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Three Stone Diamond Rings: Sparkling Symbolism

Whether the occasion be an engagement or anniversary, three stone diamond rings are a timeless and symbolic reminder of a couple’s love and commitment. They are also known as trinity or trilogy rings, and offer many different styles to choose from.


Symbolism of the Three Stones

Traditionally the three stones in this type of ring setting signify the past, present and future of a relationship. Three stone diamond rings are highly versatile and worn for any number of special occasions. When worn as an engagement ring, the woman remembers the courtship and the bright future ahead in her marriage. As a a popular anniversary ring for couples who have spent many years together, the three stones honor the past years together,                                                               the present moment and an anticipation of a                                                                     long life together.

Three Stone Diamond Ring Styles

Most three stone settings have only the three stones, however more ornate styles can have additional smaller accent stones in unique shapes like trapezoid, trilliant, pear or baguette. Generally, the center stone is the most prominent, while the other two stones might be slightly smaller or less elevated. The accent stones should not be so large that they take away from the three main stones.

The most popular styles consist of round brilliant or princess shape diamonds which are usually the same size. Unique shapes such as emerald, oval or marquise are becoming increasingly popular among women today.

While some women may prefer all white diamonds, others might opt for side stones of rubies, sapphires or emeralds for added variety, color and symbolism.

View some examples of different three stone diamond rings below:

Helpful Tips on Buying a Three Stone Diamond Ring

  • Most (if not all) jewelry stores will offer three stone rings in the classic round or princess cuts. However, for more unique designs and embellishments, you may want to look beyond the chain stores to retailers such as Tacori or Tiffany & Co.
  • Some three stone rings settings are sold already containing the two side stones, enabling you to choose your ideal center stone.  This is ideal for those wanting to insert a family diamond into a three stone ring. Be sure to get side stones of a similar grade to ensure they reasonably match when mounted together.
  • Prong settings are the most popular for displaying the diamonds, enabling the center stone to be elevated and accentuated. Other settings available include channel or bezel.
  • If being used as an engagement ring, many women opt for a more simple and understated wedding band as to not distract from the three large stones. However, if the desired effect is to have the utmost glitz and glamor, a channel or eternity wedding band are excellent options.
  • With three stones in this setting, the price can be substantially more expensive than a simple solitaire. As with any diamond, the price of the stones will be determined by the quality and cut, clarity, color and carat size.
  • To ensure uniformity in appearance, find stones which closely match each other. They do not need to be the exact grade but should be  very similar.
  • Many stores will sell three stone diamond promise rings which can often provide excellent savings. They will likely have thinner bands and smaller stones, but can still give a similar look at a fraction of the price.
  • Colored side stones are becoming increasingly popular, particularly blue sapphires. If your budget does not allow for natural colored side stones, there are many beautiful man-made gems which beautifully compliment a diamond center stone.


All couples have memories of their past courtship which lead to their marriage, with anticipation of a bright future together. Three stone rings are a beautiful and symbolic way to commemorate the journey of a relationship in a unique fashion.



Images courtesy of 1791 Diamonds and Tacori.

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