Black Spinel Gemstone

What is a Black Spinel Gemstone?

Black gemstones have experienced a comeback in popularity. While you may have worked with darkly colored rubies and sapphires in the past, you may not have encountered naturally occurring black spinel gemstones. Black spinel is a relatively unknown gemstone due to its scarcity and is frequently confused with black diamonds. It is an opaque, jet-black variant of the red spinel, a gemstone with spectacular glitter that is frequently mistaken for a ruby.

Magnesium aluminum oxide or magnesium aluminate are used to create a black spinel. Black spinel is a gemstone consisting of magnesium oxide and magnesium-aluminum oxide. It is a rare and valuable gemstone, and it is one of the most costly and rarest gemstones on the planet. At the same time, it is one of the most enigmatic. Learn everything you need to know about the mysterious black spinel gemstone, including its qualities, where it comes from, and where you can buy it in various cuts, with our comprehensive guide to black spinel below.

Black Spinel Gemstone

What is a Black Spinel Gemstone?

The black spinel has the symbolic significance of presenting intuitive outcomes, and it also signifies that you must overcome all obstacles to return to your natural state. Black Spinel is highly prized for its ability to open up almost limitless possibilities. Black Spinel can help you reach your goals if you are driven to achieve them. It will adjust to your emotions and assist you in solving the problem.

Each culture has contributed to the traditional meaning of gemstones throughout history and has established its legends about them. The book “The Curious Lore of Precious Stones” by George Kunz, on the other hand, is the single best reference for traditional gemstone knowledge. The book, which was first published in 1913, is still considered a cornerstone of the study of gemstones in modern times.

George’s contribution to the knowledge of the symbolism and meaning of gemstones (including the black spinel) extends to his engagement in organizing some of the world’s most important collections of rare stones.

Among these accomplishments is his role in the organization of one of the most famous collections on the planet, the J.P. Morgan-Tiffany collection. In its current form, the J.P. Morgan and Tiffany Company collection is housed in the American Museum of Natural History and is open to the public.

Properties of Black Spinel

Physical Properties

Black spinel has a hardness rating of eight on the MOHS scale, and it is most commonly found as water-worn pebbles or octahedral crystal forms in nature. The best spinels are free of inclusions and don’t require any chemical treatment to make them look their best. Unless it is a lighter-colored Spinel, it may necessitate chemical processing. Spinel is available in various colors, including a deep black hue (the most common), light-dark blue tones, purple, pink, yellow, and amber colors.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

When it comes to protective gemstones, black spinel is frequently seen as one that repels negativity while also triggering feelings of empowerment and inspiration in those who wear it. In addition, there is a widely held idea that this stone can heal the entire body.

Additionally, persons who desire to get rid of resentments, eliminate feelings of despair, and discover peace might benefit from this practice.

The Black Spinel can play a significant role in assisting people in achieving their life objectives. It accomplishes this by instilling greater self-assurance and assertiveness in the individual and encouraging endurance. These are regarded as growth pillars and are essential components of any winning mentality.

Black spinel has numerous other advantages, including that it can be highly beneficial in meditation, as it can provide tranquility and aid to clear blockages. That alone can provide a person with new power and open many new doors, leading to a higher level of consciousness and a better sense of balance in their lives.

On a physical level, the black spinel can also significantly impact the body. For example, it cleanses the skin, improves the function of the digestive tract, strengthens the muscles, and gives you a more energetic feeling.

Black Spinel in Jewelry Uses

In part for its exceptional hardness, spinel is a highly adaptable gemstone that can be used to create a wide range of jewelry items such as necklaces and bracelets and earrings, rings, and other beautiful ornaments. In addition to other valuable stones, black spinel jewelry is used by some of the world’s most renowned jewelry designers, including Harry Winston, Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Chanel.

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Black Goes with Everything

Emeralds, sapphires, and rubies look stunning when worn in various colors, but black goes with everything. A simple black spinel bracelet worn with a baby-pink blouse or a light-colored sundress can exude both elegance and brilliance at the same time, depending on the outfit. You have a million-dollar look when you combine this with earrings made of black stones.

Intricately faceted black spinel stones set in small studs or strung on a delicate chain are magnificent. It is the ideal accessory for any occasion, whether you wear your little black dress or jeans for a casual get-together with your girlfriends or colleagues.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Black spinel jewelry is quite rare, yet it is also very eye-catching due to its color. You’d better get used to being the center of attention wherever you go. Minimalist black spinel jewelry is versatile and may be used with any style or outfit. Many fashionistas consider the necklace made of black spinel the perfect minimalistic adornment.

