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Weird or Wonderful? Unique Diamond Ring Settings

Although the most popular diamond rings are solitaires, there will always be those who want something more unique. Perhaps the couple wants to make a statement about their relationship or to showcase the woman’s personality. Regardless of the reasons, unique diamond ring settings are bound to draw a lot of attention from the public.

But when it comes to diamonds, is it ultimately better to stick to conventional ring settings or to opt for ones that are out of the ordinary? While each option has its benefits and its disadvantages, the final decision depends on the wishes of the gem seeker.

Unique Diamond Ring Settings.

Let us tell you a bit about what owning unique diamond settings feels like for the wearer so that you may get a clearer idea of what it implies. Hopefully, this will help you in taking the final decision regarding your ring.

Unique Diamond Ring Settings 101

Whether it is an engagement ring, a wedding band, or a statement ring, wearing a unique diamond ring will draw a significant amount of attention to the owner. Therefore, it is the ideal choice for people who enjoy being admired and complimented.

Such a jewelry piece also requires owners to be meticulous as they will have to abide by a rigorous care routine for the ring. Whether the diamond is square, marquise, or cushion-shaped, the wearer will have to make sure that it is properly cleaned on a regular basis.

Moreover, distinct diamond ring settings usually force the wearer to be extremely careful not to chip the ring or to trap it in fabrics from sleeves or bags. This is how the ring becomes the central piece of the outfit, as every item of clothing, and additional accessory need to be compatible with it and to be able to compliment it.

So, if you are ready to do all of these things, then we can provide you with some useful tips and tricks for finding the ideal unique diamond ring setting for your needs. Take a look!

Tips for Finding Unusual Diamond Ring Settings

  1. Choose a different color of metal like sage or rose gold, tungsten, black titanium, or even Mokume game. Some couples even opt for a ceramic or wooden ring to be particularly different.
  2. Opt for colored diamonds or other colored gemstones. Sometimes it’s as simple as going with color in a traditional setting that can make your diamond engagement ring unique.
  3. Look online for creative designers such as Yanko Design, Michael C. Fina, Firenze or Paul Cremoux to get inspiration.
  4. Visit antique stores for heirloom, antique, or estate jewelry.
  5. Ask your local jewelry stores for recommendations of reputable jewelry designers. Chances are, they’ve all had experience with couples wanting something “off the rack”.
  6. Consider synthetic diamonds (also known as man-made or laboratory diamonds). Since they are man-made, they do not have the usual environmental or ethical issues surrounding their origin.
  7. Engravings and intricate designs can be an excellent way to create a one-of-a-kind diamond engagement ring. Some particular designs could be symbolic or of personal significance to a couple.

Beautiful and Odd Diamond Ring Settings

Most diamond rings consist of solitaire, pave, or three stone settings. If you think these settings are beautiful but want something more unusual, there is certainly a store and designer out there who can create exactly what you want. It may take a little more work and research, but this is time well spent in order to get the perfect ring for a lifetime.

We would like to present you some other diamond ring settings that you might not be familiar with. This will be extremely useful for you in your search for the perfect ring.

Bar Setting

If you think that the three-stone setting is interesting then we suggest that you take it to the next level. The bar setting features stones all across the ring that are partially enclosed in metal, thus turning the ring into a dazzling piece of jewelry that will catch anyone’s eye.

Bar setting diamond ring

Center Diamond: round, princess, cushion, oval or radiant.

Halo Setting

The halo setting is ideal for statement pieces, as it features an impressive amount of diamonds. The center stone is always the largest of all the other stones in the ring and it is surrounded by a concentric circle comprised of smaller gemstones that can be diamonds or diamond simulants, such as lab-made pieces or moissanite.

Halo Setting Diamond Ring

Center Diamond: round.

Tension Setting

This type of diamond ring setting features two metal bands that hold the centerpiece between them. It is meant to draw attention towards the diamond center but unlike solitaire or Tiffany settings, it permits the diamond to be of virtually any shape. Due to the fact that the diamond appears to be suspended between the two parts of the metal shank that unite in the middle, the pieces put a particular emphasis on the beauty of the diamond.

