Sapphire Birthstone Rings

There are few stones as beautiful as a sapphire birthstone ring for jewelry. It is also the most affordable option for those on a budget. You can find a sapphire ring in many designs and sizes, and there is a wide variety of colors available. The blue color of this stone makes it the perfect stone for a birthstone ring, and the sapphire birthstone ring is sure to be treasured for many years to come.

Sapphires are the birthstone for September, and they’re a beautiful choice for engagement rings. The gemstone was worn by famous women throughout history, including Princess Diana, who wore a sapphire engagement ring. Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William, is another popular choice for a sapphire engagement ring. A royal wedding ring featuring this stone is a great way to make a memorable first impression.

What Is The Meaning Of A Sapphire?

Sapphires have been assigned magical properties by numerous societies throughout history, including celestial powers, truth, innocence, tranquility, and good health. Sapphires were thought to protect their wearers from evil in ancient times. Europeans in the Middle Ages believed that sapphires treated eye problems and protected virtue, among other things, because of their blue tint, which they connected with the skies. Sapphires have also been associated with nobility and loyalty.

Some Of The Exciting Facts About Sapphire

For thousands of years, sapphires have been prized as some of the most valuable jewels. It was trendy in ancient Rome, Persia, and the Middle Ages.

Although most people associate sapphires with a deep blue color, sapphires are available in practically every color of the rainbow, including pink, peach, orange, yellow, green, teal, and purple. Rubies are the name given to red sapphires (both are varieties of the mineral corundum).

The mineral corundum contains trace elements that give sapphires their color. Iron and titanium are found in traditional blue sapphires, and trace amounts of chromium can turn corundum pink, while more chromium converts it into a ruby.

Padparadscha, a pinkish-orange sapphire named after the Sinhalese term for lotus blossom, is the rarest sapphire variation. These jewels are sifted from Sri Lankan rivers and are traditionally from that country.

The phrases sapphire and sappheiros are derived from the Latin and Greek meanings for “blue,” sapphirus, and sapphires, respectively, and may have originally referred to a different type of bluestone known as lapis lazuli.

Sapphires are one of the world’s most durable naturally occurring elements. The Mohs Scale of Hardness assigns a grade to gemstones based on their ability to withstand scratching, and sapphires receive a 9 out of 10 ratings. A diamond, which has a Mohs hardness of 10, is the only natural item that can scratch a sapphire. Sapphires are excellent for engagement rings, and other jewelry is worn daily due to their durability.

Where Was Sapphire Discovered?

Kashmir, Myanmar (formerly Burma), and Sri Lanka are the three primary sources of sapphire birthstones. Not only that, but the birthstone for September has also been discovered in Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Madagascar, and the United States (Montana). Myanmar’s Mogok region is well known for providing the September birthstone. A spectacular scene of jungle-clad hills surrounded in by mountains. Sapphire is found in the same places as rubies but considerably smaller amounts than the red equivalent. Many people still refer to sapphire as “Burmese” sapphire because it can have a deep, intense blue tint, which has made it very valuable. Myanmar is also known for producing jadeite jade, spinel, zircon, amethyst, peridot, and other beautiful gems.

What Are The Benefits Of Sapphire?

The September birthstone can protect you against evil and poisoning. The sapphire has long been a favored stone of priests and rulers, and it represents purity and knowledge. The stone was thought to protect those close to you from harm since the Middle Ages, and it also symbolized loyalty and trust.

Sapphire is the “knowledge stone” since each color has its unique wisdom. Mental strain, melancholy, unpleasant ideas, and spiritual perplexity are relieved. Sapphire brings calmness and peace of mind by restoring equilibrium inside the body by balancing the physical, mental, and spiritual realms. It promotes attention, lightness, and happiness.

Sapphire is also known as a “prosperity stone,” attracting all gifts and bringing hopes and desires to fruition.

Sapphire is used to treating blood problems, excessive bleeding, and vein wall strengthening. It treats cellular diseases, calms overactive body systems, and regulates glands.