What is the Origin of Black Spinel?

Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Thailand have the most substantial spinel deposits. The United States, Tanzania, Tajikistan, Nigeria, Madagascar, Brazil, Nepal, Australia, and Afghanistan have smaller amounts of this uncommon gemstone.

The spinel might not have been recognized as a different mineral from the ruby if it hadn’t been for Jean Baptiste Louis Rome de Lisle, a notable mineralogist. This occurred in 1783, and the spinel has since been identified as such rather than ruby or any other gemstone.

All black spinel is generated spontaneously when dolomites or limestone interact with a molten rock during metamorphic activity. That’s the method for forming a deposit that resembles a long-lasting mineral in the rock. This mineral is generated, which is then mined to produce a black gemstone with characteristics comparable to sapphires and rubies.

What is the Value of Black Spinel?

For a long time, spinel was the most popular gemstone among gem traders. However, this valuable diamond has recently piqued the interest of both jewelry aficionados and gem collectors. Because natural spinel is in short supply, it is unlikely to be found at your typical jewelry store. As a result, spinel is mainly found through expert gemstone merchants that only deal in the best stones.

Due to current demand and market shortage, reasonable spinel prices have risen. Despite the recent rise, spinel prices remain cheap compared to sapphire and ruby. Spinel’s exceptional toughness makes it appropriate for practically every sort of jewelry.

The price of spinel is determined by criteria like size, clarity, color, and, to some extent, origin. A secondary grey hue color is occasionally present, which lowers the spinel’s value.

Spinels from Tanzania and Burma are under one carat in size and range in price from $200 to $500. However, the larger the stone, the greater the price. In the one to two-carat range, a top black spinel can fetch $1,200. However, anything more than two carats causes the price to skyrocket. Sellers may charge anywhere between $3,000 and $5,000 per carat. The most valuable ones are above five carats and cost between $7,000 and $10,000.

How do you Tell Whether Something is Black Spinel?

When it comes to black spinel, it is frequently confused with other gemstones such as black diamonds, black onyx, black tourmaline, and other similar stones. However, this is only true if you are not sufficiently versed on the subject and do not understand how to distinguish black spinel from other gemstones. Every Black spinel has single refraction and is transparent.

Black spinel is distinguished by its high refraction and octahedral crystal structure, distinguishing it from any other valuable stone available. Black diamond has a more metallic luster than spinel and is harder on the Mohs scale than the latter (10). In part because of the difference in hardness, spinel is much easier to manipulate and is most commonly found in faceted cuts – shapes such as squares and ovals, pear and cushion shapes, and intricate round cuts are all frequently created with black spinel. Spinel stones that naturally contain asterism are cut in a cabochon shape to emphasize the star-like appearance of the gemstone.

Where can I get Black Spinel?

Typically, selling on Etsy or Amazon is a fantastic option. Etsy is the world’s largest online marketplace for unique and handcrafted goods and vintage and retro fashion. Amazon is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, with a global customer base of over 100 million people. Both are dependable, and it is simple to locate your desired things on their websites.

How Should Black Spinel Gemstones be Cared for?

Spinel stones are easy to care for due to their hardness and longevity; polishing will not leave scratches on their surface due to their high Mohs hardness. Use a soft cloth and soapy water to clean the Spinel stones you’re working with, then rinse thoroughly to remove any soapy residue. As with most other gemstones, ultrasonic cleaning is not suggested. When storing your newly manufactured pieces, try to keep each one separately with a soft cloth to avoid scrapes or scratches while in transit or storage.


Black spinel stone is a rare gemstone composed of complex vitreous magnesium aluminum oxide or magnesium aluminate, with a luster similar to a diamond. The mineral spinel is one of the most uncommon and valuable gemstones available. It is sometimes confused for black tourmaline due to its similarity to the gemstone’s color. The excellent hardness of spinel is one of its advantages. Because of its high hardness, it will not scratch or be harmed by everyday wear. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for engagement rings or other types of jewelry, as it may last for many years.

Black spinel is a unique gemstone whose characteristics and look combine to form a potent combination that may be admired by royalty and the general public. Aside from that, it is one of those stones with a copious glow and can be felt at all times.

The information provided above covers nearly all of the information a person should know regarding this beautiful stone. This is all of the information on the black spinel that one could require.