Tacori Engagement Rings

Tacori engagement rings are well-known for their exclusivity and intricate, fancy designs. Their quality is excellent, always stylish, and a wonderful option for those looking for a high-end engagement ring. With over 40 years in the business, this Californian jewelry store is a good place to check out before purchasing or designing an engagement ring.

Tacori Engagement Rings: The Style

Some of the tell-tale signs of a true Tacori designer engagement ring will be the mix between a classic and vintage style. Intricate beaded details match with swirls, clean lines, diamond studded bands, feminine details and, of course, the finest quality of metal and diamonds available. Here are a few of the designs that capture the very essence of Tacori:

Tacori Engagement Rings: The Metals

Because Tacori insists on only the very finest material available for creating their engagement rings, only 18K -22K white or yellow gold and platinum. Because 24K gold is 99.9% pure and too soft for jewelry purposes, Tacori feels the next purest option is 22K gold (which is still soft but certainly used in finer jewelry).

Tacori Engagement Rings: The Diamonds


Tacori diamonds are carefully and rigorously selected to ensure that only the top 5% of the diamonds on the market are used. In other words, Tacori reviews and rejects 95% of all diamonds. This enables them to sell the best stones graded by three sources, GIA,  GemEx and Tacori Diamond Experts. The diamonds are generally a G color grade or higher, VS clarity grade and cut to ideal proportions.

Tacori Engagement Rings: The Designs

There are several different design styles from which Tacori categorizes their engagement rings. The collections include: Simply Tacori, Tacori Crescent, Hand Engraved, Dantela, and Neotare. Each of these collections have their own distinct style and are all beautiful. From simply elegant to intricate and detailed, there is something for everyone with Tacori.

Buying Tacori Engagement Rings

A good place to start is Tacori’s website, www.tacori.com. Visiting the company’s online showroom in the comfort of your home can save hours of time. The Tacori Try It On page mixes high technology with high fashion, enabling customers to virtually try on any Tacori ring via their webcam. Another option is to visit a local jewelry store which is authorized to carry Tacori rings. Visit their website for more information on where Tacori rings are sold near you.

An important thing to note when considering Tacori is cost. Their rings are substantially more expensive than the usual engagement ring and can run tens of thousands, depending on how many stones are in the ring. Be sure to have a budget in mind if considering Tacori and be aware that you are buying a designer ring (and quite often, paying for a brand when other rings can have similar quality with better value).


Tacori engagement rings are a stunning option for the most discriminating fashion and jewelry tastes. With simple to the most intricate styles, there are countless options for every bride-to-be.

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