Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Usually when diamonds have a yellow tint instead of being colorless, they are classified under lower color grades and less desirable. However, when the yellow is more pronounced and vibrant, it is considered a fancy colored diamond and becomes a more rare option for couples these days. With their uniquely beautiful yellow hues, it is no surprise that there has been an increase in these colored diamonds for engagement rings.

Fancy Colored Yellow Diamond for Engagement Rings

The most popular diamonds are those that are colorless or near-colorless. In the color grading system, those diamonds with slight shades of yellow or brown are considered to be of lower quality and therefore less expensive. Yet when the yellow color is more intense and prominent, the diamond industry then classifies it as a fancy colored diamond. These types of diamonds of any prominent colors (such as pink, blue, yellow or green) are highly rare and valuable, accounting for only 2% of all diamonds.

Nitrogen impurities are responsible for the color of yellow diamonds and the amount of nitrogen determines how rich the shade of yellow will occur in the diamond. The intensity and uniformity of the color determines the value of the diamond, with the faint tinges of yellow being the least valuable. Fortunately, high pressure, high temperature color treatments can enhance the color of the more faint yellow diamonds. These treatments should be listed on the diamond grading certificate and disclosed by the jewelry store before purchase.


Styles for Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

There are countless ways to showcase a beautiful yellow diamond, but due to its unique color there are certain styles, settings and metals which complement yellow diamonds better than others.


As with any diamond, the cut can make a tremendous difference its brilliance and sparkle. The higher the quality, the better. Poorly cut stones–particularly with fancy ones–can wash out the color and make it appear more dull and lifeless. It is preferred to opt for one colored stone, since each yellow diamond will vary in shades of intensity and it may be difficult to precisely match the colors of other stones.


Yellow gold is generally the most complimentary color of metal for yellow diamonds, as it delicately enhances the beauty of the stone. If the diamond is lighter in color, a white gold, platinum or palladium band may wash out the yellow hue and be mistaken for a low-quality white/colorless diamond.


The best types of settings are those which draw all of the attention to the colored diamond. It’s best to avoid having too many competing stones or complicated designs which can detract from the unique aspect of the ring: the color of the diamond. Raised prong settings are excellent options which draw the eye to the diamond. Solitaires are very common, but more recently, celebrities have added tasteful colorless diamonds as sidestones which do not distract from the fancy colored diamond.

Affordable Alternatives for Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Since yellow diamonds fall into the fancy diamond category, they can be more expensive than most other colorless diamonds. With this increased price, many brides-to-be become interested in alternatives such as man-made yellow diamonds, yellow sapphires, topaz, citrine or garnet.


Yellow diamonds are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional colorless white diamonds. With hues ranging from intense and deep to light and delicate, yellow diamonds are perfect for couples wanting a ring as unique as their love.





Images courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

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