Where to Buy Diamond Studs Earrings?

You may wonder where to buy diamond studs when looking for a new pair of earrings. The options are almost limitless, ranging from your local jeweler to online retailers. Buying diamond stud earrings online can be convenient and cost-effective. Listed below are some of the best places to purchase diamond studs online. Once you know what type of earring you’re looking for, you can begin your search.

Always remember that not all vendors are trustworthy when shopping online. It’s best to do your research to ensure the company offers good service and a fair return policy. Also, make sure to check the quality of the materials used. If a pair is made of plastic or other inferior materials, you should avoid purchasing it. Lastly, remember that not all diamond stud earrings are created equal, so it’s important to consider the materials used.

When purchasing diamond stud earrings online, you should set a budget. The price will depend on how much of a budget you have and the size, metal, and quality of the stones. The price of a pair of high-quality diamond stud earrings can range from less than $100 to as much as $25,000 per pair. Diamond stud earrings are expensive, but they’ll be treasured for many years.

Many retailers offer a “Choose Your Own Diamond” option if you’d like to customize your earring with diamonds. If you want a unique pair, you can choose an environmentally friendly option, like Brilliant Earth, which uses recycled metals and ships in eco-friendly packaging. Clean Origin offers both high-end fashion and everyday jewelry. Most styles are priced between $500 and $1,500.

Jewelili 1/4 CTTW Diamond Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver. Choose from a Heart, Cushion, or Round shape and Black, Blue, or White Diamonds

Jewelili 1/4 CTTW Diamond Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver. Choose from Heart, Cushion, or Round shape and Black, Blue, or White Diamonds.

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  • Elegant cushion-shaped ear studs in 925 sterling silver with 1/4 Cttw of genuine white diamonds set in a halo
  • Size: 10.0 mm long, 10.0 mm wide, and 5.5 mm high.
  • Packaging & Return – Each piece of jewelry we sell comes in a lovely jewelry box with the no-questions-asked 30-day return policy.
  • All the diamonds and gemstones sold by Jewelili are conflict-free and expertly made from premium materials. With an unmatched commitment to quality and client happiness, we provide exceptional jewelry at competitive pricing.
  • Self-gifting at its finest. Also a perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend, or romantic partner on special days like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, or Graduation Day.

How to Purchase Diamond Stud Earrings?

The processes for purchasing diamond stud earrings are as follows:

  • Establish a budget.
  • Select the type and color of the metal.
  • Decide on a setting type.
  • Choose between buying pre-set or building your own.
  • Make sure the two stones you use construct your match.
  • If purchasing pre-set, abide by our suggestions below.
  • Summary Recommendation

When opposed to diamonds that will be put in engagement rings, the quality criteria for diamond stud earrings can be greatly relaxed. This is a result of the fact that the average viewing distance for them is noticeably greater than that for engagement rings. Many stones that aren’t eye-clean for engagement rings can be deemed eye-clean for diamond studs.

As of the most recent update to this post, our best pair of studs is the 14kt gold James Allen HI SI grade studs.

Best Online Stores for Diamond Earrings

The use of e-commerce has led to new trends in the consumption of diamond jewelry. Many consumers are accepting online shopping more frequently due to savings. The theory analysis on the influencing factors of the behavior that consumers buy diamond jewelry on the internet and the method of the questionnaire and factor analysis measure has been used in the research to identify and explain the major influencing factors of the behavior that consumers buy diamond jewelry on the internet. It offered a reference for the development of diamond jewelry.

Reference: A Quantitative Research on Influencing Factors of the Behavior That Consumers Buying Diamond Jewelry on Line

Here is a brief list of each of the four businesses:

Let’s now delve into the specifics:

1. Website and Ordering Procedure for Blue Nile:

The easiest of the five is this one, I suppose. Blue Nile is the biggest internet retailer (by a long shot). Their website is excellent, and the purchase procedure went very well. I’ve ordered from them several times, and each time the transaction was quick and easy (we secretly shopped them for engagement rings and readers in Europe). Of all the businesses we worked with, they delivered the product quickly.

