Certified Diamonds

Diamond Buying Guide: Certified Diamonds


One of the most significant things a couple buys when they begin their life together is an engagement ring.  Because it is such an important first time purchase, buying certified diamonds help the couple of start off their engagement with peace of mind regarding the quality of their diamond.

What Are Certified Diamonds?

Certified diamonds are diamonds which have been tested independently by reputable gemological laboratories such as the well-known GIA (Gemological Institute of America), AGS (American Gem Society) or GGL (Global Gem Lab). These types of labs provide reliable, independent grading and grant certificates on each diamond verifying the cut, clarity, color, carat and many other important details . Having a certified diamond ensures the quality of each diamond being purchased. It is important to note, however, that the certificate does not guarantee the purchase price from the retail store. These two things are separate, but equally important to every customer.

Why Buy Certified Diamonds?

An engagement ring is one of the most important purchases a couple will make, mainly due to its expense and symbolism. Because jewelry is a considerable investment, it is important that care is taken to ensure quality and peace of mind when making the purchase.


Insider Tips for Buying Certified Diamonds

  1. Do your background research on diamonds. It is in your best interest to know as much as possible before going into the jewelry store or shopping online.  By firmly knowing your budget and which of the 4 C’s are most important to you personally, you can avoid paying too much for your diamond or getting talked into something you aren’t prepared to purchase.
  2. Hit the streets (or the web). Find jewelry stores who have great customer service and are willing to patiently work with you and answer your questions–whether you end up buying from them or not. Start comparing diamonds that match your budget and specifications. Be sure to avoid comparing certified diamonds to uncertified diamonds, as the quality of one report may not match the quality of another. This can make a big difference in price.
  3. Be sure all diamonds are certified from reputable labs. This is one of the most important steps in the process because unreliable or little known labs may have some variance in their grading. Opt for stores which carry diamond certification from the GIA or AIG.
  4. Don’t be mesmerized by brand name stores. Certified diamonds generally come from the same source and are re-sold to retail chains and independent stores around the world. While many brand name stores can have great deals due to their volume of sales, you may be surprised to find great prices from the lesser known stores.
  5. Buy Online. Is it safe to buy diamonds online? Absolutely. With the growth of the internet and many retail stores moving to online shopping to adapt, you can shop in the comfort of your own home. Stick with verified, reputable retailers who have excellent pictures and certification through AIG or GIA. Read the fine print of any warranty or return policies to ensure your purchase will be protected–especially if buying internationally.


Certified diamonds are an essential part of buying any piece of jewelry. By being certified, they offer peace of mind and ensure the consumer that the stone has gone through independent, unbiased laboratory testing. Despite certified diamonds being more expensive than uncertified gems, those who opt for a graded stone can take comfort knowing their diamond has come from a reliable place.

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