How Do I Wear a Wedding Band?

One of the most popular questions a bride and groom-to-be ask when buying their wedding rings is “How do I wear a wedding band?” It’s not a complicated issue but certainly one that couples want to explore and find out what works best for their culture, country and circumstances.

In many westernized countries like the U.S. and Canada, the wedding band is  worn on the left hand’s ring finger for the husband and wife. This ancient tradition dates back to the times of the Roman Empire, where they believed that the left hand represented sentiment, love and affection because the blood of the veins of the fingers come from the heart. This Roman folklore has become a part of society and culture in many parts of the world.

Where is the Wedding Band Worn On The Right Hand?

Many countries  wear their wedding bands on the left hand, while there are some Latin American and European countries such as Argentina, Columbia, Germany, Spain, Venezuela, Russia and Greece. Orthodox Catholics also often wear their wedding band on the right hand as a symbolic, religious gesture. In general, it simply depends on what country the bride and groom come from, what their religious traditions are and what cultural traditions they want to continue with them.

Other Ways to Wear a Wedding Band

There are surprisingly a lot of different ways people choose to wear wedding bands. Veering from the tradition can have its purposes and be highly symbolic as well. Here are a few ideas:

1. Wearing a Wedding Band on a Different Finger

While tradition dictates a wedding ring should be worn on the left hand’s wedding finger, it is possible to choose any other finger to show your love and continued commitment through your marriage. Also, at times a wedding ring finger has been severed, damaged or someone is left handed and it is more comfortable to wear the wedding ring on the right ring finger.

2. Wedding Band on a Chain

For a number of reasons, some people wear their wedding band on a necklace chain. For instance, if someone is a nurse, farmer, works with machinery, heavy labor, construction, etc. it may not be safe to wear any type of ring. Also, some people may be widowed and choose to wear their former spouse’s wedding band on a chain around their neck in order to keep that person’s memory near and dear to their heart.

3. Different or Unique Type of Wedding Band

In order to stand out and be a little unique from the crowd, some couples like to choose different types of metal or material to symbolize their wedded union. For instance, instead of traditional gold, palladium or platinum, some opt for titanium, steel or even carved wood.

4.  No Wedding Band Option

A select few couples choose not to have wedding bands for a number of reasons. One may be that the bride’s engagement ring is very ornate and a wedding band take away from the focus of her main ring. It may also add too much to her hand and overwhelm it rather than compliment. Other couples are not sentimental and choose to spend their money on another type of gift.


There are many ways to wear a wedding band and many different cultures, styles and types. A wedding band is a fantastic symbolic piece of jewelry that can be a physical reminder of one’s vows on the most important day of their life.





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