Propose With a Diamond Engagement Ring from Jared

If you’re looking to propose a diamond engagement ring, you may be wondering how to go about finding a Jared ring. This site features a variety of different styles of rings as well as a variety of diamond shapes. While brilliant round diamonds are the most common shape, it isn’t the only shape offered. Jared has an impressive selection of diamond shapes, styles, and engagement ring settings. You can even create a ring of your design!

You can also find a beautiful Jared diamond engagement ring by searching for it online. The company offers several unique styles of engagement rings so that you can customize them to your exact taste. You can even ask her if she would like to change the settings of her ring over time. By doing so, you will be able to make the ring more unique and special. You will be surprised by the results! So, buy a beautiful Jared diamond engagement ring that your future wife will love!

About Jared the Galleria of Jewelry

One of the most well-known jewelry brands in the US is Jared the Galleria of Jewelry. I’m sure you’ve heard the slogan “That’s why he went to Jared” in mass media because we spent a tonne of marketing money on TV commercials and printed ads.

Jared is a part of a business run by Sterling Jewelers Inc. and Kay Jewelers (the largest specialty jewelry store in the US). Zales and Sterling Jewelers are jointly owned by Signet Jewelers, a parent business with its headquarters in the UK.

It’s interesting to note that all three businesses (Zales, Kay, and Jared) sell jewelry to middle-class customers. And out of the three businesses, Jared stands out as the off-mall retailer that caters to a demographic with a little bit higher disposable income.

Currently, Jared operates more than 200 off-mall outlets throughout approximately 40 US states. Advertisements for their products claim that they specialize in exceptional jewelry and diamond jewelry. Naturally, this caught my attention, and I made the decision to learn more about their goods.

An Overview of Shopping at Jared’s Galleria

The large variety of jewelry available in Jared’s physical stores includes watches, charms, and engagement rings. They assert that they have “five times the selection of typical jewellery stores” and that their prices are competitive.

They are well positioned to target affluent consumers with their chosen products and designer jewelry brands because they are a physical merchant with well-established brands.

Jared has just updated its online store to give customers a better shopping experience and to reach out to tech-savvy customers.

Guidelines, Warranties, and Post-Purchase Services

Jared offers a 30-day exchange and returns policy. This is comparable to the selection provided by many other jewelers. Jared offers complimentary cleaning and inspection services as part of their after-sale services at any of their stores.

You can trade in your diamond or diamond jewelry item to Jared (at any Jared retail location) in exchange for another diamond or diamond jewelry item that is at least twice as valuable.

It’s interesting to note that Jared also provides a “Lifetime Diamond & Gemstone Guarantee,” under which they will swap out any diamonds or gemstones harmed or lost from the setting due to “normal wear”.

It may seem like a major deal, but it’s not.

You must get your jewelry inspected at one of their stores every six months for the “guarantee” to be valid. Bringing your jewelry back to the shop frequently allows them to sell you other things (clever marketing strategy)! The guarantee can be void if you neglect to bring your ring in for maintenance in two to three years.

The term “normal wear” itself is where the disclaimer in this statement is found. You know, harsh blows and unplanned events are typically to blame for why diamonds become broken or loose from their settings. The responsibility for persuading Jared that the damage was caused by “normal use” is with you if you lose or break your diamond jewelry.

No matter where you shop, don’t leave anything up for interpretation. Make sure you double-check what defines “normal wear” and always get everything down in writing if you notice jewelers advertising these “guarantees.”

Learn the Fundamentals of Diamonds

Before describing each element, Kelsie states, “The 4 Cs are the four properties of a diamond that are used to judge its overall quality, beauty, and worth on the market.


“Regardless of any flaws or defects a diamond may have, clarity defines how clear it is. The diamond is thought to be more rare and perfect and therefore more valuable the less noticeable these features are.”


“To distinguish it from size, the diamond’s carat indicates its weight. Any diamond above 1 carat is more valuable since they are more difficult to obtain; a diamond over 1 carat with excellent clarity is much more valuable.”


