Famous Jewelers

When most people think about shopping for jewelry, they often times look online or at their local jeweler for the best deals and selection. However, some lucky people are able to spend top dollar at famous jewelers around the world. From the gorgeous streets of Paris and London to the swanky boutiques in Dubai and Los Angeles, there are world-renown jewelers ready to make your dreams come true.


Famous Jewelers: Harry Winston

A well known name in the celebrity circles, Harry Winston exudes elegance, style and glamour. From the famous Hope Diamond to diamond and precious gemstone studded earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, Harry Winston Jewelers has it all (at a price, of course!) Being one of the most exclusive and expensive jewelers on the planet, it is no wonder the rich and famous flock to the stores for their red carpet events and, of course, engagements. The styles are out of the ordinary in design elements and quality. While there may be some more simple jewelry, Harry Winston generally is known for the ornate and extravagant designs, shapes and colors that make women swoon.

Website: www.harrywinston.com
Cost: Prices available upon request and appointment


Famous Jewelers: Bulgari

This well-known Italian luxury company boasts nearly 130 years in business–and they certainly have the art of beauty perfected. While Bulgari started with jewelry and watches, it now offers a wider range of services including resorts, skincare, hotel franchises and perfume. All of these facets of this internationally acclaimed corporation include exceptional customer service and quality.

Website: www.bulgari.com
Cost:  Varies (i.e. simple charms start at $150 to diamond jewelry in the tens of thousands).


Famous Jewelers: Graff Diamonds

This stunning store, both in person and online, started in London in 1960 and offers eye candy for the rich and famous. The dazzling gems and perfect diamonds are paired with exquisite design details. Many of the world’s famous diamonds have come from Graff and it is without question one of the finest jewelers in the world. The website is filled with beautiful imagery and music, which transports the viewer into a world of luxury.

Website: www.graffdiamonds.com
Cost: Upon inquiry and in any Graff store

Famous Jewelers: Tiffany & Co.


This iconic jewelry company was brought into fame via the Audrey Hepburn classic film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. With trademark turquoise boxes and fine quality diamonds and settings, it is no wonder so many women covet anything from Tiffany’s. While more expensive than the average jewelry store, Tiffany & Co. is more affordable than other high-end stores–making them more available to the general public. Their design uses more classic and simple elements, paired with high quality diamonds and gemstones.

Website: www.tiffany.com
Cost: Prices available upon request and appointment


Famous Jewelers: Cartier

This high-end and well respected French jeweler has garnered the attention of the rich and famous for over a century. With traditional style being infused with more modern and dramatic lines, Cartier is keeping up with the latest trends. It is interesting to note that not only did they design the tiara for Kate and William’s wedding, but also for her recent necklace worn for the 2012 London Olympics (nearly $100k!) With outstanding customer service and quality, this famous jeweler is sure to continue its long line of accessorizing the celebrities.

Website: www.cartier.com
Cost: Varies

Famous Jewelers: Van Cleef & Arples

Yet another European luxury jewelry company, Van Cleef & Arples offers an outstanding display of flair, unique design elements and posh diamonds. Their products range from intricate and colorful pendants and broaches to flawless diamonds set in top quality gold and platinum. While the prices are markedly high, there are still some diamond engagement ring options affordable for many (starting at $4500), while larger diamonds are in the tens of thousands.

Website: www.vancleefarpels.com
Cost: Engagement rings start at $4500

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