The Jewelry

In this area, Blue Nile excels. The diamonds were dazzling and nicely cut. The diamonds were white, and there was no sign of any inclusions. Beautiful earrings were worn.

Four of the five persons I asked to choose their favorite pair from the group immediately chose this one.

Easily Returning

The return procedure at Blue Nile is really easy. You need to return it via registered mail. We received a confirmation email after returning it, and a few days later, our account was charged.

2. Website and Ordering Procedure for James Allen, 1B

James Allen is another simple recommendation for us. They rule the retail internet market alongside Blue Nile. We had the nicest experience at James Allen, in my opinion. James Allen is the best of the best when it comes to website navigation, product options, and customer services, as well as price and quality.

The Jewelry

The stud earrings we purchased from James Allen were fantastic. Only James Allen’s items are pricier and of somewhat superior quality, which is why Blue Nile is ranked top. Both are excellent choices, and if you want to go above and above, they are well worth the money.

Easily Returning

A smooth return procedure. I quickly had the money returned to my card. It was a quick and simple process.

3. Diamondstuds.com

UPDATE: It appears that Century and DiamondStuds4Less are no longer in operation.

Although the Diamondstuds website is well-designed and simple, we thought the customer service might improve. It was difficult to reach anyone by phone or email, and my sister had trouble obtaining a pair. We finally succeeded in placing the order. However, the earrings did show up on time.

The Jewelry

Sadly, here is when they kind of went flat. The gems weren’t at all bad. They might be a decent choice at the pricing point.

But compared to the Blue Nile pair, the diamonds’ cut was substantially inferior. Simply put, they lacked the extra spark that makes them stand out (which is paramount in earrings).

They were also slightly deeper cut, which gave the pair a little smaller appearance. The color was good, the inclusions weren’t awful, and the craftsmanship was adequate. Although the quality was far superior to the next two venues, it fell short of our expectations.

This is a fine substitute for Blue Nile if your money is extremely tight, but in my opinion, you can buy nicer earrings by spending a little more on one of those websites.

Easily Returning

Once more, calling someone was difficult. But once we did talk to them, everything went without a hitch. Additionally, a return shipping label was provided (they emailed it to us once we informed them it would be returned).

4. Website and ordering procedure for Diamond Studs 4 Less:

Here, there is a definite decline in quality. The webpage is inferior to the earlier choices. The website is difficult to navigate and is covered in advertisements advertising discounts.

This is a little business.

Finally, we placed our order for the diamonds, which wasn’t too challenging on the website. Diamonds Studs 4 Less was the final website from which we received a box.

The Jewelry

The diamonds lacked any luster whatsoever (there was no sparkle at all). The diamonds were exceedingly hazy in addition to being badly cut. These are inexpensive.

When you put them on, they appeared to be entirely lifeless. The diamonds were safely held in the prongs, and the craftsmanship was good but nothing exceptional.

When they examined the pair, they all expressed the same level of apathy and stated they wouldn’t be interested in wearing them. At any price, I wouldn’t purchase these. Yes, they are less expensive than the higher-quality businesses we highlighted, but you are making too many sacrifices.

Easily Returning

The procedure of returning wasn’t that bad. It was a rather simple process, but you must ship it independently (deciding which labels, insurance, etc.). Unfortunately, they never let me know that they had returned it.

The first time I phoned, the most apathetic customer service representative I’ve ever dealt with treated me horribly. When I contacted again, the representative was pleasant and confirmed that my stuff had been returned.

5. The Website and Ordering Procedure for Century Diamonds

This webpage is just awful.

The webpage of Century Diamonds seems good. However, their stud page is absurd. They overwhelm you with several one-off products rather than presenting quality ranges like every other website. Why would they list the 1/4ctw H SI1 for less money than the 1/4ctw I SI1? It is impossible to decide which to purchase.

