How Much is a 6 Carat Diamond Ring Worth?

Before buying a 6-carat diamond ring, make sure to check its certification. If the diamond is not certified, it may cost you thousands more than you should. To avoid spending more than you need to, look for diamonds with high certifications. The Blue Nile and James Allen are two of the leading online retailers of large diamonds. Since these companies have fewer expenses, they can pass those savings on to the customer.

Several factors play into the cost of a 6-carat diamond, including cut, color, clarity, and character. While these elements may affect the final cost, there are ways to make your money go further. Below are some tips to keep in mind when figuring out how much a 6-carat diamond is worth.

Cut and carat weight, in addition to clarity, are important factors to consider when purchasing a diamond. Although a diamond’s carat size determines its overall value, it is not a precise measurement of size. The price of a diamond with deeper lobes and a deeper bottom is higher. Many admirers can appreciate a six-carat diamond ring with heart-shaped lobes and a tapered bottom. Many people confuse diamond size and carat weight when shopping for diamonds. The diamond’s visual size is its size. The carat weight of a diamond refers to its actual weight.

How Much is a 6-Carat Diamond Ring Worth?

The price of a 6-carat diamond varies depending on the 4C’s and the brand. If you’re looking for an engagement ring for your fiancée, you’ll probably spend a couple of thousand dollars on the stone. However, if the diamond you consider is very rare, you can save hundreds of dollars by moving up a grade. A diamond that is a few hundred percent more expensive is likely to have better clarity and color. . A 6 Carat diamond with good grades can cost between $15,000 to $80,000 per carat. 6 Carat diamonds are enormous and equally beautiful, assuming a high grade in Cut, Color, and Clarity. Thus 6ct diamonds are pretty rare and quite expensive.

In addition to clarity, cut and carat weight is also important factors to consider when purchasing a diamond. Although the carat size of a diamond determines the overall value, it is not an accurate measure of size. A diamond with deeper lobes and a deeper bottom is more expensive. Many admirers can enjoy a six-carat diamond ring with heart-shaped lobes and a tapered bottom. Many diamond shoppers confuse diamond size and carat weight. Size is the visual size of the diamond, and the carat weight refers to the actual weight of the diamond.

6 Carat Diamond Ring Price

A 6 Carat diamond with good grades can cost between $15,000 to $80,000 per carat.

6 Carat diamonds are huge and equally beautiful, assuming a high grade in Cut, Color, and Clarity. Thus 6ct diamonds are pretty rare and quite expensive.

For a high-quality 6 Carat diamond with a color rating of G or above and VS2 or better for clarity, you can expect to pay over $200,000, which works out to more than $30,000 per carat.

This 6.11 Carat round diamond from James Allen (G color, VS2 clarity) is priced at $231,700, or $37,921 per carat. This 6.05 Carat round cut diamond from Blue Nile (F color, VS2 clarity) costs $202,162 ($33,415 per carat).

You can expect a significant variation in price at such a high carat as you go higher or lower in cut, color, and clarity. For example, this 6.01 Carat round diamond from James Allen, with a K color grade and SI1 clarity, is $57,610 ($9,586 per carat). This diamond is cheaper than our previous examples but has an unmistakable yellowish tinge and more noticeable inclusions.

You have a 6-carat round diamond graded at D color and FL (flawless) clarity on the higher end. Such an exquisite diamond can be priced at $400,000.

Where Can I Purchase 6 Carat Diamond Rings?

Six-carat diamonds are scarce, so you’re unlikely to find one in a local jewelry store (especially one with a high-quality cut).

Based in New York City, Abe Moor Diamonds is an excellent choice for large and rare diamonds. They specialize in assisting customers in locating high-quality, rare diamonds that are hard to come by from other sources.

James Allen and the Blue Nile, two of the most well-known online diamond retailers, are excellent places to look for a high-quality 6-carat diamond. These vendors have the widest selection of any online jewelry store, including a small selection of diamonds weighing 6 carats and higher.

