Opal Rings – Opal is the Ring Birthstone for October

Opal rings are an excellent way to celebrate a new baby’s birth. Opals are the birthstone for October. The iridescent glow of this stone makes it a stunning choice for a ring birthstone. They are available in several different colors and are the birthstone of October. Opal rings are often more affordable than diamond rings. Listed below are some tips to care for an opal ring.

Opals have long been associated with passion, love, and eroticism. They enhance one’s sense of self-worth and encourage spontaneity. They are also said to increase a person’s creativity and originality. Opal is also said to promote loyalty and increase confidence. It also has healing properties for the eyes. If you’re considering buying an opal ring as a birthstone for yourself or a loved one, think carefully about your preferences.

Origin of the Word -Opal 

The origin of the word “opal” is still a mystery. Although most agree that it comes from the Latin opal, it was first used in 250 BC. Where the term came from is still debatable. Some believe it comes from the ancient Greek synthetic opal, which roughly translates to “see color changes”, while others suggest the Sanskrit word Upala meaning “jewel” as a more likely source.

Opal is also known as the queen of gems because it often shows interesting color interactions. It is believed that it contains all the virtues associated with various solid gemstones, the color of which is indicated on a particular stone.

History of Opal 

Opal has an interesting history. Opals were once associated with evil luck, as the Russians thought it would bring them bad luck. The popularity of opal was affected by a famous novel by Sir Walter Scott published in 1829, which featured an opal that cracks when splashed with holy water and causes its owner’s death. This book had an enormous impact on opal sales for the next two decades.

In the 19th century, opal, the gemstone of October, was found in abundance throughout Australia and was very rare in Europe before the opening of trade routes with other major exporters. Since then, deposits have been made in the United States, Mexico, Ethiopia, and other countries, but the European nobility for a long time was limited to the opal found in what is now Slovenia.


This rarity makes it a prized possession and is said to have powerful magical properties. Along with the widespread belief that it could bring good luck to its wearer, some even claimed that if used properly, it could be made invisible.

However, this does not mean that this stone has a bad reputation. Opal suffered greatly from Sir Walter Scott’s best-selling novel, published in 1829, and also associated with the evil eye of Russian superstition.

This novel tells the story of an opal that cracks and discolors when holy water is poured over it, eventually resulting in the death of its owner. The novel was so popular and influential that, 20 years after its publication, it significantly undermined Stone’s sales.

Opals were once quite rare in Europe before the 19th century. The discovery of deposits in Australia and Slovenia allowed for the gemstone to be sold in many European countries. The Romans were the first empire to sell opal. The mysterious Lady Hermione, the daughter of an Austrian aristocrat, bought an opal ring because it reminded him of the pharaoh’s daughter.

Alternative Birthstone

Opals are also a popular alternative birthstone. Opals are associated with the 6 PM hour, but some believe that the gemstone may bring bad luck. As such, some people are hesitant to wear an opal ring. However, some people believe that opals help in astral projection. This may be true, but there are no copyright restrictions on the book. The mythical powers of opals make them the perfect birthstone choice for October.

Versatile Stone 

Opal is a versatile stone with a diverse color spectrum. The color of opal is caused by the light reflecting off of a microscopic sphere of silica. These spheres vary in size, shape, and pattern, but most opals are white or nearly white. Some opals have red or black backgrounds, while others have green, yellow, and blue lights.

Colors of Opal 

The variety is enough to make opal, the birthstone of October, very appealing and appealing, but that’s not what makes it so popular. What really sets it apart from other gemstones is the play of these colors and the prismatic shimmer they create when lit.

Actually, this interaction and the presence of flashes is known as the play of color and distinguishes precious opals from ordinary opals. If the stone does not shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow when illuminated by light, then it is either an ordinary stone or a synthetic stone.

