Celtic diamond ring

Celtic Diamond Engagement Rings

Considering a Celtic diamond ring as an engagement ring for your upcoming bride-to-be could be good. There are various reasons why you should experiment with this style of ring. In contrast to other styles of engagement diamonds, Celtic diamond engagement rings are both affordable and attractive. However, despite their widespread popularity, they are not commonly available in the marketplace. Compared to other types of rings, the price of a Celtic diamond ring is often lower. You might also try purchasing an antique piece to save money. However, proceed with caution as you may wind up with a forged ring.

Celtic engagement rings are an excellent choice if you’re looking for something different and gorgeous to wear on your wedding day or another special occasion. These traditional Irish rings, rich in historical significance and romantic symbolism, are intricately detailed and will always be a conversation starter. The symbolism of a Celtic engagement ring is one of its most attractive characteristics. If you are a fan of Irish culture, a Celtic diamond engagement ring will make an exquisite gift for your future spouse.

Celtic knot diamond ring

What are Celtic Diamond Engagement Rings?

A Celtic engagement ring is inspired by ancient Celtic designs that have profound symbolic importance for the couple who will exchange rings. They are available in various designs, with the most popular being the Claddagh, the Celtic Warrior, and the Celtic Knot.

The jeweler Avi Mirpuri describes the designs as “incorporating unique knots and milgrain braids that symbolize everlasting love.” “The main distinction is in the aesthetics of the ring and setting, though they may also utilize more distinctive center stones, such as a heart-shaped diamond,” says the expert. The following are excerpts from an interview with Mirpuri and diamond expert Kim Kanary. They discuss the history of Celtic engagement rings, how to find the perfect one, and what kind of bands to combine them with.

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Diamond Celtic-Inspired Engagement Ring Band
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History of Celtic Diamond Engagement Rings

There have been various styles of Celtic engagement rings in existence for a very long time, and each has its specific importance to the wearer. According to Mirpuri, the first Celtic ring is said to have been discovered in an Irish fishing village named the Claddagh more than 300 years ago. In addition, there have been numerous other stories, with one going as far as the ring is thrown into the lap of a widow by a passing eagle.

They were also well-liked by the royal family. According to Mirpuri, the popularity of the Celtic ring increased once it was seen on the finger of Queen Victoria. ‘When Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco were bestowed with their Celtic rings, the royal heritage was carried on,’ he says.

These rings are frequently viewed as priceless family treasures and passed down generations from mother to daughter. Each style has a distinct meaning. January, for example, believes that the Celtic knots’ intersecting curved bands signify eternity and everlasting love. According to Kanary, “the popular Trinity Knot comprises three curved bands that connect to produce three points and a triangle center.” “While the meaning of this pattern has been contested throughout history, many have drawn connections to religion and relationships, but it’s also a chance to make your meaning.”

Popular Celtic Engagement Rings Styles

You’ll most certainly come across three different types of Celtic engagement rings when searching for the perfect piece for your special someone.

Claddagh Ring

The Hands and Heart ring is often named because, well, there is generally a fine carving of hands and a heart on the ring. Although this ring is commonly used for friendship, its heart-warming significance makes it suitable for use as an engagement ring in some cases. “Let love and friendship prevail” is commonly found on these types of rings in the Celtic script. A powerful, compelling, and heartfelt letter for your future fiancée, who also happens to be your lifelong best friend, written in the form of a poem.

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Celtic Knot

This is typically a band with engravings and designs of warrior shields. Believe it or not, something so seemingly insignificant can have profound implications. Consider that in most cultures, the knot represents equilibrium and infinite. Just by glancing at the design, it becomes clear what I mean. The knot is anything that has no beginning or conclusion, which is difficult to untangle. Although we prefer to identify the knot design with Ireland, it is possible that it did not originate on the island of Ireland. The design was most likely introduced to the country by Europeans from the continent, possibly Italians. For generations, the Irish have been carrying on the “fashion,” as it were, and it is now deeply ingrained in Celtic mythology.

