The French Blue Nile Website – Great for French, Translation Gaffes for English

Blue Nile, one of the largest jewelry retailers in N. America, has announced its opening of a French language Blue Nile website. This is an exciting venture for all of those who love jewelry and speak the beautiful French language.

French Blue Nile Website

Our sources say that this website is catering to the French-Canadian clientele and is a result of a long standing relationship with Canada and Blue Nile’s jewelry. This also enables their customers to purchase jewelry in their own currency, creating a better shopping experience for all.

Not only will there be French, French-Canadian and English, but they  also offer their website in Spanish, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese. This is a tremendous indicator of the growth of this reputable jeweler.

Delivery times to Canada are approximately 2-3 days and shipping via Fed Ex is free for all orders over $200 CAN. This should be easy for most customers, as the average online jewelry purchase is around $500.

Review of the Blue Nile Website (French Version)

Like the U.S. English version, the Blue Nile website in French is essentially a duplicate. The same navigation headers, the same pictures of diamond jewelry,  wedding rings, engagement rings, earrings and so forth. For native French speakers who don’t need Google to translate, it is a great website.

Blue Nile Website – English Translated from French Gaffes

The only quirk comes when an English speaker tries the option of  French and has Google translate it (an automated pop up on the of the page asking you if you would like to have this page translated). The results are a bit humorous because their phrases get lost in translation by Google.

Here are our favorite gaffes with Google’s French/English translation of Blue Nile Website:

English version: “For richer, or poorer start your life together with one of our rings.”

French translation: “For richer, for the less fortunate, become richer with a Blue Nile ring.”

 English version: “Wedding and Engagement Rings”

French translation: “Wedding and Alliances”



English version: “She’ll love it guaranteed. No questions asked.”

French Translation: “Imagine his surprise when you say that you made yourself.”


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