The Truth Behind Jessica Simpson Engagement Ring 2010


One of the most popular celebrities around, Jessica Simpson, flashed a red ruby and diamond engagement ring in 2010 when she became engaged to NFL star Eric Johnson. This somewhat surprising engagement ring started a unique trend towards using colored stones and proved that yellow gold is back again. But what is it about Jessica’s ring that makes it unique?

Jessica Simpson Engagement Ring 2010

Much different than her first engagement ring given by Nick Lachey (a pear shaped solitaire), this red ruby and diamond Neil Lane ring hails from the early 1900’s. There are actually quite a few interesting things about her engagement ring:

  • It is a 4 carat oval red ruby, set beside two Neil Lane diamonds.
  • Neil Lane is a well-known celebrity bridal jeweler based in Los Angeles.
  • The ring is a true vintage piece of art, dating back to the turn of the 19th century. It is a remarkably rare ring with a unusually large red ruby.
  • Estimated value? At least $100,000 or more.
  • Each of the two side diamonds are around 2 carats and are cut in the “old European” fashion.
  • Jewelry experts believe this gold ring originally came from Myanmar, Burma.
  • A ruby of this quality and carat weight is very rare and valuable.


Jessica Simpson Engagement Ring 2010: Did she buy her own?

Jessica’s now-husband, Eric Johnson, was making minimal money in the NFL at the time of their engagement. He was unemployed due to a string of injuries and being released from his contract with the New Orleans Saints in 2008. Since he comes from a wealthy family, it is possible that his parents helped him with this six figure purchase. Still, rumors abound with the possibility that Jessica may have simply purchased it herself. After all, her empire is worth over $100 million.

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