Beach Wedding Jewelry 101

Beach Wedding Jewelry 101

Beach Wedding Jewelry 101

beach wedding jewelry


If a couple has chosen to say their vows on a beach, the best way to complement that wedding is to purchase bridal beach jewelry. Not only is it fresh,romantic, casual and chic–but it also compliments the exotic feel of the beautiful ocean backdrop.

Beach Wedding Jewelry: What Is It?

Jewelry plays an integral part of a bride’s wedding day – it doesn’t matter if the wedding is traditional or formal, held in a church or at the beach. Wedding rings are regarded as symbol of everlasting love. Of course, wedding rings are not the only piece of jewelry that can turn a bride’s clothing into a work of art. When the wedding is taking place on a beach, specially-made beach jewelry can highlight this special day.


What Kinds Of Beach Wedding Jewelry Are There?

Beach jewelry includes all conventional bride jewelry pieces like brooches, necklaces, pendants and rings. The only difference is that they’re altered to meet the needs of a beach wedding.


Of course, there are some customized jewelry pieces just for beach weddings. When it comes to traditional weddings, the bride typically wears shoes to walk down the aisle. However, on the beach, most will wear either sandals or nothing at all. Some perfect examples of beach wedding jewelry pieces are:


– Toe rings

– Ankle bracelets

– Jeweled beach sandals

– Starfish, shell or pearl accessories

Here are a few examples of some stunning beach jewelry:


What Materials Are Used for Beach Wedding Jewelry?


Beach jewelry is typically made out of natural materials to reflect the beach’s beautiful atmosphere. Shells, pearls, wooden beads or nut beads look great when used in conjunction with a beach outfit, producing a spectacular result.


How To Purchase Beach Wedding Jewelry


If you’re having a beach wedding, you may be wondering where you can buy your beach wedding jewelry. You may also be wondering how to purchase the pieces without going overboard on your budget.


1 –When you’re just planning your beach wedding, flip through various books and magazines. Brides can focus on her admirations and displeasures, which become useful down the road when she’s ready to shop for her outfit and accessories.


2 – Weddings can cost a lot of money so it’s best to have a budget in mind for when you go shopping for your beach jewelry. A budget means a bride will look for jewelry that fits into her price range. And, with a budget, it means you won’t get sticker shock later on, leading to a financial crisis at the start of the marriage.


3 – Consider going into brick and mortar stores to do your jewelry shopping. Sure, you may find lots of good deals on the Internet for beach jewelry. But, it’s not quite the same – touching, feeling and trying on the pieces with the wedding gown. Some stores set aside certain days for brides to wear their gown and try on the various jewelry pieces.


4 – Don’t forget to be practical when buying your beach wedding jewelry. For example, you need to be mindful of how the jewelry is transported. If it’s put into a suitcase, you will need to take special care of these items so they’re not just thrown in with the rest of the suitcase items. After all, if no special care is taken, it’s possible the jewelry can become damaged and unusable.




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