These companies sell diamonds with the highest certifications (GIA or AGS) and provide imagery that allows you to examine the diamond in greater detail online. These two points are critical for looking for a rare and expensive 6-carat diamond because the price difference between grades is more significant. Buying a diamond with a low grade can cost you tens of thousands of dollars more than necessary.

Brian Gavin Diamonds and Leibish & Co. are two other reputable diamond retailers. However, their selection of clear diamonds weighing 6 carats and up is quite limited. When you shop at James Allen or the Blue Nile, you’re more likely to find various options.

Leibish is an excellent option if looking for a fancy colored diamond. They have the widest selection of colored diamonds, including diamonds weighing 6 carats and up, such as this 6.10 carat fancy dark brown pear shape diamond.

Shape: choose the shape you like best and best fits the wearer. Diamonds with a larger face-up size like marquise, oval, or pear shapes will look a little bit bigger, and therefore the appearance of a higher carat weight diamond.

Cut: Ensure your diamond has either an Ideal or Excellent grade from the GIA and anything less will have a noticeable drop-off in fire and brilliance.

Clarity: VS1 and VS2 grades are the sweet spots in terms of value. At these grades, any imperfections or blemishes in the diamond will not be noticeable to the naked eye.

Color: diamonds between a G and I grade are nearly colorless and should not have any colored tint noticeable to the naked eye. D to F grades is significantly more expensive but may not have much difference in appearance.

6 Carat Diamond In Terms Of Size vs. Carat

“Diamond size” and “diamond carat” are frequently confused. The truth is that a diamond’s carat refers to its weight, not its size. A 6-carat diamond weighs 1.2 grammas because each carat is equal to 0.2 grammas.

On the other hand, its size will vary depending on the diamond’s shape and cut. The most common diamond shape is the brilliant round diamond, which has a diameter of approximately 11.70 carats.

The size of a diamond is determined by its surface area, depth, and other factors. Thus, despite having the same Carat weight as a seemingly larger diamond of a different shape, a diamond with a larger table and fewer facets will usually appear smaller.

6 Carat Diamond Ring Shapes

Beautiful diamonds are available in many different shapes to fit the taste and hand of the wearer and the ring’s setting. This is true for 6 Carat diamonds, providing you shop from a store that carries a decent range, like James Allen or the Blue Nile.

The shape of your diamond is generally down to personal preference. The Round Brilliant is the most common shape and a timeless look that will fit just about any situation. You might want to go with an Escher, oval, or pear-shaped diamond for a unique look. Elongated shapes have a larger table surface area, which means they appear more significant than a round diamond of the same carat weight.

What is the Best Price for a 6-Carat Diamond Ring?

Our goal is to assist you in finding the best ring for your budget. It’s all too easy to spend a lot of money on aspects of a diamond that are barely noticeable when looking at diamonds as large as 6 carats.

A 6-carat diamond will set you back a lot of money, but you should expect a stunning diamond with that price tag. Before deciding, inspect the diamond yourself and seek advice from an expert; this will help you get a beautiful diamond at a reasonable price.

Stick to diamonds with a reputable certificate to ensure you get fair value out of your purchase. The GIA and AGS are the most reputable grading organizations, and anything else will likely inflate the given grades, resulting in you paying too much for a lower-quality diamond.

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The shape of the diamond is another factor that influences the price of a 6-carat diamond ring. The majority of diamonds are round, and they are the most popular shape and look great on all hands. They are highly valued in bridal jewelry due to their uniform shape. As previously stated, the round cut is a brilliant-cut due to its 58 facets. They also give the impression that a diamond is more significant than it is.

While a six-carat diamond ring will cost significantly more than a four-carat diamond, the ring’s setting and mounting will also cost significantly more. A ring band can range from $200 to thousands of dollars. In addition to the diamond’s price, side stones and other options will cost a significant amount of money. Furthermore, you will almost certainly be considering an engagement ring.