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Top Diamond Jewellery Websites

With so much information about diamond jewellry available online, finding the perfect store for you can be a daunting experience. To make this process easier, we have spent hours researching the top jewellery websites around and have categorized them to streamline the purchasing process. Each store has their own unique features such as ring designing tools, budget widgets, virtual ring try-on apps, customized online ordering and diamond finder tools. With all of this information available at your fingertips, the need to spend time physically in a store is less and the savings are greater.

The lists are in alphabetical order and only contain the most well-known stores in order to provide assistance to a wider audience.

Diamond Jewellery Chain Stores 

Fred Meyer Jewelers

Easy to navigate the attractive and inviting website. Features include: catalogs available both online and via mail, sign up for specials, store locator tool, fair selection of clearance items (prices seem a little high for clearance at times), a great selection for all diamond jewellery in general.


Very clean and streamlined website. Extremely easy to find specific pieces of jewellery. Excellent deals found on clearance and pre-owned pieces.  Store locator tool simple to use, education center interesting and interactive.


We really liked their “design a ring” feature and found that it was fun and easy to play around with different settings, stone shapes and cuts and do a comparison side by side with other diamonds available. The interactive education center didn’t overly complicate or overwhelm. Offers specialty diamond cuts and colors, designer brands for watches and other types of jewelry.

Kay Jewelers*

Although slightly busy, this website has a lot of features, excellent selection and variety, with a great area of clearance, pre-owned and super value deals.

Morgan Jewelers*

Unattractive but generally an easy to navigate website, has a great selection of various special collections for the more unique styles (a bonus for chain stores which usually carry a good selection of “cookie-cutter” styles). Unfortunately, it does not have the greatest education center.

Shane Co.

Too busy of a website and not as user-friendly as other sites. Excellent 60 day return policy and lifetime warranty for engagement rings. Live chat function a great tool for customers, but unfortunately no customer education center.


When visiting the website for the first time, a customer is greeted with an email pop-up and a free $50 gift card for signing up. Online black Friday sales (in-store as well), easy front page navigation but slightly busy and at times distracting.  Easy to use ring creator tool. Some engagement rings are only available for online purchase. Large selection of clearance items at excellent prices.

*Owned by the largest jewelry conglomerate, Sterling Jewelers.


Top Three Diamond Jewellery Online Retailers 

Blue Nile

The most popular online diamond jewellery website, Blue Nile nails it with a clean, sleek and beautiful website which is easy to navigate. Excellent education center, helpful gift idea center, an incredibly huge (if not overwhelming) selection of diamonds and settings with an advanced criteria tool for seasoned shoppers. Offers fancy colored diamonds, open 24-7 with a 30 day return policy and an easy order tracking tool.

James Allen

Great website, easy to navigate. Fantastic features such as 24/7 customer service, a Virtual Loupe so customers may see the actual diamond the way a jeweler sees it (incredible!), 3HD player which brings the rings to life like no other website we’ve seen. All in all, a fantastic website.


Great website with a lot of information packed into the main page–they really get down to business. Some interesting perks include custom design capabilities, 30 day money back guarantee, lifetime engagement or anniversary ring trade-up, one year buy-back option and customer loyalty program. Education center somewhat lacking.

Diamond Jewellery Designer Stores



De Beers

Harry Winston

Tiffany & Co.




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