We’ll discuss that when we examine the earrings. Although the ordering process went smoothly, their customer service was the worst.

The Jewelry

A set of 1/2ctw I SI2 diamond earrings was ordered. While Century was absurdly repugnant, Diamond Studs 4 Less and Diamondstuds.com were both exceedingly liberal in their quality claims.

Their terrible diamonds are the reason their prices are so low. When the photographer was at work, I was in another room. Are you sure you want images of this XXXX? he asked as he emerged from the room with a surprised expression on his face.

The clarity of the diamonds ranged from I2 to I3, and they were quite brown. Not even $50, much less $300, is worth these stones.

Easily Returning

This is the part where they truly irritated me.

They ignored three different emails and their customer support number for three days.

My sister had to handle the return since I was briefly in town. They also have the worst return policy of all the businesses. Due to the delay, we were charged a 10% restocking fee (if you don’t return it within two weeks).

I’m unsure if I was charged because we haven’t heard back from them yet.

Basic Tips for Purchasing Diamond Earrings

Earrings with diamonds in them make the ideal present. Each lady requires them. Every lady desires a set. They are arguably the most adaptable item of jewelry available. For any event, she may wear them with anything. They are excellent for work, formal events, and laid-back evenings.

You can always rely on this straightforward gift to please your girlfriend, wife, or fiancé if you haven’t yet given her a pair (and make you look like a king).

You can always purchase a larger pair of diamond studs for your girlfriend, wife, or fiancé if you have already given her a smaller pair.

General Instruction

Color Quality: The appropriate range for color is H–J. There is no need to go any higher because you won’t be able to appreciate the high color from the standard viewing distance for ear studs. Here is a common checklist for shopping for studs online:

Clarity Grade – In principle, you should have no trouble finding a set of studs that are graded I1. Otherwise, these studs are typically a very low I1 or even I2, and they almost always feature inclusions that are discernible to the naked eye. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to trust anyone selling something identified as I1 because most online retailers offer their studs uncertified. Blue Nile was the exception, as we discovered.

Cut quality is significantly more significant than color or clarity in studs. Unless the quality is very low, the shine and size of the studs are the only things you notice. The diamond must be expertly cut as a result. Avoid deeply cut diamonds as they will end up seeming little and will not only make the diamond more bright (as we explain here).

Online Diamond Earring Purchase: 6 Steps

There are a few crucial considerations when purchasing diamond stud earrings online. Make sure to decide on a spending limit and the type of earrings you prefer. You can purchase a pre-made pair of earrings or create your own.

1. Establish a Budget.

Determine the budget you wish to stick to. Depending on numerous aspects, diamond stud earrings can range from $199 to $35,000. Consider your financial circumstances. What price range would you consider acceptable for diamond stud earrings? You might want to spend a little extra if it’s a gift for their 10th wedding anniversary. You might want to spend less if it’s a birthday gift. Overall, you get to make that choice. Keep in mind that being thoughtful need not be pricey. No matter the price or carat weight, a lovely pair of earrings will be treasured for many years.

2. Decide on the Kind and Shade of a Valuable Metal.

Select the precious metal and color for your settings based on your personal preferences and style. When selecting your precious metal, take into account a few key elements.

The most popular metal hues for diamond stud earrings are platinum, white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. The decision is up to the individual. If you’re undecided, look at the other jewelry in their inventory. Alternately, pick a shade that will stand out among their other jewelry. Gold will be more affordable than platinum and strong enough for daily use.

Gold is available in two different weights: 14K or 18K. The 18K gold alloy contains more gold but is softer and more prone to scratches than 14K gold. 14K is wise if you want to save money and receive the most robust option. Although more costly and prone to scratches than gold, platinum is more resistant to wear and tear.

Metal allergies: If the wearer has metal allergies, keep that in mind when you shop. Especially if they wear the earrings all day, be sure they won’t react to them.

