Personalized Birthstone Rings

Personalized birthstone rings are a great way to show your loved ones you care. A handcrafted ring will remind the person how much you care. This is especially true for the mom in your life. Moreover, it will remind you forever of your love and devotion to her. This beautiful gift will always make her feel special. And it will always be a reminder of her love for you.

The birthstone ring is the perfect gift for any mother or grandmother. Its unique design will capture your child’s personality and add a sophisticated touch to her wardrobe. A customized ring is a special gift for any occasion and will make her feel special. This ring is the perfect way to express your love for your child. Its heart-shaped stone will always be the perfect choice for her. She will love it and be pleased with the adornment she received from her parents.

Personalized Jewelry

Birthstones are gems that have historically been linked to each of the twelve birth months of the year. They can be natural or man-made. Birthstones have been around for a long time and were once thought to have some mystical power that could protect the person who owned or wore the stone. These birthstones have a long history of Zodiac associations. These days, birthstones are associated with specific months of the year, and each month has a distinctive birthstone. Due to their continued interest in these stones’ historical significance and connotations, many people like wearing jewelry that features their birthstone.

Tai Jewelry Birthstone Ring, Multiple Sizes Personalized Colored Stone

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  • MADE PERSONALLY WITH CARE Beautiful ombre-colored rock crystal stones are set into a plain brass band with gold plating. This ring is distinctive and looks lovely when worn with other rings.
  • Customized for you A considerate and unique gift for a loved one’s birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, Christmas, or another significant occasion. A lovely design for social gatherings, parties, and other occasions.
  • THE CARE GUIDE Your gold and silver plated jewelry will lose its color and shine if you expose it to water, cleaning agents, or other chemicals. If you want to exercise or spend the entire day in the sun, remember that sweat damages the quality of your gold-plated items. Swim or shower without jewelry.
  • SERVICE- Please contact us at Tai Jewelry if there are any issues with your necklace or other inquiries.

Identify Your Birthstone

January – Garnet
February – Amethyst
March – Aquamarine
April – Diamond
May – Emerald
June – Pearl or Moonstone
July – Ruby
August – Peridot or Spinel
September – Sapphire
October – Tourmaline or Opal
November – Citrine or Topaz
December – Turquoise or Tanzanite or Zircon

Selecting Your Birthstone Ring

You can customize your design by selecting up to five birthstones in the shape of your choice. After that, the manufacturing process will begin. If you have a ring that is a size 5.5 or smaller, our recommendation is that you choose stones with a smaller diameter so that the stones face outward rather than sitting in the space between your fingers. This is not only more comfortable, but it also looks better.

You have the option of selecting a straight, curved, or open bezel setting for the ring in addition to the required size.

Do you need to kill more than one bird? By following the instructions, create your double birthstone band, three or multi-birthstone ring.

Position of the Birthstones

Your chosen birthstones will be arranged from left to right, beginning with the one on the far left. You are welcome to leave any specific design demands, such as angling your stone, positioning it horizontally or vertically, or any other design alterations, in the text box provided.

Ring Setting:

Each different colored gemstone will be set in a traditional bezel, with silver around it completely on all sides.
You can select a single or double birthstone ring with an open bezel setting. This type of setting encircles the girdle, or edges, of the stone(s) but leaves the culet, or bottom, exposed (s).

Your Custom Birthstone Ring’s Meaning

We adore the variety of meanings you can add to this custom birthstone ring.

Are you and your bestie celebrating a friendship anniversary? Forget friendship necklaces; instead, choose your birthstones and the month you met to elevate the present you’re giving your BFF.

Gifts for a baby shower or a new mother? Select the birthstones of the expectant mother or parents, and then add the final stone for the month the baby is due.

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift? Choose your birthstone and the birthstones of your siblings to make jewelry for your mother.

Do you want to honor a loved one who has died? This ring will constantly remind you of your affection for them if you choose their birthstone.

Or use this birthstone ring to stay in touch with your kids even after they move out.

In need of a present for a dog mom? Depending on the month her furry buddies were born, choose their birthstone.

Alternately, act in the name of love—self-love, specifically. Get a ring designed specifically for you with your birthstone to serve as a daily reminder to show yourself some love.

Ideas for Unique Birthstone Rings

1. Birthstone Ring Halo Custom

Every gemstone sparkles more brilliantly when it is surrounded by diamonds. Set the stone as the focus with a halo of diamonds, whether an amethyst, fiery opal, ortangy citrine. You can choose between a light pave halo that subtly frames a gemstone and a big halo with many brilliant diamonds of high-carat weight.

2. Rings with Birthstones and Diamond Accents

To around the birthstone, pick a few diamonds. The form of side stone diamonds should depend on the birthstone’s cut and kind. Choose pear-shaped, or even trillion-shaped diamonds for round cut stones. When set with baguette or emerald-sized diamonds, square birthstones appear to be a classic masterpiece. With any shape, brilliant round diamonds look gorgeous. Depending on your budget, the size of the side stones may range from a little diamond intricately set in a flowery pattern to a large, three-stone setting.

