Tiffany Engagement Rings

Receiving a turquoise blue box with a white satin ribbon from Tiffany & Co. is a dream for many women. In fact, the Tiffany brand is synonymous with class, quality and style. What is it about this New York jewelers engagement rings that evokes so much passion and desire?

About Tiffany Engagement Rings

This iconic New York jewelry store boasts a history of fine quality and over one hundred and fifty years of business. With it comes a brand of engagement rings that have stood the test of time for countless brides. The Tiffany solitaire engagement rings have a distinct setting which includes six prongs that secure and raise the round brilliant diamond high enough in order to obtain as much light reflection as possible. This six prong solitaire is the quintessential Tiffany engagement rings.

Even with the popularity of the classic Tiffany round solitaire, there are many other types of Tiffany engagement rings that are incredibly popular with brides. Dozens of beautiful engagement rings of varying styles can be found on the Tiffany & Co. website.



Tiffany Engagement Rings: The Diamonds

Naturally, the focal point of any ring is the diamond and with a Tiffany engagement ring, the diamonds are sure to please. The high standards of diamond selection are well known throughout the industry and one can be assured of quality when purchasing a Tiffany ring. While this may mean opting for a lower carat weight to fit in the budget, it also means that the quality of the diamond will be outstanding. Because Tiffany diamonds are never heat treated or color corrected, one can be rest assured they are receiving the very best stone for the price. Tiffany & Co. indicates they are committed to social awareness by trying to source their diamonds in a responsible manner. However, with recent reports of the corruption of the Kimberly Process, there is still some room left for doubt that any diamond is truly conflict free.

While Tiffany & Co. uses the jewelry industry standard 4 C’s (Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat), the company also has some additional criteria for grading their diamonds. Each diamond is carefully cut, polished and examined to ensure that every single aspect of the diamond is of the finest workmanship. Certification is a critical part of the process and each Tiffany & Co. diamond has its own certificate of authenticity and grading.


Tiffany Engagement Rings: The Settings

The superior stones are not the only reason people purchase Tiffany engagement rings. The quality and workmanship of the settings are outstanding, with the main metal choices being platinum and 18K white or yellow gold. Every engagement ring is polished to perfection, with attention to detail. Whether the ring is a simple solitaire or an intricate antique pave setting, the purchaser can be assured that only the finest metal is used.


Tiffany Engagement Rings: The Price Tag

As with many other famous designer items, the cost will reflect not only the quality but also the marketing brand. Tiffany & Co. is considered to be an upscale choice for those with the most discerning tastes and not for the faint of heart (or bank account). Expect to pay more at Tiffany & Co. than at other jewelry stores–but also expect fine quality and customer service. Prices are unavailable on the website. Please call 800 518 5555 to speak to one of their diamond experts to find out pricing.

Note: Many experts in the jewelry industry find that a Tiffany engagement ring will cost approximately 40% more than a comparable ring. There are more affordable but nearly identical alternatives available. Doing a little homework and not being dependent on the brand name can create big savings.


Where To Purchase Tiffany Engagement Rings

The only place to buy an authentic Tiffany engagement ring is on or in person at any one of their stores worldwide. Beware of imitations and buying online. It is certainly possible to find an exceptional deal from failed engagements or pre-owned jewelry, but be sure to obtain all grading and certification info prior to purchase. Store policy will not allow for pre-owned rings to be verified but the potential ring can be brought into any Tiffany & Co. store and inspected side by side. Have an independent appraiser inspect the ring as well. Unfortunately, Tiffany & Co. does not transfer warranties from owner to owner.



A Tiffany engagement ring is undoubtedly a classic and time-honored choice among brides-to-be. With dazzling diamonds and strikingly beautiful settings, a ring from Tiffany & Co. is certain to impress.



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