Choose a gold or platinum setting from a reputable merchant over all else. Sterling silver is another possibility, although it isn’t as strong or lasting. Plus, the majority of trustworthy retailers don’t even offer silver settings.

3. Decide on a Setting Type.

There are subtle differences depending on the vendor and the form of your diamond. Classic diamond stud settings often include prongs holding the diamond in place. For instance, these princess-cut stud earrings feature four prongs, whereas pear-shaped stud earrings have three—the prongs aid in keeping the diamond in the earring stable.

Halo studs are an additional option.

4. Choose Whether to Create your Own or Purchase a Ready-Made Pair.

It’s common for vendors to let you choose between purchasing a pre-made pair of earrings and making your own. Both are excellent choices. The diamonds are already chosen and set in the setting when using a pre-set. Follow a step-by-step manual to create your own set by picking the diamonds and the setting.

The “build-your-own” option lets you go through several loose diamond pairings and select the ones you prefer. Regardless of your choice, make sure your diamonds are Excellent or Ideal cut for the most brightness.

5. When Creating your Structure, Ensure your Two Stones Line up.

Make sure your two diamonds are comparable if you make your diamond stud earrings. They should weigh about the same in carats (i.e., 0.51 and 0.52-carat diamonds are fine). They should have the same color, clarity, and cut grades. This makes sure that all of your earrings coordinate and look good together.

6. If Purchasing a Pre-Assembled Pair, Follow the Advice Below.

Choosing a set of pre-made stud earrings might be a fantastic decision. Even better, you might be able to choose an environmentally friendly recycled set. These recommendations should be kept in mind if you choose pre-set earrings.

Carat Weight: Almost similar carat weight is required (within 0.05 Carat of each other).
Cut: The cut quality needs to be Excellent or Ideal.
Please choose a color grade between G and I. The diamonds will seem white and be far less expensive than diamonds with a D-F grade.
Clarity: Diamonds with a clarity grade of VS2-SI1 are likely to be eye-clean and cost substantially less than diamonds with higher grades.
Metal: Because 14K or 18K gold is the most enduring and long-lasting, we advise using it. Sterling silver does not offer the highest quality over the long term, and platinum is not required for the price tag.

An Analysis of the Top Online Retailers for Diamond Stud Earrings

Here is a fast overview of my research that ranks the suppliers for those that want the results straight away.

Ranking of Diamond Stud Earrings with Pre-Sets

Comparison of Prices from the Four Vendors

Diamond stud earrings with a 0.25 total carat weight typically cost $285. Diamond stud earrings with 0.5 total carats cost, on average, $725, while those with one total carat cost, on average, $2,495. The combined carat weight of the two earrings is the total carat.

Since the diamonds in Clean Origin’s stud earrings are lab-grown, we won’t add their costs. James Allen’s lab-grown diamonds aren’t added, either. They are considerably less expensive. Check out this article if LGD Studs are of interest to you.

The cost of diamond stud earrings can vary greatly depending on the carat weight, diamond quality, and mounting style. You may purchase diamond stud earrings from a reliable internet retailer like Blue Nile for anywhere from $199 to $35,000 and more.

Like with every diamond, the carat weight and characteristics impact the price. A 1.5-carat diamond is substantially more expensive than a 1-carat diamond. A diamond with a Good cut costs less than an Excellent or Ideal cut. The same holds for attributes like Clarity and Color. Generally speaking, prices increase with grade. White, yellow, and rose gold are valued equally for precious metals. Less expensive than 18K gold is 14K gold. The most expensive precious metal is platinum.

The price can vary depending on the diamond’s quality, certification, and overhead expenses. Your stud earring costs will also depend on the seller you pick. Cheaper stud earrings aren’t always the greatest option because the quality could suffer. Therefore, before making a purchase, it’s crucial to check the specifications of the diamonds, setting, and vendor.