Tension Setting Diamond Ring

Central diamond: round, princess, oval, emerald, heart, marquise, pear, radiant, asscher, cushion.

Cluster Setting

This type of diamond ring setting is perfect for statement pieces because it features a cluster of diamonds as the centerpiece of the ring. The round shape is the standard choice for this setting, but the result will be anything but standard because it will accentuate the unique shine of the diamonds.

Cluster setting diamond ring

Central diamond: round.

Antique Setting

This is the best choice of setting for a unique piece because it features a wide variety of diamond combinations. The shank will also contribute considerably to the end result because it usually includes some outstanding patterns that are guaranteed to catch anybody’s eye.

Antique setting Diamond Ring

Central diamond: round, princess, oval, emerald, heart, marquise, pear, radiant, asscher, cushion.

You can use some of these settings to get your ideas flowing, but remember that it is very important to conduct your own research so that you find the best possible alternatives for you.

So what do you think about our collection of unique rings? Are they weird or wonderful? We hope at least one of them inspired you to find the right ring for you. We advise you to use the internet to find a model that you are interested in and then you can go to a jeweler and sort out the lesser details and the fine tuning.

Find the Right Style of Your Unique Diamond Ring Settings

Identifying the style that represents you best is a very important factor in your quest for the perfect diamond ring. We are going to provide you with a few guidelines for understanding each style better so that you get a better idea of the core principles represented by each of them.

Georgian Style Jewelry

If you are looking for a statement piece that can provide you with a touch of glamour, then a Georgian style ring is the perfect choice for you.

Gerogian Style Ring


  • Georgian style jewelry symbolizes opulence and wealth.
  • Butterflies, flowers, and ribbons represent widely used motifs.
  • The diamonds and gemstones are frequently enclosed in their bottom half or their entire pavilion.

Recommendations: black diamond wedding sets.

Victorian Style Jewelry

While the rings from this period place emphasis on other gem stones than diamonds, there are quite a few pieces that could inspire you because the designs are breathtakingly beautiful.

Victorian Style Diamond Ring


  • Victorian jewelry is extremely elegant because it was meant for formal events only.
  • Birthstones are used far more than diamonds for these pieces.
  • Victorian pieces experiment with various shapes, colors and sizes and the results are outstanding.

Recommendations: black diamond bridal sets.

Art Nouveau Style Jewelry

If you have a close connection to nature and if you want your piece to be representative of this, then and Art Nouveau style piece is the ideal choice for you because it focuses on the importance of nature and life.

Art Nouveau Style Diamond Ring


  • Art Nouveau pieces experiment with a wide range of materials, such as copper or shell.
  • This is yet another style that does not focus on diamonds, but rather on other gem stones. However, the pieces can be used to inspire the development of outstanding diamond ring models.

Recommendations: diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding ring sets.

Edwardian Style Jewelry

This is yet another style aimed at those in love with nature because its main focus points are directed towards the beauty of life.

Edwardian Style Diamond Ring


  • Edwardian style jewelry pieces feature numerous nature-aimed elements.
  • Frequent motifs include flowers and leaves.

Recommendations: diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding ring sets.

Art Deco Style Jewelry

Diamonds were the central focus of this era because this gemstone perfectly represents the key elements of this era: optimism, boldness and evolution.

Art Deco Style Diamond Ring


  • Pieces from this era feature some very bold models that are well worth the attention of anybody seeking pieces that out of the ordinary.
  • Art Deco style jewelry features a wide range of diamond ring settings.

Recommendations: statement diamond pieces, marquise diamond settings.

Retro Style Jewelry

Retro pieces will provide jewelry seekers with a valuable inspiration because diamonds were used in all shapes and sizes to create dazzling pieces.

Retro Style Diamond Ring


  • Retro style pieces feature anything from marquise diamond cuts to emerald and princess cuts.
  • These pieces are usually large in size and they are simply impossible to ignore.

Recommendations: pieces with marquise diamond settings, bezel set diamond necklace, unique diamond ring settings.

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