How To Take Care Of Sapphire?

Sapphire is the birthstone for September. Thus it’s essential to take care of it. Sapphires are extremely hard and resistant to chipping, cracking, and breaking. They have a Mohs hardness value of nine, which is the standard for determining the strength of gemstones. The Mohs scale’s highest rating for the most durable gemstone is ten. When caring for your sapphire, one thing to keep in mind is to avoid scratching it against hard surfaces or other jewelry in your jewelry box, as this can cause harm to the gemstone.

How to clean your sapphire: Cleaning sapphires at home is quite simple. All you need is a small amount of mild soap and a bowl of warm water. Blue Dawn Dish soap, which is ideal for cleaning sapphires, is recommended. Then, once you’ve made your soap and water mixture, soak your sapphire for at least twenty minutes or longer if your jewelry is particularly filthy. After your sapphire has finished soaking, brush it with a soft-bristled toothbrush before rinsing it with clean water. It’s critical to dry the gemstone with a soft cloth and avoid allowing water to sit on it. Ultrasonic or steam can clean natural sapphires more effectively; most jewelers utilize these cleaning procedures.

How To Style Sapphire?

The beauty of sapphire resides in its tremendous adaptability, making it an excellent choice for various ensembles and occasions.

Get-Togethers with the Family

This occasion frequently necessitates a casual yet stylish ensemble. Begin by slipping a black polka-dotted blouse into a pair of light blue narrow-fit jeans and wearing them with your favorite sneakers. Wear a tiny blue sapphire bracelet to complement the blue of the jeans and connect the look.

Wear sapphire studs to earn extra brownie points.


A brunch date with your girlfriends is a perfect location to show off your spectacular sense of style because it is semi-formal. Wear a low-neck floral jumpsuit with your favorite pair of heels for this outfit. Finish with a pair of gold hoops and a yellow sapphire solitaire pendant to up the fun factor.


Starting with a plain white shirt tucked into a pair of steel-grey slacks, black stilettos are excellent. Make a bun with your hair, and add a pair of teal sapphire earrings to add sophistication to your ensemble.

And there you have it: a professional yet elegant look. If you’re working from home and need to make a crucial call or give a presentation, a teal sapphire pendant is a way to go for maximum impact with no effort.

The sapphire is a gem worth investing in because of its beauty and versatility, and its durability makes it ideal for everyday wear. So please don’t put it off any longer, and get one now!

What Can Damage A Sapphire?

While sapphires and rubies can be damaged during jewelry repair or production, heat is the most prevalent cause of damage. It’s not that corundum is heat-sensitive; it’s only that overconfident jewelers might sometimes misapply heat.

Routine may play a role in some of this. After a while, the practice of “heat then quench” becomes automatic for many jewelers. Reflex, on the other hand, can be problematic in this situation. Most jewelers will heat a piece while the corundum is still in place, and whether conducting torch work or casting stones in place, jewelers who heat and then fast quench a sapphire or ruby run a significant danger.

We’ve been asked to look at corundum, with one substantial apparent crack and several spider-web-like fissures. We’ve had to explain that these once-beautiful stones were damaged by thermal shock, which is analogous to dropping an ice cube in water and hearing it split owing to the abrupt temperature shift.

Some Best Sapphire Birthstone Rings

14K White Gold Created Sapphire Halo Ring Round Checkerboard-Cut 1.50 Carats Sizes 5 to 9

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  • White Topaz Accent Stones in 14 Karat White Gold Lab-Created Blue Sapphire, Deep Ceylon Blue Hue with Brilliant Sparkle Ring
  • Mother’s Day, Graduation, Birthdays, Weddings, and Anniversaries are all great occasions to give this gift.
  • A gift box was included, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Peora Created Blue Sapphire Heart Promise Ring in Sterling Silver, 1.75 Carats, Sizes 5-9

