Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

A diamond engagement ring with an Asscher cut diamond would be a sophisticated choice for your future wife. This diamond has a pretty large table, and when the ring is tilted, the stepped facets that are amplified by the movement call attention to the main stone. Because it has less intricate fingerprints than a brilliant cut, it is an excellent option for the center stone of an engagement ring. You could also choose a band with a vintage look if you want the ring to have a more modern appearance.

Choose an engagement ring with an Asscher cut diamond for an understated and more traditional style. This ring features a 1.01 carat Asscher cut diamond that has been evaluated as having an outstanding polish, E color, VVS1 clarity, and carat weight. The ring is made of 14-karat yellow gold, has not been involved in any violent conflict, and was extracted using only fair mining practices. Because it is packaged with paper that has been recycled, you can rest assured that it is kind to the environment. In addition to that, it is extremely reasonably priced, and she will adore it.

Asscher Cut Diamond

An octagonal diamond that has been cut into a square form and has stacked facets is called an Asscher Cut diamond. The Asscher Cut is characterized by its deep pavilion and high crown, which contribute to the cut’s trademark brilliance and allure. There are two distinct variations of the Asscher Cut. The Asscher Cut is available in two variations: the ordinary Asscher Cut and the Royal Asscher Cut. The Royal Asscher business is responsible for the creation of both.

The most noticeable distinction between an emerald cut and an Asscher cut is that the former is rectangular and the latter is square. Both cuts seem very similar. Combining the cut’s high crown and huge step facets creates a brilliance that is unequaled by any other diamond form. Diamond specialists frequently use the metaphor of an infinite hallway lined with reflective mirrors to describe the brightness and sparkle of a diamond cut in the Asscher style.

The Asscher cut is commonly thought of as having the shape of a square, although, in reality, it is more octagonal because all four corners are rounded off. In contrast to a genuine octagon, however, the cropped corners of a diamond that has been set in a four-prong mounting are utterly undetectable once the diamond has been worn. 

Kobelli Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 1/2 Carat (ctw) in 14K Yellow Gold

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  • Diamond Engagement Ring 1/2 Carat
  • 14k Yellow Gold
  • 100% Genuine Natural Diamonds
  • Made in the USA with Eco-Friendly 100% Conflict-Free Materials. Designed and manufactured by Kobelli from Los Angeles, California.
  • Proposal-ready ring box included

Carat Weight

  • This magnificent 1-carat Asscher diamond, available from James Allen, has a distinctive and pristine appearance thanks to its facet design, which features straight-edged facets. These forms, which are sometimes called a “square emerald,” convey a signature point of distinction to brilliant cuts, with their features recalling the Art Dec era in which they were popularized.
  • Diamonds cut in the Asscher style typically contain 58 facets, the same number as a round brilliant. However, the way these facets are arranged gives it a look that is distinctively old and reminiscent of a hall of mirrors.
  • The cut of an Asscher diamond is the other distinguishing attribute of these stones. The length and width of the shape are the same, much like a square would be, but it has slanted corners, giving it the appearance of an octagon. The result is a shape between a circular cut and a perfect square, similar to that of a Princess Cut.

A Brief Overview of the History of the Asscher Cut Diamond

The Asscher form, manufactured in 1902 by the Asscher Brothers of Holland, had a surge in popularity in 2002, one year after its one-hundredth anniversary and following a minor adjustment to the method. Cut it.

The original design for the Asscher cut, which features 58 facets, was never actually patented. The “Asscher Cut” refers specifically to this pattern, which resembles a square emerald cut and is named after its designer.

Regarding this matter, the Royal Asscher website offers the following clarification, may find here:

  • The current square-emerald cut and the traditional Asscher cut to have 58 facets, but the Royal Asscher Cut has 74, giving it a higher crown than either of those other cuts.
  • In modern times, the name of the Asscher family is frequently employed as a generic phrase for square-emerald cuts. It should be no surprise that businesses are interested in utilizing the world-famous Asscher name.
  • Diamonds with cuts such as Asscher and Emerald are considered among the earliest diamond cuts. . developed Asscher cuts earlier than brilliant cuts (such as the Princess and brilliant round cuts) because the technique of cutting them required less precision than those other cuts.

