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Finding the Perfect Wedding Rings

Choosing wedding rings is an exciting time in the marriage process for any couple, and there are some things to consider before doing so. You’ll need to find a wedding ring which pairs beautifully with the bride’s engagement ring, as well as a wedding band for the groom which matches his style and personality—and even possibly her wedding ring set. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Wedding Rings for Women

Traditionally, women wear their wedding rings nearest to their hearts–which for many is a beautiful and symbolic gesture. Women wear their engagement ring over their wedding ring on the same finger, creating a stunning look. Should you choose to follow this tradition, you will need to think about how the rings will look as a set and how they will compliment one another. Some jewelry stores offer a better price for an engagement ring and matching band, so it pays to ask.

An Excellent Match

Some wedding and engagement rings are literally made for each other. Many women enjoy this arrangement because it provides harmony between of the two rings—particularly those with similarly sized diamonds or types of metal.

An Interesting Combination

A bride-to-be might decide on a wedding ring which looks slightly different from her engagement ring. This enables her to pick from a larger assortment of wedding bands and is an increasingly popular option.


Simple Wedding Rings

Another option many brides choose is a classic wedding band in gold, platinum or palladium which compliment women’s engagement rings. There are many options to fit any budget and style.


Diamond Wedding Rings

Prong settings showcase the diamonds because they enable the most light to penetrate through the stones. An intricate pave band provides an interesting antique heirloom look, while a channel setting allow for a sleek look while protecting the diamonds from scratches.

Wedding Rings for Men

Nowadays men have nearly as many options for wedding rings as women—and they are generally more affordable than their feminine counterparts. From classic gold or titanium to brushed surfaces or diamond accents, there are many choices depending on the style and preference of the groom. As well, there are increasingly more comfortable bands which are appealing to many men. Check out the below gallery of different styles of men’s wedding rings to get you started in the process.

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