Hot New Trend: Diamond Wedding Bands for Your Engagement Ring

Hot New Trend: Diamond Wedding Bands for Your Engagement Ring

images (2)Diamond Wedding Bands in Lieu of an Engagement Ring?

One of the new trends emerging for 2014 is using stacked wedding bands instead of a typical engagement ring. Brides are wearing one, two or even three diamond wedding bands as a way to show off extra bling, save money and allow for a more unique way to show the “past, present and future” of the love between a man and a woman. However, as diamond wedding bands come in such a large array of designs, styles and prices, shopping can be a little overwhelming and quite dauntless. Breaking down the different styles can help you get a clearer picture of what you are looking for.

Types of Diamond Wedding Bands

The options are truly as endless as your imagination. We decided to give you some visual representations of all of the most common bands as well as some unique options that might strike your fancy.

Channel-Set Diamond Wedding Bands: Channel-set bands are classic because the diamonds are held in place by precise channels of metal.

Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Bands: These bands feature 1/4 carat of delicate princess cut diamonds set in a 10k white cold band. This ring speaks classic elegance. (approx. $400)

White Gold Diamond Bands: This delicate style of ring offers 1/2 carat round cut diamonds in 14k white gold bands. For those with classic elegant tastes. (approx. $850)

Channel Set Ring: This impeccable band offers a 0.56 carat of round diamonds in an 18k yellow gold and retails approximately $3,600

Pave-Set Diamonds: These bands give a visual impact and amazing sparkle to your ring. This style might just match your vibrant personality. In this perfect 14k white gold band with a 1/2 carat of beautifully round exquisite diamonds. $800

French Cut: This exquisite ring features 0.34 carat of diamonds in a pave set with 18k white gold. (approx. $1,000)

White Gold Pave: This is a wide wedding band featuring 2 carats of round diamonds in a pave set with 14k white gold $3,700

Engraved Diamond Wedding Bands: These rings offer a delicate milgrained edge and overlapping leaf designs. This design is antique inspired in a brilliant platinum metal. The ring has an 0.20 carat of tiny round diamonds retailing around $1,200

Art Deco Filigree Rings: This amazing ring has a 0.123 carat of diamonds set into an elaborate platinum band. This ring retails around $3,000.

Yellow Gold Milgrain: This yellow gold band offers a 1.5 carats of diamonds in 14k yellow gold. It goes for approximately $3,700.

Eternity Diamond Wedding Bands: With a 1/2 carat of round diamonds in an 18k white gold, the band offers exquisite sparkle beyond belief $2,300.

French Pave Diamond Eternity Ring: A one carat tiny round diamonds canvassed over the elegant band and retails around $3,100.

Platinum Eternity Band: This gorgeous two carats round diamonds set in an exquisite platinum band for approximately $7,000.


Unique Styling for Diamond Wedding Bands

For those wanting a unique style with a great deal of creativity, you might want to consider some of these styles:

Swirl Diamond Band: This wonderful ring is designed in 10k white gold with a twisting band and 0.05 carat of tiny diamonds. It retails for $300

Sapphire and Diamond Ring: An absolutely gorgeous ring in 14k white gold and set with 9 colorless diamonds and 10 gorgeous blue sapphires. $500

Two Toned Band: This two-toned band is made of 18k yellow gold and platinum. It has 0.91 carats round diamonds and retails for $8,500


These are just a few of the amazing designs, shapes and styles available for your diamond wedding band choices. From classic elegance to vibrant flair, from subtle elite to antique individuality. Check out styles online, visit jewelers in your area, you will find the perfect ring for your perfect taste.


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