The Advantages of Purchasing an Asscher Cut Diamond

  • The Asscher Cut has an immaculate and sophisticated appearance, which attracts a lot of admirers. Diamonds with long, rectangular facets can let a great deal of light into the stone and produce big flashes of light as they do so.
  • The Asscher Cut is the most popular choice among consumers due to the historic allure it exudes. Asscher cut diamonds have an attraction that harkens back to the Art Deco era of the 1920s when they were at the height of their popularity, and today’s Asscher’s have this same allure.
  • The Asscher cut is an excellent option if you are interested in purchasing a diamond with a step cut. Diamonds cut in the shape of an emerald or baguette are two alternatives to those offered in the Step Cut category.


If you have your sights set on a diamond ring with an Asscher cut, there are a few things you should remember to bear in mind concerning the color and clarity of the diamond.

Inclusions are very easy to spot with the naked eye because the table of the stone is level and provides an unimpeded view into the core of the stone. As a result, it is strongly suggested that you give serious consideration to purchasing a gemstone with a clarity grade of at least VS2. Even though you can quickly go lower on the clarity scale for other cuts, you must go higher on step cuts such as the Asscher.


Your taste should serve as the primary guide when selecting a hue. Diamonds with an Asscher cut have step facets that make it easier to discern color, significantly when the diamond weighs between 1.5 and 2.0 carats. The color is recommended by most diamond professionals when purchasing Asscher diamonds. This grade will offer you a stunning color without causing a significant dent in your cash account, making it the ideal compromise for this cut.

This adaptable cut is a beautiful addition to any jewelry category since it works well with various settings and is highly versatile. Diamonds with an Asscher cut are frequently said to have an architectural appearance. They naturally lean toward the Art Deco style, which was fashionable during the Roaring Twenties, when they first gained popularity. These diamonds are stunning when set in ring settings with a vintage aesthetic featuring elaborate artistry and clean lines.

Solid 950 Platinum 1.30 Carat Certified Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring For Women Size 4 5 6 7 8 9

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  • BRAND: Forever Carat
  • Total Diamond Weight:1.30 Carat; Center Diamond Weight ; 0.80 Carat, Side Diamond Weight : 0.50 Carat ,Stone Type: Lab Created ; Main Stone Shape: Asscher ; Diamond Certified By: GLI
  • Diamond Cut: Excellent; Diamond Clarity: VS1; Diamond Color: G; Metal Type: 950 Platinum ; Metal Certified By: Hallmarked Stamped
  • Contact Us regarding Customization available on most styles for 14k/18k Gold, 950 Solid Platinum, 925 Sterling Silver Setting and Gold Type: White Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold
  • Email us to get a customized Rings size if not displayed on this listing. and conflict-free diamonds and Gemstones

Is the Asscher Cut a Decent Cut to Get?

Rough diamonds, which cutters deal with, are typically better suited for more traditional cuts. It is common practice to waste more diamond material when cutting Asscher cut diamonds than cutting other shapes, which contributes to the higher cost of these diamonds. Additionally, Asscher cuts feature the most facets of any other type of diamond cut. Seventy-two facets signify 72 different ways in which an error could occur.

What Makes an Asscher Cut Diamond Stand Out from Others?

Combining the cut’s high crown and huge step facets creates a brilliance that is unequaled by any other diamond form. Diamond specialists frequently use the metaphor of an infinite hallway lined with reflective mirrors to describe the brightness and sparkle of a diamond cut in the Asscher style.

Is it True that the Asscher Cut Costs More than an Emerald?

