Types of Engagement Diamond Shapes

There are a plethora of different shapes available for engagement diamonds. The center stone can be either a round or a square shape, depending on your preference. Sometimes, depending on their preferences and the size of their engagement ring, some couples will use multiple diamond shapes. If you’re thinking about proposing to a woman, you might want to think about the different diamond shapes available to you. Here are a few suggestions for each category. Continue reading to learn more about diamond shapes and how to select the most appropriate one for your special someone.

A diamond in the shape of a heart is romantic and represents love. These stones are carefully cut and can have a variety of shapes. The process of cutting a diamond necessitates the use of skilled hands. Because the shape of a diamond can affect its value, selecting a cut with the proper size and shape is highly critical. If you are unsure which diamond shape to choose, consult a jeweler professional for guidance. The shape of a diamond can impact the price of an engagement ring, so make your selection carefully.

Types of Engagement Diamond Shapes

We’re we are sure you’ve heard the terms: “diamond cut” and “diamond shape” used interchangeably when it comes to diamonds. However, these terms have two very distinct definitions. Diamond shapes refer to the outline, e.g., a pear, round, or heart. Diamond cuts refer to the arrangement of the diamond’s facets as in cushion or emerald diamond cuts. Where science plays a part in determining cuts of diamonds—personal tastes and style determine the shapes of diamonds. So have fun, explore your favorite diamond shapes below, and pick your favorite.

Diamond shape refers to the geometric appearance of a diamond. Diamond shapes are categorized into round diamonds and fancy shape diamonds. Round diamonds, also known as brilliant round cuts, are the most traditional diamond shape. Fancy shape diamonds refer to any diamond that is not a round brilliant. Tiffany’s fancy shape diamonds include princess, cushion, emerald, oval, pear, marquise, heart, and our exclusive Tiffany True® diamond.

The shape of a diamond determines the way it feels. Round diamonds have the most sparkle and return the most light to the eyes, making them the most popular engagement ring shape. Next to round diamonds, cushion and princess cut diamonds have been more prevalent in the last decade. They’re less expensive than a round diamond and give an elegant and traditional look to the engagement ring. However, you can also choose a shape that best represents the woman wearing it.

Round Brilliant Diamonds

From the hands of an expert cutter, the Round Brilliant Cut diamond delivers on its promise of “beauty and brilliance.” The Round Brilliant Cut diamond consists of 58 facets (or 57 if the culet is excluded) (or 57 if the culet is excluded). This is the classic shape for diamonds, and a well-cut Round Brilliant diamond maximizes light return better than most other shapes and creates a dazzling display, sure to make her heart skip a beat and her friends jealous.

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Princess-Cut Diamonds

Beloved for its contemporary style and sparkle, the princess cut is the most popular fancy shape diamond. Princess-cut diamonds are square modified brilliant cuts with pointed corners. Boasting over 50 chevron-shaped facets, this cut is defined by exceptional fire and scintillation. Depending on the length-to-width ratio, princess-cut diamonds can appear square or rectangular.

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Emerald-Cut Diamonds

Emerald-cut diamonds are sought after for their understated glamour and eye-catching depth. These octagonal step-cut features parallel, rectangular facets, and it is the large, open table that highlights the stone’s pure color and icy clarity. The emerald cut is suitable for those seeking an Art Deco-inspired engagement ring style.

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Cushion-Cut Diamonds

The cushion-cut diamond is also traditionally referred to as the “pillow-cut diamond.” Rounded edges soften the corners of this square or rectangular-cut diamond. A unique spin on the classic round brilliant, the cushion-cut diamond is an excellent choice for any engagement ring setting.

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Oval Diamonds

The oval shape is an elegant combination of the brilliant round cut and the marquise diamond. This brilliant-cut features shimmering facets that make the light dance and create the illusion of longer fingers. Bold and sophisticated, the oval diamond is a unique shape for the wearer who wants to express their individuality.

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Pear-Shaped Diamonds

The pear shape combines round brilliant and marquise-cut styles to form a tapered teardrop with an extraordinary light display. Like oval and marquise diamonds, the flattering pear shape elongates the finger—especially when worn with the point facing the nail. Tiffany pear-shaped diamonds showcase exacting symmetry and are exceptionally beautiful in halo settings.

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Heart-Shaped Diamonds

Heart-shaped gems are classic symbols of love, cut with a precise length-to-width ratio to ensure expertly symmetrical curves. Sentimental and as rare as genuine connection, the heart-shaped diamond is excellent for the classic romantic.

