a nice quality setting and opt for cubic zirconia or other reasonable priced colored gemstones.  The best deals are generally found online and as engagement and wedding ring sets.

Many couples these days are going for more pronounced looks by choosing diamond wedding rings over simple gold wedding bands. With a growing array of styles and designs, there are countless options which will compliment every engagement ring–adding extra fire to a beautiful bride.



 Images courtesy of American Ring Store, James Allen and Blue Nile.

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