DIYA Vintage Striped Celtic Knot Bright Princess Cut 1 Carat Moissanite Engagement Ring Wedding Ring

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The Trinity Knot

This is a basic looping pattern on a band with three points, sometimes referred to as the Celtic Knot. In Mirpuri’s words, “the three points have a variety of interpretations; among of the most prevalent ones are passed, present, and future or life, death, and rebirth.”

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0.90 ct tw Art Deco Trinity Knot Solitaire Wedding Ring 18K Gold (G,SI) - GIA Certificate
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Pros and Cons of Celtic Engagement Rings

One of the most significant advantages of Celtic engagement rings is the specific signs. The sentiment, tradition, and creativity they bring to your wedding jewelry, add Kanary, are essential factors to consider. Because they are more personal, they are the polar opposite of the widely popular diamond solitaire engagement ring.

Yet another advantage is the fact that Celtic engagement rings are available in such a diverse selection of styles, allowing you to personalize your band truly. “Irish Connemara marble, turquoise, chromium diopside, and diamond are some of the stones found in Claddagh rings,” Kanary explains.

If you’re looking for something more modern and classic, this same distinct appearance can detriment your search. They are also less valuable than a traditional diamond engagement ring, which Mirpuri points out. If you trade in or upgrade your engagement ring, you may not receive the same value as you would with a more familiar design or central diamond stone.

A Celtic Engagement Ring is Worn by Who?

There are several possible responses to this question. The most obvious candidate is someone with Irish ancestry! It demonstrates that you pay attention to detail and consider their background and family when selecting the ring. It may be that you and your partner shared a particular moment in Ireland, which is why a Celtic engagement ring appeals to you more than other styles.

You don’t have to connect to Ireland to appreciate the beauty and history surrounding Celtic tradition and symbolism.

What is the Significance of a Celtic Ring?

An old Irish ring with a Celtic design. Not many people know that Celtic rings, with their ancient Celtic motifs of interlacing knot-work, are the perfect emblem of Irishness, love, and friendship. Numerous devoted couples consider these to be the best option available.

On the other hand, these rings are sometimes regarded as priceless family treasures, and they are passed down from mother to daughter for decades upon generations. Each style has a distinct meaning that is distinct from the others. Celtic knots, for example, are explained by Kanary to symbolize eternity and everlasting love because of the way the bands of the knots intersect and curve.

What Wedding Bands Complement Celtic Rings the Best?

It’s possible to keep things simple by selecting a classic metal eternity ring or a tiny, petite pavé eternity ring. In his opinion, “since the Celtic ring is usually extremely unusual and eye-catching, you don’t want your wedding band to take away from it or ‘overdo’ the design.” If your engagement ring has a curvature design (such as the Trinity Knot or Claddagh rings), Kanary recommends that you get it resized. “In conjunction with the designs, a thin eternity band is an appropriate match. If you’re looking for a curved band to match the contour of your ring, you might want to consider creating a custom design for yourself.”

What Should you do with your Claddagh Ring?

The way you wear your Claddagh engagement ring on your left-hand ring finger has different connotations depending on who you ask:

  • The wearer is engaged if they are facing outward.
  • The fact that the wearer is facing inward indicates that they are married.

What is the Best Way to Take Care of a Celtic Engagement Ring?

The materials that make up your Celtic ring have a significant impact on how you should care for it. Traditional Celtic rings are composed of sterling silver, which tarnishes fast due to the nature of the metal. For best results, remove it if you are conducting domestic cleaning and keep it out of direct sunlight as much as possible. You can clean it with a light soap and water solution when necessary. If it has a diamond stone, it will be significantly more durable and require less cleaning, but use soap and water if it needs to be polished.


A Celtic diamond ring is aesthetically beautiful, but it is also quite durable. You may have passed on Celtic-inspired jewelry designs in the past because the world of jewelry is so vast. How unfortunate, especially when each style is so distinct and carries its distinct significance in its own right.

 Jewelry plays a vital role in the lives of many men and women daily. The ring, in particular, has held profound symbolic importance for thousands of years throughout a wide range of cultures. It is worn to commemorate a memorable occasion, demonstrate your dedication to someone, or honor the memory of a loved one who has passed away.