3. Inconspicuous Birthstone Accents

Birthstone jewels, as opposed to diamond side stones, also make lovely embellishments to the classic diamond center. Integration of your or your partner’s birthstone can express your union and love while still sticking to the traditional form of an engagement ring. This is a perfect option for birthstone rings created for a commitment, such as an engagement ring. The all-diamond engagement ring design inspired the twisted petal band shown above was altered to include the birthstones of numerous family members.

4. Unique Shaped Jewelry

Choosing a traditional solitaire ring? Pick a distinctive shape to give a ring a lively and distinctive look. You may stick with a more traditional round cut as a gemstone already makes a dramatic statement, but consider a “fancy” diamond shape for a truly unique personalized design. Due to their distinctive, non-conventional shapes, marquise, trillion, pear, and oval-cut diamonds are fantastic choices.
Fifth, Metal Magic

Think about the best metal to place your birthstone in. When set against light metals like white gold or platinum, some gemstone colors stand out vividly, but they shine warmly when set against yellow gold.

When put against a yellow-toned metal, red rubies will show off their warmth, but when placed against a white-toned metal, the red will smolder. Blues and purples will seem cool and contemporary when set in white or silver metal. You can even add a distinctive texture or finish to the band to go with the gemstone, such as this golden tree-inspired ring with tourmaline leaves, the birthstone for October.

Consider the color of your gemstone and experiment with several metals to choose the best combination for your ring. Remember that a yellow or white metal may match your skin tone differently.

6. Totally Unique

Why not create the setting if you’re making a ring with a unique birthstone? There are no restrictions on the forms or fashions you can create! The topaz mermaid ring in the image is a stunning example of a custom design done to perfection. The mermaid’s flowing diamond-studded hair and scalloped tail are created in exquisite detail using 3D printing, and the topaz gemstone evokes the tranquility of pure ocean waves.

The more thought goes into a gemstone ring, the more significance it has for the wearer. Gemstone rings make particularly wonderful gifts. You (or your lover) will be in awe of a one-of-a-kind bespoke birthstone ring’s magnificence.

7. Birthstone Ring with Personalization Name

Custom rings include name-engraved birthstone rings. Although you can choose to have the content etched, most people prefer to engrave the names of their loved ones. The inscription will be engraved on the ring by the jeweler.

This birthstone ring is especially special because it features a loved one’s name in addition to the birthstone for each month. It is the ideal way to express your love and care for them. Despite costing a bit more than standard birthstone bands, the personalized name birthstone ring is still worth it.

Material for Birthstone Rings

Selecting the ideal birthstone ring material is a somewhat subjective choice. Birthstone rings come in various finishes, from traditional gold and silver to contemporary titanium and stainless steel.

Diamonds, sapphires, and rubies are a few examples of materials that can be used to create a birthstone. Choosing the best material for you can be challenging because there are many alternatives. The material that best complements your style is ultimately the greatest birthstone ring material.

Which Hand or Finger do you Wear a Birthstone Ring on?

Did you know that there is a particular finger on which you are supposed to wear a birthstone ring? Birthstone rings are a common method to display your birthstone. Birthstone rings are typically worn on the left hand’s ring finger. This is because the ring finger is linked to romantic relationships and marriage. On this finger, wearing a birthstone ring is believed to increase your chances of finding true love. Therefore, wear your birthstone ring on the ring finger on your left hand if you want to flaunt your birthstone and bring luck in love.

How can a Birthstone Ring be Cleaned?

A lovely and unique way to wear your birthstone is with a birthstone ring. However, how do you maintain your birthstone ring? Soaking a birthstone ring in a solution of warm water and mild dish soap is the finest way to clean it. After letting the ring soak for approximately 15 minutes, gently scrub the stone with a soft-bristled brush. The ring should be thoroughly rinsed with warm water and dried with a soft towel.

Additionally, you should refrain from cleaning or using strong chemicals on your birthstone ring. It’s preferable to take your birthstone ring to a qualified jeweler for repair if it sustains damage. Your birthstone ring will glitter and bring you joy for years to come if you take good care of it.

What’s the Cost of a Birthstone Ring?

Birthstone rings are a well-liked and reasonably priced method to commemorate a birth month. Birthstone rings range in price from $20 for low-end models to upwards of $2,000 for high-end models.

The grade of the stone, the kind of setting, and the overall design all impact how much a birthstone ring costs. The cost of birthstone rings varies according to the month they symbolize. For instance, birthstone rings with diamonds are often more expensive than those with other gemstones. The cost of a birthstone ring is ultimately up to the individual customer.


Personalized birthstone rings are ideal for any occasion. Whether it’s a new baby or a glowing mama, a personalized ring will always be a treasured gift. And it can be a wonderful way to show your love to your mother. A mother’s ring is a beautiful way to commemorate her child’s birth. A mom’s ring can be engraved with her child’s name or favorite stone.

A personalized birthstone ring is a great gift for a mother or grandmother. The mom can choose one or more birthstones, including her children’s names. A personalized ring will make her feel special and last a lifetime. This gift will be remembered forever. If you’re shopping for a ring, remember that the personalization option makes it special. A mother’s ring can be a great way to celebrate her child’s birthday or family event.