Hearts on Fire Diamond

Hearts on Fire Diamond: Is It Worth the Extra Expense?

The beautiful Hearts on Fire Diamond is considered to be the most exquisitely cut gemstone in the jewelry industry. While it is often chosen by celebrities and other high end clientele, it is also the perfect choice for the discerning couple who desire only the finest quality diamond. For the average consumer, the question remains:  Is it worth the additional cost?


The Hearts on Fire Diamond: Quality

Without question, the Hearts on Fire diamond is a brand of a round brilliant cut diamond which has been marketed to be “The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond.” These diamonds are put through extensive scrutiny and grading processes to ensure that each stone lives up to the high standards for which this cut is known. Industry experts and a panel of AGS (American Gem Society) graders examine each stone under a high powered microscope, with only the highest standard of round diamonds qualifying for being considered a “Hearts on Fire Diamond.” To put this into perspective, less than 1% of all diamonds obtain this coveted classification and have near perfect clarity, color, cut, polish, symmetry and proportions. With the industry standards having 10% magnification required for inspection, Hearts on Fire Diamonds require 100% magnification. This gives a better idea of the intensity in which these diamonds are graded, and should be appreciated for their impeccable quality.

The Hearts on Fire Diamond: Cut

The quality of the cut is the most important thing that determines the way diamonds sparkle and reflect light. The Hearts on Fire diamonds are specially cut to provide the most amount of fire and sparkle possible. In turn, this precision and intricacy enhances the color, clarity and color of the diamond. The “hearts” term comes from the eight flawless hearts when viewed from the top, and the “fire” term comes from the elaborate starburst arrangement at the bottom of the diamond. Joining these two complex designs creates the unique Hearts on Fire Diamond.

Pros and Cons of The Hearts on Fire Diamond

There are advantages and disadvantages to most purchases, and this is equally true for the Hearts on Fire Diamond.


  • Exceptional quality–the finest money can buy
  • Outstanding light performance – utilizes the Tolkowsky Ideal Cut
  • Brand name recognition and psychological comfort
  • Customer support can be excellent and personalized
  • Expensive and usually reserved for the very wealthy
  • Only found in exclusive stores and not usually available online
  • There are many Ideal cut diamonds which perform as well, but for less money
  • Comparable diamonds can be found online at Blue Nile or Whiteflash for less
  • Only available as a round diamond
  • Cost 15-20% more than other diamonds of the same quality


Is The Expense Of The Hearts On Fire Diamond Worth It?

This is a decade-long question in the diamond industry. On one hand, the Hearts On Fire Diamond is undoubtedly an exceptional diamond but is it that much different than an Ideal cut diamond? Some argue that it is essentially the same thing and most people would not be able to appreciate the difference visibly.  At the end of the day, each diamond is required to go through the same grading processes  and comparable diamonds are certainly available without the brand name “Hearts on Fire.”

This is actually a marketing/advertising technique used to bulid up the romance of purchasing a diamond. The concept is that by looking through the pavillion (bottom) of a loose diamond through a special viewing scope, you can see an alternating pattern of hearts and arrows. Thus, this gives the jeweler a huge advantage in selling a diamond at a significantly higher price.

There is no doubt that Hearts and Arrows diamonds are gorgeous stones with outstanding light performance. The best advice our experts can give is to not get caught up in the hype of the brand name and focus more on the quality of the diamond.


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