Wedding Rings for Women

Wedding Rings for Women: Should She Choose Her Own?

If a man has met the woman of his dreams and is moving towards engagement, should he choose the ring on his own or get her input? This is a question most men ask themselves when they are considering marriage.  While some women love the element of surprise and feel it very thoughtful for their boyfriend to pick out a ring, others prefer to give them an idea of their preference and style in order to ensure the ring they wear forever will be precisely what they want. Keep reading to find out what men and women from around the world have to say about this subject.

Wedding Rings For Women: Surprise

With all of the opinions, experiences and variables, there are bound to be many different ways to look at this important decision. Surprising a woman with a ring is a very time-honored, traditional event. Here are some points to consider if a man feels he would like to surprise her with a ring that he picked out himself:

  • Pay attention to the current jewelry she wears–the color of metal and style can say a lot about what she prefers. Comment on different styles and see her reaction.
  • If she likes to go window shopping or spending time at a mall, wander by jewelry stores. Start by finding out her style in necklaces and earrings, and then move over to rings. Chances are, a few different rings will really stand out to her.
  • Enlist the help of one of her close friends or siblings (if they can keep a secret). They will have a great idea of her style and ring size.
  • Listen and take note. More often than not, she will have some friends that are engaged or married, and although she may not discuss fashion with you, she may make comments around others about another woman’s wedding rings.
  • If in question, go with a simple solitaire and let her choose her wedding band.
  • Plan a surprise proposal and then shop for a ring together. Not all proposals require a ring, and the excitement of being engaged and getting to choose a ring can be preferable for some women.

Wedding Rings For Women: Planned

Although a less traditional option, it can be very helpful (and cost-effective) to know exactly what a woman likes–especially when spending a large sum of money on a piece of jewelry. Many women like the option to at least let their boyfriends know the general type of ring they want. After all, she will be wearing it for the rest of her life. Here are some advantages and ways to pick out wedding rings together:
  • Many men are happy to cut out the guesswork and go with a tried and true wedding ring that the woman likes. There is the potential for her to not like the ring the man chose, causing embarrassment and even disappointment for some women.
  • Stress can be alleviated when both parties discuss marriage and choose a ring together  The proposal can come later and can be still a wonderful surprise.
  • Most women have an idea of the type of ring they want and if approaching engagement, chances are they have already casually stopped by a few jewelry stores to look at rings.
  • Next time a jewelry commercial comes on (one need not wait long), the man could mention that he would rather be involved in big purchases rather than be surprised because people have different tastes.
  • Many women pick out their perfect engagement or wedding rings with their future husbands, followed by a surprise proposal.

Wedding Rings For Women: A Jeweler’s Perspective

One jeweler has said that when couples come in and shop together, often it will get down to a choice between two or three rings. He has said to many couples, “Why don’t you let your fiance’ surprise you?” This way, the woman gets a ring that she likes, but he feels like he has really picked it out. There is still a bit of surprise and anticipation to it (somewhat like getting engaged twice) and many couples seem to really liked that. There is still some element of surprise, although the woman knew the proposal was coming, it did not make it any less of a wonderful memory.


Choosing a wedding ring is one of the biggest decisions a couple can make. It can either be a complete surprise, planned, or fall somewhere in between. Whatever the case, wedding rings are a highly symbolic gesture that require careful thought and, at times, an element of surprise.


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