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  • A TIMELESS BEAUTY – Due to its unique blue tone, sparkling glitter, and timeless quality, Peora Created Blue Sapphire Ring is the ideal anniversary or promise ring jewelry piece. Our rings are made to delight and leave a lasting impression on the wearer. Heart-shaped, 7mm Created Blue Sapphire center stone weighs 1.75 carats total.
  • Peora Created Blue Sapphires are meticulously hand-cut by professional Craftsmen, with each facet cut with mathematical precision, giving in an explosion of glitter and brilliance.
  • PEACE OF MIND – Each piece of Peora jewelry comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that guarantees quality and pleasure.
  • DELICATE CRAFTSMANSHIP – The Peora Created Blue Sapphire Sterling Silver Ring is made out of a mix of hand and machine-cut components for a superb jewelry piece that is perfectly constructed. When you choose Peora, you are choosing quality and attention.
  • PEORA CREATED SAPPHIRE RINGS COME WITH CONVENIENT GIFT BOXES – Peora Created Sapphire Rings come with convenient gift boxes, making them the ideal choice for lovers of fine Sapphire jewelry. Peora is the ideal choice for gifts for Christmas, Mother’s Day, birthdays, engagements, and anniversaries.

Created Sapphire Solstice Ring Sterling Silver Sizes 5 to 9

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  • The Ceylon Blue Hue with Brilliant Sparkle Created Blue Sapphire Ring is in. 925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium plating
  • Craftsmanship of the highest caliber
  • Styling that is second to none
  • Return Policy: 30 Days.

Peora Created Blue Sapphire Ring for Women in Sterling Silver, Vintage Halo Design, Oval Shape, 7x5mm, 1 Carat total, Comfort Fit, Sizes 5 to 9

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  • UNIQUE VINTAGE HALO DESIGN – Add a touch of class to your look with this antique-inspired Sterling Silver Ring for women. Features a beautiful Peora Created Blue Sapphire, 7x5mm Oval-shaped with rich Ceylon Blue tint bezel set in a hand-created vintage halo ring setting. The overall weight of this created blue sapphire ring is 1 carat.
  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY – Each Peora Created Blue Sapphire is hand-cut from rough materials by our skilled Craftsmen, with each facet carved with mathematical precision to enhance the stone’s color and beauty, resulting in an extraordinary display of luster and brilliance. Peoria’s exquisite jewelry offers not just a history of authenticity but also a guarantee of high quality. Jewelry made of sterling silver is hallmarked and stamped with the number 925.
  • PEACE OF MIND – Each piece of Peora jewelry comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that guarantees quality and pleasure.
  • BLUE STONE RING FOR WOMEN – STUNNING AND DURABLE This elegant Peora Created Blue Sapphire Ring has a comfortable fit and is available in sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. A heavy-duty Sterling Silver setting holds the beautiful Created Blue Sapphire in place to ensure its safety during everyday use. The beautiful and silky blue ring, rhodium-plated, nickel-free, and hypoallergenic promises a shine that will last her a lifetime.

7.75 Carats Cushion-Cut Created Blue Sapphire Ring Sterling Silver Sizes 5 to 9

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  • The ring is sterling silver and has a lab-created blue sapphire with a Ceylon blue hue and brilliant sparkle. Sizes 5 to 9 are available.
  • Exclusive Craftsmanship and Styling Includes Gift Packaging


Sapphire is a popular birthstone for September. It is the fourth most popular gemstone after diamonds. It is considered a powerful gemstone. Its color makes it suitable for wedding rings. Sapphire is also a good choice for a ring for a birthday. This type of ring will be unique and show off your personality. The recipient will be sure to be surprised with a gift as it is made with love.

Choosing a sapphire birthstone ring is an excellent idea if you are a September baby. The gemstone is associated with Venus and Friday. It is also associated with the planet Venus. People born in September are likely to be attracted to blue hues, but there are also myths about the gemstone. It is a symbol of purity and will protect you from harm. Choosing one with a blue ring is essential when purchasing a sapphire ring.