Quality of Opals 

Most opals, whether transparent or opaque, have one base color and come in large or small with many other colors. These colors range from yellow and red to shades of turquoise and milky white. Because of the specific way it was formed, it is not uncommon to find opals that are truly unique in one place or region and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Here are Some Beautiful Opal Rings

14K White Gold Diamond and Genuine or Created Gemstone Solitaire Ring Oval Shape Sizes 5 to 9

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  • Handpicked from the Peora Fine Colored Stone and Diamond Collection, each stone is chosen for its Cut, Color and Brilliance. This Ring features one 10x8mm oval created Blue Opal in a smooth finish and six 1mm round genuine Diamonds expertly faceted by master cutters.
  • Luxurious take on a classic women’s ring favorite. Have fun with this statement color piece – it looks beautiful worn solo or with another ring. Stack it with your own ring for a fun, modern layered look.
  • 100% authenticity guaranteed. All stones are of the highest quality. All precious Metals are stamped with 14K to ensure purity.
  • Timeless and color-rich stones. Never going out of style, colorful stones are a great alternative to the ordinary.
  • Perfect gift, no matter the occasion – birthday, Mother?s Day, Valentine?s Day, push present for new mom, bridal shower, baby shower, anniversary, bridesmaid, graduation, Christmas, bat mitzvah, quincea?era and more!

Created Opal Ring Sterling Silver Princess Cabochon 1.50 Carats Sizes 5 to 9

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  • Lab Created Opal, Shimmering Multicolor Gemstone
  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • Exclusive Craftsmanship and Styling
  • Includes Gift Packaging
  • 30 Day Return/Exchange Policy

925 Sterling Silver Real Genuine Opal Womens Band Ring

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  • Made in England
  • Natural Opal
  • Real Solid Sterling Silver
  • Sizes 4 to 12 Available including quarter and half sizes
  • Deluxe Presentation Box included

Peora Created White Opal Ring in Sterling Silver, Round Shape, 8mm, 1.75 Carats total, Sizes 5 to 9

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  • UNIQUE DESIGN- This chic and stylish 1.75 Carats total Sterling Silver Ring featuring 8mm Round cut Peora Created White Opal with multidimentional iridescent hue is the perfect everyday accessory. Adorned with Premium Grade Cubic Zirconia to give it a luxurious sparkle in the sun. A must-have for any wardrobe.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY – Every Peora Created Opal is hand-cut by our skilled Craftsmen from rough materials, each facet is carved with mathematical precision enhancing the color and beauty of the stone that results to an extraordinary display of luster and brilliance. Experience fine jewelry by Peora – not only a heritage of authenticity, but a promise of superior quality. Sterling Silver Jewelry is hallmarked and stamped with 925.
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  • COMFORTABLE FIT – This Round shaped Created White Opal Ring is carefully crafted with a comfort fit she can wear everyday without any trouble putting it on and taking it off. Choose from a multitude of sizes, available from 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, to ensure a perfect fit for the perfect woman.
  • A PRECIOUS GIFT – Think of the warm embrace you?ll receive when you give her this Peora Created White Opal Ring in Sterling Silver. This vintage inspired Created Opal ring is the ideal gift for special occasions like her birthday in October, Christmas or Mother?s Day. It?s elegantly packaged in a Peora signature box ready to be gifted and ready to be worn.

Peora Created White Opal Ring in Sterling Silver, Vintage Halo Design, Round Shape, 7mm, 1.25 Carats, Sizes 5 to 9

