Wedding Bands

From Death Til Us Part? How to Wear Wedding Bands


A wedding band is an important and symbolic addition to an engagement ring. Not only does it symbolize and solidify the marriage ceremony, it also creates a complete ensemble where it enhances and showcases the engagement ring. Because wedding bands can be worn in a variety of different ways, it helps to take a look at the options to help determine what works best for your style.


Wedding Bands and the Wedding Ceremony

Many couples wonder about the protocol for the engagement and wedding rings when the bride is already wearing her engagement ring at the wedding. Typically, the groom brings the wedding band to the ceremony and they opt for one of four scenarios:

  • Have the maid of honor keep the engagement ring in a secure location until after the wedding ring ceremony is finished. Once the vows and wedding rings are exchanged, the engagement ring can be placed upon the finger.
  • The bride wears her engagement ring on the right hand before and during the wedding ceremony and change it to the left hand afterwards.
  • The bride wears her engagement ring on the left hand, have the groom place the wedding band on top of the engagement ring and then switch the order at some point after the ceremony.
  • If the engagement ring and wedding band are soldered together, treat the set as one ring and have the groom place the set on the brides finger at the appropriate time in the ceremony.

Wearing Wedding Bands That No Longer Fit

At different stages or circumstances in life, a wedding band may no longer fit and is unable to be re-sized. Also, if one of the spouses passes away and the ring is still of sentimental value, there are ways to still keep the wedding band close to the heart even while not having it on the finger. In any of these situations, the wedding band can be worn on a different finger or hand, on a gold chain as a necklace or re-designed into earrings or a special pendant.


Helpful Tips for Wearing Wedding Bands

Despite initially appearing to be only a simple accent for an engagement ring, a wedding band is an important part of the entire set. It can either distract from or draw attention to the engagement ring, depending on how it is worn. There are some tips that can help keep the ring comfortable, in good condition and above all, complimentary to the engagement ring.

  1. Eternity band vs. half eternity band – This is a major dilemma for some brides-to-be because they may like the look of a full eternity band but have concerns that it will be unable to be re-sized, should the need arise. Half eternity bands are a safe bet, but don’t have the continuous row of diamonds or gemstones around the band. Either way, it comes down to personal preference and comfort, as both of these are among the most popular wedding band choices of all time.
  2. Sizing – Getting the sizing right with the wedding band is very important because a large wedding band can look out of proportion to the engagement ring and a too small band will make it difficult and uncomfortable to wear on a regular basis. It is best to carefully weight and measure the rings to ensure the correct size is chosen.
  3. Where to wear wedding bands – Traditionally, most brides wear their wedding band first on the finger and then slip on the engagement ring. The wedding band is symbolic and is known to be kept on the finger first in order to keep the wedding vows closet to the heart. If the wedding band is too small, it can help
  4. Cultural traditions – In some cultures, including Latin American cultures, it is customary to wear the engagement ring and wedding band on the right hand. As well, it is also customary for men to wear a wedding band on their ring finger once they are officially engaged. Michael Buble followed Argentinian tradition by wearing a male engagement ring (wedding band) to honor his then-fiance’s culture. In several Eastern European countries, a wedding band is worn on the right hand.
  5. Curved matching band – Many engagement rings have a specific curve or groove which require the wedding band that matches it somewhat like a puzzle piece.Item Image
  6. Solitaire engagement rings – Generally, a wedding band is placed on the finger first, then followed by the engagement ring. Again, for sentimental reasons as well as for traditional style.Item Image

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