The bottom line is that emeralds and diamonds cut in an Asscher style are more affordable than comparable round brilliant diamonds. On the other hand, you’ll likely go for higher color and clarity grades. Because of their propensity to reveal color and inclusions more quickly, the price may be significantly greater than you had initially anticipated.

The form is the key distinguishing characteristic between emerald cuts and Asscher cuts. The classic emerald cuts are in the shape of elongated rectangles with the edges rounded off. The Asscher cut is a square variation of the emerald cut that features truncated corners more conspicuously. They take on a form that is quite similar to an octagon.

For an Asscher Cut Diamond, What Cut Grade Should I Get?

The cut of a diamond determines its brilliance and shine. Try to acquire the best cut grade within your budget to get the most shine out of your Asscher diamond. A diamond with a Very Good cut rating in Ritani’s collection will give you plenty of shine.

For an Asscher cut diamond, symmetry is equally vital to consider. While the GIA does not give Asscher cut diamonds a cut grade (only round brilliant diamonds get one), it does give them a symmetry grade. The shape and placement of a diamond’s facets are determined by symmetry, and a diamond with improved symmetry will sparkle more. Because flaws in an Asscher cut diamond are visible, choose a very good or excellent symmetry. Polish is another component that affects sparkle. Choose a diamond with an optimum or outstanding polish rating for the most sparkle.

It would help to analyze the diamond’s length-to-width ratio before purchasing. An Asscher cut diamond with a length-to-width ratio of 1.00–1.03 is ideal. This ratio will result in a diamond with a square form. The form of an Asscher cut diamond with a length-to-width ratio of 1.40–1.50 will be more rectangular.

What is the Best Carat Weight for an Asscher Cut Diamond?

Personal desire and budget constraints determine the carat size of your diamond. If you need a refresher, carat refers to the diamond’s weight.

Asscher cut diamonds appear smaller when viewed from the side than other diamond shapes of the same carat weight, so you may want to go with a larger carat size. This is because the girdle holds a lot of its weight (the bottom half of the diamond). The surface area of an Asscher cut diamond is also less than that of other diamond shapes.

Are Diamonds with an Asscher Cut More Expensive?

We created a chart of similar carat weight diamonds in Ritani’s inventory (1–1.5 carat stones). This data includes diamonds of every clarity and color value possible. Keep in mind that other criteria such as polish, table percentage, depth percentage, and girdle thickness might affect diamond costs. Like precious metals, diamond prices fluctuate with demand. Ritani’s inventory as of May 2019 is used to create this graph.

  • Round $5,746 Shape Price
  • Pear $4,405
  • $4,154 Marquise
  • $4,069 Asscher $3,820 Oval
  • Emerald $3,673
  • Radiant \s$3,520
  • $3,466 Princess
  • Heart $3,395
  • Cushion $3,275

Although they aren’t always the most expensive, Asscher-cut diamonds can cost more than other diamonds. Due to their popularity and extraordinary radiance, round brilliant-cut diamonds are usually the most expensive, and they’re also the most expensive since round diamond cutting produces the most waste.

Because Asscher cut diamonds appear smaller than other diamond shapes of the same carat weight, you may wish to go for a larger, more expensive diamond. Because Asscher cut diamonds don’t hide faults or color as well as other diamond shapes, you’ll have to pay a little extra for superior clarity and color.


Remember that. Can purchase an Asscher cut diamond engagement ring for less than $7500. The most excellent Asscher cut diamond ring prices range from 0.50CT to 1.00CT, with settings to suit every budget. You should also seek a diamond with good symmetry and polish. An engagement ring with an Asscher cut diamond can make her feel dazzling and attractive.

Selecting a ring setting for an Asscher cut diamond is difficult, but the result is well worth it. Despite the Asscher cut diamond’s precise, elegant geometry, color and clarity issues can be challenging to hide. If you’re buying an engagement ring for your girlfriend, be sure the stone is VS2 or greater. It will be a memorable experience for both you and your future spouse.