Company Review Series: Kay Jewelers (Does Every Kiss Begin With Kay?)

kay jewelers

Kay Jewelers Offer Excellence for Engagements


Every kiss begins with Kay.” This slogan has become a truthful statement because of the level of excellency dedicated to every piece of jewelry they sell. Engagement rings are no exception. In fact, engagement rings, settings and jackets may even be said to be held to even higher standards, because of their great significance in a person’s life. These standards of excellence attempt to reduce the visibility of flaws and enhance the natural beauty of each and every diamond in the engagement rings, settings and jackets.


Kay Jewelers and The Four C’s


There is one basic law in regards of purchasing an excellent diamond, and that is to look for the four C’s. These are the cut, clarity, carat and color. For the most excellent diamonds, you should look for a high clarity diamond. This is because the higher the clarity, the less flaws or blemishes visible in the stone. The cut of the diamond refers to how the facets of the diamond allow light to enter and exit the diamond. The better the cut, the more light is reflected back out of the top of the diamond. No matter how good the clarity and color of the diamond, a poor cut can cause a diamond to look dull.


When it comes to the diamond size, a buyer should keep in mind that even a small weight diamond, meaning a diamond with low carat weight, can look larger on a small hand. Also keep in mind when looking to purchase an excellent diamond that different settings can change a person’s perception on how many carats a diamond actually is. Find the proper setting to make your diamond look larger if you are on a budget. Also keep in mind that one carat weighs two hundred milligrams. You do not want this excellent engagement ring to become too heavy for your betrothed to wear.


The last but not least important part of the four Cs is the color. The color is graded from D to Z, where D is colorless and one of the most sought after colors, and Z is yellow, one of the least requested colors. But no matter what color the diamond is, a good setting can make it more attractive. Yellow gold may make a light yellow diamond appear more clear or colorless, while a platinum or white gold can make this unattractive diamond’s color more obvious. In the same way, a yellow gold setting may reflect its color onto a colorless diamond, making it less attractive.


Kay Jewelers: Settings


When looking for settings for the perfect diamond, Kay Jewelers still strives for excellence.  Kay Jewelers will match settings with cuts, so that each diamond has the best reflection of its color and clarity. A good setting can enhance the color and clarity of a diamond based on its cut, showcasing the diamond’s beauty naturally while downplaying most flaws.

A bad setting, in the same fashion, can destroy any attractiveness a good diamond may have. A bad setting for a diamond can make it look dull and lifeless, and possibly even make a larger diamond appear smaller in size.


Because of these many qualities involved in choosing an excellent diamond, Kay Jewelers makes the majority of its rings with such upscale designers as Neil Lane Designs, for their signature collections, such as Le Vion Chocolatier, Love’s Embrace, Momentos of the Heart, and Tiny Expressions. If you cannot find a diamond or engagement ring that suits your betrothed’s taste, Kay Jewelers also offers the ability to custom make your own engagement ring, and sales associates are trained to help you make the best decisions for your diamond and engagement ring.

 Final Thoughts on Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers only offers the highest grade diamonds when it comes to following the rules of the four C’s, meaning that they give excellent color choices, some of the best cuts, a wide variety of carats, and with the highest level of clarity. This excellency holds true when it comes to custom making the engagement ring for the love of your life. So no matter what your budget, Kay Jewelers is sure to have the best engagement ring for both your style and your wallet.

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