The World’s Most Incredible Royal Jewelry

We all know that jewelry has long been regarded as THE best way to express love, gratitude or appreciation. But what money wasn’t an issue? Like all royals around the world, royal jewelry can help display wealth and one’s status. In the past and still today, jewelry is very important to the world’s royal families as they often wear expensive jewels and hefty ornaments. Let’s take a look at a few of the most expensive and sought-after royal jewels—they are impressive!

1. Marie Antoinette’s Necklace – A Stunning Piece of Jewelry

This necklace is worth an estimated $3.7 million and it belonged to the fifteenth child of Maria Theresa and late Queen of France – Marie Antoinette. This stunning necklace is festooned with many white diamonds and two oval-shaped very extraordinary yellow diamonds. One of the most striking characteristics is the amazing pink diamond on the bottom of the necklace. This necklace is not only gorgeous, but it is also very unique.

Most expensive jewelry of royal families


2. The La Peregrina Pearl and Diamond Riviere Jewelry Owned by Queen Mary

It is said that these two items are valued at over $1.8 million. As the first woman ruler of England, Queen Mary stood out for having a vast amount of riches. One of her most exclusive was the gorgeous Diamond Riviere. This piece is made up of 34 diamonds that were old cut and set gorgeously in silver and gold. She gifted this item to Princess Margaret, her granddaughter sometime around 1900.

The other piece of exceptional jewelry she had was the “La Peregrina” pearl necklace. This pearl is among the most famed pearls on earth, and it has been around for about 500 years.

Most expensive jewelry of royal families


3. Princess Margaret’s Jewelry: Poltimore Tiara and Diamond Monogram Brooch

This diamond monogram brooch is worth over $340,000, while the Poltimore Tiara is worth a whopping $1.7 million. Since members of the royal family have access to the most exclusive jewels around the world, so did she. Among her most treasured were these two. Her tiara was made from diamond clusters that were old cut and placed in a gorgeous scroll motif.  One of the most unique features about this item is that you can turn into eleven brooches or a necklace.

Her brooch is very striking as it is designed with circular-cut and single diamonds. It is approximately 3 cm high and was originally outfitted in blue leather.

Most expensive jewelry of royal families



4. The Jewelry Belonging to the Duchess of Windsor

Wallis Spencer, or the Duchess of Windsor, was from America but married Prince Edward. In fact, he abdicated the throne to wed her. Yet, before doing this – she was given access to every gorgeous jewel. Included was the Cartier-created diamond panther bracelet that is ornamented with diamond, ruby, emerald, and sapphire. This bracelet broke records when it sold at auction for over $12.4 million.

Most expensive jewelry of royal families

5. The Diamond and Emerald Tiara: Gorgeous (and expensive) Jewelry

Estimated at over $12.76 million this gorgeous tiara once belonged to Katharina Henckel von Donnersmarck – the Swedish princess. This piece was created from over 101 carats of Shizuka Diamonds and was purchased from Sotheby’s.

Most expensive jewelry of royal families


6. The Tabbah Infinite Cascade Necklace (Princess of Monaco Jewelry)

Although we are unsure of its worth, this spectacular necklace certainly would not come cheap. Owned by Charlene Wittstock, the Princess of Monaco, this striking necklace is created using 6 giant pearls, 18K rose gold, and an astonishing 1,237 diamonds.

Most expensive jewelry of royal families


7. Princess Diana’s Famous Jewelry: Her Sapphire Ring

Kate Middleton’s amazing sapphire engagement ring is another breath-taking piece. At one point this ring, which is valued at nearly $40,000, was given to Princess Diana upon her engagement to Prince Charles. This incredibly significant and famous ring sports an oval sapphire that is encircled by brilliant round-cut diamonds and is considered among the most valuable rings in existence.

Most expensive jewelry of royal families


8. Art Deco-style Jewelry: Necklace with Diamonds

Once belonging to a Spanish Flamenco dancer-turned Princess in Kapurthala, this elegant piece is encrusted with rock crystal, diamonds, and emeralds. Anita Delgado’s necklace then travelled to become a very expensive adornment for an elephant; the necklace is estimated to be worth over $150,000.

Most expensive jewelry of royal families

9. Diamond and Emerald Necklace Jewelry

This necklace use to be owned by the Italy’s last queen. In fact, Queen Marie Jose was well-known for possessing a large collection of awesome jewels. This necklace was created by Van Cleef and Arpels using fifty emeralds and lots of diamonds. The value of this necklace is unknown.

Most expensive jewelry of royal families

10. Funky Jewelry: The Pecten Shell and Tiara-Shaped Brooch

This brooch once belonged to Queen Marie of Romania. This brooch was her symbol; therefore it was frequently worn by her. The brooch depicted her own monogram designed by C. Faberge. It is created using solid gold and stunning gems

Most expensive jewelry of royal families

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