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Style Trends: Celebrities and Simulated Diamonds

The rich and famous are known for wearing incredible jewelry on and off the red carpet. However, it may surprise people to find out that many (if not all) celebrities own and wear simulated diamonds on a regular basis. If celebrities can afford expensive jewels, why do they own the simulated version of the real-deal? What are the advantages? And, more importantly, if they look so convincing, is high-end cubic zirconia the next big trend?

Celebrities Wearing Simulated Diamonds


Many celebrities are known to have worn simulated (imitation) diamonds, whether it be while traveling or during daily activities around town. The reason? While they may have real diamond jewelry, they simply do not want to expose these precious gems to the daily wear and tear, loss or potential theft. Instead, most celebrities will either rent the gems or have exquisite replicas of their jewelry created in order to preserve the look, but also relieve the stress of wearing hundreds of thousands or even millions on their fingers. Knowing that designer ring settings can easily be duplicated and set with simulated diamonds, many regular woman are considering opting for simulated diamonds in designer settings in order to get the look without the expensive price tag.


Simulated Diamonds: Do They Look Real?

The simple answer is yes–to the uneducated eyes and if the stone isn’t too large and obvious. The average person will not have the expertise of a jeweler to be able to tell the difference between an imitation diamond and a natural diamond when it is set in a high quality setting.  The technology has improved to the point where simulants are being cut to the same specifications as diamonds. There are many stores (including online stores) that sell finely crafted cubic zirconia in platinum or gold settings, making it difficult to tell between real and simulated. Affordability and exceptional quality has changed the face of simulated diamonds and they have begun to gain momentum, particularly with celebrities embracing them in a more open and honest way.

Can you tell which one is a diamond and which one is a simulated diamond?  The answer is at the end of the article.

Simulated Diamonds and Celebrities in the News

Fox News recently presented a story on celebrities wearing imitation diamonds. With top names such as Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Cameron Diaz, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Sharon Osborne and Joan Collins all wearing simulated diamonds, it is no wonder they are gaining popularity with the public. Many of these celebrities have discussed their wearing simulants during the day but their real diamonds at night and for special events. With no visual difference, these celebrities are starting a trend that will continue to grow in popularity.

Frugal Bling: Simulated Diamonds

One of the new trends of 2012 is “frugal bling” and celebrities are expressing their pride about their frugality. E! Networks director Elycia Rubin states that, “Imitation accessories have actually become trendy ever since Kate Spade knockoff bags were all the rage a few years back,” she says. “Knockoffs have become much more accepted. Probably some of the wealthiest women on Fifth Avenue and around the country have one or two knockoffs in their closet.” It is not only about affordability, but practicality, since women love a large variety of styles and enjoy updating their accessories on a regular basis. Ordinarily, this would be not possible for most women but with simulated diamonds, it can become a reality.

Helpful Tips for Buying Simulated Diamonds

  • Get the best quality setting you can afford. Often it is the setting, not the stone, that makes imitation diamonds look “fake”.
  • Buy online for excellent savings–most imitation jewelry is found on a website rather than in a traditional jewelry store. Most will offer a lifetime warranty on the stone and a nominal fee for re-setting loose or lost stones.
  • Ask your local jeweler if they can order an imitation diamond for a designer setting. The savings will be outstanding.
  • If purchasing simulated diamonds for an engagement ring, test the waters first before buying. Although trends are moving towards man-made, simulated diamonds, some women may not know about the benefits of simulated diamonds and have preconceived notions about the stones.
  • Some online stores which sell high quality simulated diamonds include: MiaDonna, Nue Diamonds, Emitations, Better Than Diamond, BirkatlyonDiamond Nexus Labs and Russian Brilliants.

With the incredible advances in technology, simulated diamonds are a beautiful reality for celebrities and mainstream women alike. Excellent savings, high quality settings and the option to get a bigger stone than previously considered make simulated diamonds a fantastic option for women around the world.


Answer to above question: Cubic zirconia is on the left, the diamond is on the right.

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