Zales Engagement Rings

Zales Engagement Rings

Zales is one of the most well-known jewelry store chains in the United States. Since 1924 this company boasts thousands of retail stores, outlets and other affiliated retailers. Both the online and bricks-and-mortar stores have a large selection of engagement ring options with a wide range of price, quality and style options.


About Zales Engagement Rings

Zales has many options from which to choose the perfect engagement ring.  These off the rack rings include solitaires, three stone rings, pave, solitaires with side stone accents and multi-stone rings. For online shoppers interested in 1) using their creativity or an existing heirloom stone or 2) using the creativity of exclusive designer styles, Zales offers two different options:

 Zales Engagement Rings: Design Your Own

For most people, designing your own engagement ring means drafting a custom design and working with a jeweler to make those dreams a reality. However, Zales “Design Your Own” essentially means the customer can pick out their setting and choose a diamond or use a Zales setting with an existing stone. There are no CAD design options online, however some Zales retail locations are able to utilize this technology.

Zales Engagement Rings: Exclusive Collections

For couples wanting a more intricate, designer look without the Tacori or Verragio price tag, this may be an excellent option. The Exclusive Collection includes:

Vera Wang

For elegant and sophisticated tastes, these rings are designed to capture an expensive look for less. Diamond studded arches meet up with beaded Tacori-inspired accents for extravagant tastes and solitaires with a little more flair for design with subtle sparkling accents.

Vera Wang LOVE Collection 2 CT. T.W. Diamond Bridal Set in 14K White Gold - ZalesVera Wang LOVE Collection 2 CT. T.W. Diamond Frame Split Shank Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold - Zales

Vera Wang LOVE Collection 1 CT. T.W. Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold - ZalesVera Wang LOVE Collection 1-1/8 CT. T.W. Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold - Zales


Celebration Diamond

Zales’  Celebration Diamond is a patented precise cut with 102 facets to show off the sparkle and fire in a more intense fashion. The stones have a color grade of G-J (Zales indicates they are near colorless) and the clarity is graded between VS 1-2 and SI 1-2. All Celebration Diamonds are graded and certified by the GIA.

3/4 CT. Celebration Diamond® Solitaire Engagement Ring in 18K White Gold - Zales


Celebration Diamond Cut and Carat Weight


This category is a small one–with only seven ring options. Unfortunately, there is little detailed information on the Mastercarved stone other than it is cut to distinguish itself above the rest. However, these stones generally have one color grade above the Celebration Diamond but the price difference would not likely be visually appreciated or noticeable by the naked eye and therefore opting for the more affordable of the two categories is recommended.

Mastercarved 1-1/2 CT. T.W. Certified Diamond Bridal Set in 14K White Gold (I-J/I1) - ZalesMastercarved 1 CT. Certified Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold (I-J/I1) - Zales


Canadian Diamond

Offering a selection of Canadian mined diamonds is a plus for Zales, as these stones are guaranteed to be conflict and blood-free.  Each ring comes with certification verifying its Canadian origin. This is an excellent option for those couples wishing to ensure their diamonds have come from a reputable source.

3/4 CT. T.W. Certified Canadian Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold (H-I/I1) - Zales

Brilliant 10

Simply another fancy word for the Hearts and Arrows cut, the Zales Brilliant 10 offers a pattern of ten hearts and ten arrows on each diamond. Please refer to information on Hearts and Arrows to determine the pros and cons of this expensive cut diamond.


Buying Zales Engagement Rings

With brand power, these engagement rings come with financing and payment options, 100-day return policy, 24/7 customer service and clearance and sale items on a consistent basis. Purchasing a ring from Zales can provide potentially great deals and ongoing customer support, however each retail store is under different management and some former customers have indicated difficulty with returns and warranties. Before purchasing any ring, obtain every aspect of the sale and fine print in writing to ensure that your ring receives all the care and protection it deserves.


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