Diamond Simulants

Tips on How to Clean Diamond Simulants

No matter what kinds of stones you have in your jewelry collection, you will want to keep them in top condition. Just as with any piece of jewelry, diamond simulants require frequent cleaning in order to keep them sparkling and beautiful. Keep reading to learn more about cleaning diamond simulants.


About Diamond Simulants

Simply put, diamond simulants are stones which simulate or rival the look of a diamond, but are not diamonds. The most common diamond simulants are cubic zirconia, rhinestone, man-made sapphire or topaz, diamond-coated cubic zirconia (diamond hybrids) and moissanite. All of these are beautiful alternatives to diamonds which shine best when they are kept free of residue and dirt from daily wear.

Cleaning Diamond Simulants

The cleaning procedure for diamond simulants is essentially the same for cleaning diamonds. The main thing to remember is that simulants such as cubic zirconia are not as durable as diamonds and therefore more care must be taken when cleaning. Never use coarse or metal brushes to clean your simulant as this can cause scratches and possibly the need to replace the stone or stones.

Liquid Soap and Warm Water for Cleaning Diamond Simulants

An inexpensive and simple method of cleaning jewelry, warm water and liquid soap will really bring out the sparkle. Put a plug in your bathroom or kitchen sink and begin lathering up the ring with warm water and soap. Use your fingers or a delicate cloth to clean your ring for about one minute. Rinse thoroughly to ensure that no soap residual is left, as this can leave a film on your stone and cause it to have less sparkle and shine.

Polishing Cloths and Diamond Simulants

Polishing cloths are usually made out of a very soft cotton material and are a gentle, scratch-free way to clean your diamond simulant. Just take one of the cloths and gently polish the stone and setting. Doing this for approximately 30 seconds should remove any buildup of dirt, oils and residual from makeup or hair products.

Jewelry Cleaner for Diamond Simulants


Most stores carry inexpensive liquid jewelry cleaners which are a convenient way to clean diamond simulants or any other type of jewelry you may have. Some of these cleaners are liquid with a small cleaning brush to get into the grooves of your jewelry, while others are in a cloth/wipe format. Both types are acceptable, but many people tend to find that the liquid cleaners get into spaces that disposable wipe cleaner cloths might not be able to reach. Be sure to check the label before purchasing to ensure that  the cleaner will work for all types of stones.


Steam Cleaning Diamond Simulants

This method of cleaning jewelry has become increasingly popular and is a fast way to remove the oils, dirt and other residue built up from daily wear. It is especially effective with getting into the difficult to clean areas of pave and multi-stone rings. It is recommended that this be done professionally since diamond simulants are not as hard as mined diamonds and require a little extra care.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Diamond Simulants

Most professional jewelry stores use ultrasonic cleaning for both their jewelry and as an in-store service offered for customers. These cleaning machines use water and ultrasonic waves to penetrate every possible area on the piece of jewelry and effectively dissolve buildup of dirt, oil and other contaminants. Although fine for diamond simulants, simply let your jewelry store know what your stone is in order for them to best take care of your ring.



Keeping diamond simulants clean will not only enhance the look of your stones, it will add longevity. Frequent cleaning helps your ring to look as beautiful as the day you first bought it.


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