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  • EXQUISITE DESIGN- Featuring 1.25 Carats cabochon cut Peora Created White Opal, this Sterling Silver Ring is guaranteed to turn heads with its unique design. Its 7mm Round Shape centerstone is accented with Premium Grade Cubic Zirconia set in a vintage halo design that is both timeless and sophisticated, yet subtle enough to be worn everyday.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY – Every Peora Created Opal is hand-cut by our skilled Craftsmen from rough materials, each facet is carved with mathematical precision enhancing the color and beauty of the stone that results to an extraordinary display of luster and brilliance. Experience fine jewelry by Peora – not only a heritage of authenticity, but a promise of superior quality. Sterling Silver Jewelry is hallmarked and stamped with 925.
  • PEACE OF MIND – Each Peora jewelry comes with a Certificate of Authenticity for quality assurance and a satisfaction guarantee.
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  • MEMORABLE GIFT – She always says it?s the little things that matter most. Presented in a beautiful gift-ready box, let her know you?ve been paying attention by giving her this classic Created White Opal Ring in Sterling Silver. Be confident she?ll love this antique inspired Sterling Silver Ring on her birthday, Valentine?s Day, Mother?s Day, or any occasion.

Most Popular Stone 

One of the most popular stones of this type is the black opal, most of which comes from the Australian city of Lightning Ridge. As the name suggests, this stone has a dark background ranging from black to dark blue or grey. It is somewhat opaque with a broad pattern of iridescent colors on the surface. While the dark background is expected to soften, the dark background actually brings out the playfulness of the color and gives the October stone, opal, a majestic and festive look.

Since it is the place that more than 95% of today’s world supply of opal hails from, it is not surprising that Australia can boast several more completely unique varieties of this gemstone. This includes the white opal found only in several locations in the country, including Coober Pedy and White Cliffs; as well as boulder opal, which has the presence of ironstone to thank for its reddish hue, available only from one location in Queensland.

Places to Found 

Naturally, Australia is not the only place that can boast the October birthstone. Mexico, especially the state of Querétaro is home to another highly prized variety of this stone, namely fire opal. They are usually almost translucent with the base color ranging from yellow to red. They also come in the precious and common variety, with the ones that don’t show iridescence also being known as jelly opals.  

While these are some of the most popular varieties, this is by no means where the list ends. Peruvian blue opal is also worthy of mention, as are different crystal-clear stones found all over the world.

Common Opal 

Even some types of common opal became very well-known and admired, despite the absence of play-of-color typical for precious stones. Some of the more popular common opals include the amber-colored resin opal; grey or brown menilite; colorless and translucent hyalite, and finally wood opal. Even without the iridescence, the mixture of different colors makes these stones rather attractive, and they can, naturally, be found at much lower prices than their shinier cousins.

Opal Earrings

Opal earrings come in a variety of stylish designs. You can choose from opal earrings in sterling silver or rose gold with matching gemstones. If you’re a fan of opal jewelry, you can also find some at JCPenney. There is an excellent selection of opal earrings at this store. If you are looking for a gift for someone new, a gold opal stud earring is a lovely choice.


Opal is a soft stone, weighing between 5.5 and 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. Its material composition contains approximately 5 percent water. If the opal is allowed to dry too rapidly after mining, it may crack. If immersed in anything other than water, it may also crack. In addition, opal is porous, making it dangerous to immerse in anything other than water.

You should avoid using harsh jewelry cleaners on your opals. These cleaners can cause the stone to lose its luster and transparency. A simple solution to this problem is to soak opals in warm water. But be sure to do this carefully as you don’t want to get water on your opal. This will help prevent it from drying out. Aside from avoiding contact with water, you should avoid exposure to heat, sunlight, or harsh chemicals.


A beautiful stone, for a long time highly prized by the European nobility, Opal is the birthstone for those born in October, and still manages to catch the attention of people all over the world. With a wide variety of base colors ranging from milky white to deep dark shades of black, these translucent or opaque stones are characterized by a spectacular play of colors covering the entire spectrum of the rainbow.

For a long time believed to be able to bring good luck to its wearer, the opal birthstone is associated with virtues like purity, loyalty, and hope, and was at one point dubbed the Queen of Gems as it incorporated the colors of various other precious stones. While Australia is by far the largest exporter of opal, this gem can be found in various other locations, including Ethiopia, Mexico, the US, Peru, Turkey, and others. Even though it is no longer as rare as it used to be, the opal birthstone still manages to capture people’s hearts and makes a perfect gift for a loved one born in October.