Prices for diamond stud earrings are contrasted in the table below by vendor.

As I’ve already indicated, most of the top internet diamond sellers offer their studs for sale without any certification. This is because earrings are typically a less expensive gift item, and adding the price of two certificates frequently makes the item unaffordable.

While doing so lowers consumer prices, it also leads to some significant issues.

Consumer Worries

  • How can the buyer believe what is being said about the gems being sold?
  • If no impartial third party can verify that the products being compared are identical, how can the consumer trustable compare prices among vendors?
  • Consumers can gain confidence in a specific provider thanks to user ratings, but how can they compare customer service amongst multiple vendors?

Secure your Diamond Stud Earrings with Earring Backs

Your earrings’ backs are extremely important in keeping them locked and preventing them from unlocking. A few different styles of earring backs provide protection. The style you select ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Back friction: Created with a post that has an indentation in it. The backing locks into the indented area when pressure is applied to the earring’s post.

Screw back: Some individuals believe that by screwing the back into the post, the two components lock more firmly together.

Guardian Back: A post with a locking back and a square notch. The back fits over the notch and secures the earring by applying pressure to the side tabs as you push them on. Popular for 1-carat or more diamond stud earrings.

Push back: The post is held in place by sliding over the notches. Suitable for earrings weighing less than a carat, but lacks the added protection of a lock guardian backing.
The backing size will vary depending on your earrings’ style and carat weight. A top-notch dealer will supply you with backs that are substantial enough to hold the weight of the diamonds you’re purchasing.

What Carat Weight should Diamond Studs have?

A decent rule of thumb is to keep an everyday pair of studs between 0.25 ctw and one ctw in weight. Additionally, if you’re looking for a pair of diamond stud earrings on special occasions, you might want to go a little bolder and choose stones that weigh more than 1 carat total weight.

Which Diamond Stud Earring Shape is Ideal?

Princess and round cuts are the most popular diamond shapes for stud earrings. Both have a timeless, symmetrical appearance and provide brilliance and sparkle. The princess-cut diamond’s four-prong metal basket is a good option if you’re looking more daring.

Do Diamond Stud Earrings Still have a Following?

Diamond stud earrings have recently been the most popular option among women. These studs complement any style and look great on ladies of any age. The inherent elegance and brightness that come with diamond stud earrings captivate women.

Does White Gold or Yellow Gold Look Better with Diamond Studs?

A timeless, conventional precious metal, yellow gold gives diamond jewelry a rich sheen. Because of the warm undertones of this precious metal, it frequently looks its best on those with warm skin tones. White diamonds can look even icier when set in white gold, a stylish and attractive precious metal. Platinum is heavier than gold, which is a good thing for earrings you plan to wear for a long time. The diamond studs should also be made of a quality material that will last many years.

Can Stud Earrings be Worn While Showering?

#1: Remove earrings before taking a shower.

Earrings can be harmed when they come into touch with fluids. It would help if you removed your earrings and carefully massaged the earlobe with water and soap to wash your earlobes effectively. Additionally, taking off your earrings before taking a shower will help keep them in good condition.
There isn’t a time limit on how long you should wear them. You should wear earrings made of precious metals like silver or gold. By doing this, you can ensure that you steer clear of any negative effects.


The best place to buy diamond stud earrings is at a jewelry store. James Allen sells a wide variety of styles and carats at competitive prices. You can also find diamonds from reputable labs through companies like Clean Origin. Although they aren’t as durable as natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are more affordable and ethical than their natural counterparts. They are also less expensive and can be worn daily.

You can also find handcrafted diamond stud earrings online at Blue Nile, a reputable fine jewelry retailer. The website features a user-friendly tool for choosing matching diamonds and settings. Several different types of diamond stud earrings are for sale, and you can even order a pair ready to wear. This company has a long track record of offering quality diamonds at reasonable prices. Blue Nile also provides many different settings, so you can get the perfect pair of diamond stud earrings to match your style.