“The diamond’s colour affects how brilliant and white it is. Beginning at D (totally colourless), the diamond colour scale runs all the way down to Z. (yellow). White and colourless diamonds in the D–F range. While J-K diamonds will face up white, G-I diamonds are almost colourless, and K coloured diamonds typically have a somewhat more yellow hue. If the consumer is determined to have a diamond that appears white, we often advise against going below J.”


“The diamond’s cut dictates how sparkling and brilliant it is. In comparison to a diamond with a high cut grade and lower color/clarity, one with a poor cut grade but higher color/clarity will appear dull or less dazzling. Poor cuts prevent the diamond from reflecting the natural light that gives it the sparkle for which diamonds are renowned.”

Metal Preference

“For metal, there are numerous alternatives. For instance, engagement rings are often set with platinum, 10-karat gold, 14-karat gold, or 18-karat gold “Zehrer asserts. “The purity of the precious metal is likewise gauged by khat. Since 24 karat gold is pure, 18k, 14k, and 10k are each 75%, 58.5%, and 41% gold respectively. Gold is also available in a variety of hues, such as rose, white, and yellow. The diamond or gemstone’s look might also be impacted by the metal used. For instance, white metals specifically make colourless stones like diamonds look better. This season, white gold has been the metal of choice for engagement rings most frequently.”

Recognize your Budget

According to Zehrer, “the price of engagement rings might vary depending on the special combination of the 4 Cs, which determine rarity and worth.” “It’s crucial to keep in mind that regardless of your financial situation, you may locate a particular, high-quality ring. However, generally speaking, they fall between $1,000 and $20,000 or more. The cost could go up if you want to customise the ring with an inscription or a specially crafted metal.”

If you want additional smaller diamonds on the ring in addition to the center stone, Kelsie breaks down the typical pricing ranges.

“The main pricing ranges begin with simple, traditional ring designs that typically include less melee or pave diamonds put within the band. Depending on the features of the diamond and the metal used for the engagement ring, they cost between $3,000 and $4,000. The price of engagement rings that contain a little more diamonds might start at around $5,000, again depending on the qualities of the diamond and the metal chosen. Then there are types that are heavily covered in melee diamonds; they typically have broader bands to accommodate the abundance of these gems. These wedding bands cost at least $6,500.”

The type of metal chosen also affects the rings’ pricing, Kelsie continues. “Since platinum is the hardest and most durable metal, it is also the priciest. A ring will cost more the more melee or pave is utilised in its design. Despite their little size, the diamonds are still diamonds, thus the more of them that are used to adorn the setting, the more expensive it will be. Of course, the price point of the purchase will also depend on the centre stone—the diamond chosen as your engagement diamond.”

What Amount Should an Engagement Ring Cost?

What Should the Price of an Engagement Ring Be? The average cost of a one-carat engagement ring is $5,500, although most couples spend more than $6,000, and 7% spend more than $10,000.

According to the general rule, the engagement ring should pay at least two months. Spend $10,000 on the engagement ring if your annual income is $60,000, for instance.

Are the Diamonds in Jared Jewelry Real?

Made with premium diamonds, precious stones, and metals, Jared Galleria of Diamonds is of the highest caliber. Jared jewelry is made with superior craftsmanship and is long-lasting, which helps it retain its charm. All Jared diamonds are certified, typically by the GIA, the industry’s most reputable testing facility.

What is a Suitable Carat Weight for an Engagement Ring?

How many carats the ring should have is one of the choices to be made when thinking about buying an engagement ring. The Knot, a research firm and website dedicated to all things wedding, states that the average is between one and two carats. There isn’t a law. A smart place to start is always by creating a budget.


Jared’s locations are a good place to shop for an engagement ring. There are over 250 stores in the US, and each store sells around $1.2 million worth of diamonds. The brand has also recently revamped its online store to cater to the needs of today’s tech-savvy customers. In addition to these, Jared offers free cleaning and inspection services.

Although the prices of Jared rings are slightly higher than those offered by other brands, you should know that the company uses effective marketing techniques to convince customers to pay higher prices for their merchandise. Jared’s competitors are known for selling similar items at higher prices, and customers are enticed by their branding and perceived value to pay higher prices. It is also worth noting that the Jared brand is not affiliated with Tiffany, and you should be aware of this fact when purchasing from the company.