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Radiant-Cut Diamonds

Radiant-cut diamonds feature uniquely trimmed corners that combine the lines of an emerald cut with the brilliance of a round diamond. The sparkle of this diamond cut looks beautiful when combined with a variety of other diamond cuts.

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Five Expert Tips to Take Care of your Diamond Jewelry

Though it is the hardest natural substance, the diamond needs to be intensely taken care of when cast in a jewelry piece. However, diamonds repel water, oil, and grease and stick to them fast. Apart from storing them carefully, there are a few tips you need to follow to keep your precious diamond jewelry shining bright.

  1. First, avoid wearing your diamond ring or other jewelry while cleaning dust or working in the kitchen since the stubborn dust particles might stick to your precious stone.
  2. be careful while applying the cream to your dry skin because diamonds are prone to get discolored by exposure to such components. Even though the effect is not permanent, it will temporarily discolor the gorgeous stone.
  3. Excessive oil and grime can cause prangs to loosen, and you can lose a stone from your favorite jewelry piece. Keep checking the setting and mounts to ensure that everything is intact. You can also get it fixed by your jeweler if you feel the prangs are loosening.
  4. If you are cleaning the jewelry at home, be careful not to be harsh on the set stones. The best way is to soak jewelry overnight in water and soap solution and rinse the next day. Clean with a soft cloth gently and brush off the stuck dirt.
  5. It is recommended to wrap your jewelry in soft tissues before storing them. Tissue paper absorbs moisture hence avoiding any discoloration of stones.

What is Shape Diamond Best for Engagement Ring?

The best diamond cut for an engagement ring is the Round Brilliant, followed closely by the princess cut, the cushion cut, and the oval cut. Almost everyone agrees that the Round Brilliant cut is the most stunning diamond shape. Diamond shapes — are sometimes referred to as “cuts.”

Which Diamond Shape Looks Biggest for Carat Size?

The four shapes that look the largest per carat are (in order of which looks the largest): marquise, pear, oval, and emerald diamonds. Among these shapes, oval diamonds are a top choice among those who want a classic-style engagement ring yet want to maximize the size of their engagement ring’s center diamond.

What does an Oval Engagement Ring Say About you?

It is an elegant and captivating shape. Usually, a bright, intelligent, creative, and individualistic woman should go for this shape. A woman who enjoys being unique and expresses it. Oval diamonds are dazzling and creative at the same time. With an elongated design, oval diamonds encompass you in their captivating & elegant shape. This stone shape is for the woman who has flair for all things creative & individualistic. Oval diamonds can offer the sparkle of round stones in a dazzling silhouette.

Should Diamond Touch the Skin?

Although it is believed that translucent gems like diamonds need not touch the skin since the light carries their energy directly into the body, the practical reason behind it is that the setting of diamonds makes it rather hard for them to touch the skin. It should be an undrilled Single Piece, preferably in a round Shape. Astrological Gemstones should be mounted in such a way that their bottom tip should touch the skin when worn. It should be worn on a Monday, after purifying the stone with Ganga-Jal or raw Cow-Milk.

How do you Care for Diamonds?

You need warm water, a soft toothbrush, and mild soap. Do not use toothpaste to clean diamonds. Soak your diamonds in soapy water for a few minutes and gently clean them with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Along with the face of the diamond, also clean the back where dirt is quickly accumulated. Diamonds are among the hardest substances on earth. Yet, they can be damaged if you do not take good care of them. Diamond jewelry, when worn constantly, can accumulate dust and grime and become dull. Diamonds may also get scratched or the stones can work loose from the settings.


You’ll also want to choose the cut when choosing the diamond shape. The shape of a diamond will determine how much sparkle it will give a ring. You can find a diamond with a round shape if you’re willing to pay more for it. The best way to choose the perfect diamond is to take your time and shop around for one that has the perfect shape for your fiancé. Ensure that you’re satisfied with the shape, as it will make your ring sparkle. Emerald-Cut: The emerald cut is one of the most popular cuts in engagement diamonds. This shape exudes glamour and is the most common cut. Emerald cut diamonds have clean lines and a chic “Hall of Mirrors” effect. An emerald diamond is a step-cut stone with 49 facets. It looks more modern and feminine than other diamond shapes and is an excellent choice for a ring.