10 Unique Wedding Rings of 2018

You have found the perfect person, planned the perfect wedding inside your head, and your dress is an easy decision. Now comes the wedding rings. This ring will be a constant companion through the years. You will probably look at it every day and maybe even sleep with it at night. You’ll panic if you misplace it for a second, cherish it, and proudly display it. Maybe one day you’ll even pass it down, so the ring must be, in a word, you. It must represent all of your beauty, courage, individuality, and personal flair. Your ring must be as unique as you are.

It must reflect your bohemian, economically friendly tastes, or maybe your eclectic, colorful demeanor. The ring has to show the world you are bold and unafraid. It has to be just as minimalistic and direct as you are because it will be with you for a lifetime.

With all that rings represent and the role they play in getting married, the desire for a unique wedding ring is booming. Brides and grooms everywhere want to express their special love in new and innovative ways. While weddings and marriage can be very traditional, your ring doesn’t have to be. Now more than ever it is possible to stand out, be bold, innovative, and creative all while maintaining the symbolic meaning of the ring.Modern brides-to-be have begun to demonstrate a discerning taste for the avant-garde when it comes to engagement rings in recent seasons—unusual shapes, vivid stones, novel settings, and so on. The classics will always be classics, but what can those looking for something different in an engagement ring in 2018 expect?

10 Unique Wedding Rings of 2018

To catch your eye and spark inspiration here is a list of 10 wedding rings that won’t disappoint. These rings are innovative, bold, and most importantly unique.

Wedding Ring With Wishbone Diamond

This 2.5mm wishbone-shaped wedding ring is ideal if you’re searching for something a little different in a wedding band. This gorgeous band, which features seven sparkling diamonds, is ideal for a solitaire engagement ring. With Diamond Heaven, you can design the ideal wishbone-shaped wedding band in rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold.

Wedding Ring With Diamond Designer

This magnificent 6mm white gold engagement ring with a twist is sure to turn heads if you’re looking for something refined and exquisite. The gleaming metal is broken up by the little gems. Giving the impression of being extremely wonderful. This simple designer diamond wedding band is available in yellow, white, and rose gold and can complement any engagement ring.

Wedding Band in D Shade

This 2.5MM D-shaped yellow gold wedding band will go with anything if your tastes are simpler and more classic. This plain wedding band is simple, classy, and elegant, making it ideal for spouses who want matching rings. You have many alternatives when it comes to decorating your band, whether you want an 18-carat white gold band or a 9-carat rose gold ring, and you can obtain an engraved phrase or your partner’s name.

Wedding Ring With Diamond Infinity

This Infinity wedding band with diamonds is ideal for a wedding band that symbolizes empowerment and everlasting love. This ring goes well with any engagement ring and is a unique twist on the traditional wedding band. To make your ring completely distinctive, choose from platinum, 18-carat white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold.

Wedding Ring With Diamond a Flat Shaped Court

The light bounces off a 3MM flat court wedding band, giving it a wonderfully magnificent brilliance! This flat-shaped court wedding ring will sit easily on your vena amoris and match with that lovely engagement band you’ve been itching to show off to your family if you have a more modern but minimalistic style. The ring is shown on the left in 18-carat yellow gold, but it is also available in 18-carat or 9-carat white gold or rose gold.

Wedding Ring in Court Style With Satin Finish And Bright Channel 

The satin finish on this lovely 5mm court-shaped wedding band highlights the magnificent dazzling channel in the center. This attention-getting feature gives an attractive touch to a traditional wedding band. To personalize your wedding band, choose from platinum, palladium, 18-carat white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold.

Wedding Ring in Milgrain Court 

This sparkling 6mm court wedding band has a milgrain finish that adds a little touch to a standard wedding ring. The wedding band in the photograph is 18-carat white gold, but you can also get it in platinum, yellow gold, or rose gold. Perfect for individuals who want their ring to have a little more personality.

Wedding Ring With Bevelled Court 

This 5mm beveled court ring is classic and attractive, and it has a brilliant luster. For people who want a classic, clean beveled wedding band that fits securely on the ring finger and looks nice. Diamond Heaven can personalize your wedding band in 18-carat yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, or palladium, and you even have the option of engraving it.

Wedding Band With Concave Diamond

This 6.5mm concave diamond wedding ring exudes masculinity and grandeur. This sparkler is for you if you wish to break from tradition and choose a wedding band that matches your peste. This ring, which features seven magnificent diamonds in a concave setting, will also complement your future wife’s diamond wedding band. 18-karat yellow, pink, and white gold are all available.

Wedding Ring With a Round Diamond 

If you’re looking for something different than a traditional metal wedding band, choose this 5mm round diamond wedding ring. The image shown is 18-carat rose gold, although white gold, yellow gold, platinum, and palladium are also options. The spaces between the seven brilliant-cut diamonds give this wedding ring an appealing look.

Many times, you will be perplexed as to how to choose the ideal wedding band. A few key questions will help you choose the finest ring for your special day.

What Are Wedding Rings?

Wedding rings, the traditions associated with them, and their symbolism are based on past sentimental and societal notions that have been passed down for generations.  Ancient societies once believed the fourth finger on the left hand had a vein leading to one’s heart. It makes sense then that we would place there a wedding ring, a symbol of commitment. Despite scientific discoveries disproving the myth, we have carried on the tradition through the years. So much so we commonly know this finger as the ring finger.

Beyond their symbolism, rings have been around since ancient times and the traditions associated with them are still strong and present. The unbreakable link of eternal love and dedication between two married individuals is symbolized by wedding rings. In the United States and many other countries, they are exchanged as part of the wedding ceremony, and they are frequently—but not always—made with a rather simple design.

Characteristics of Unique Wedding Rings

  • Simple and must have a classic design.
  • Color, Clarity, Shape of the diamond.
  • Metal included Gold, Platinum, Titanium, Silver, and other precious metals.
  • Textured, patterns, designs, cut-outs.
  • Alternative metals such as rose gold, titanium.
  • Bolder style i.e. wooden rings, oxidized rings.
  • Variations in the wedding band.
  • Variations in gemstones i.e. pearls, emeralds, turquoise.
  • Customizable, fingerprints, messages, location.
  • Distinctive Design.
  • Customized Rings.
  • Turquoise, sapphire, topaz, pearls, and much bolder choices.

Is It Only a Ring?

There are various ways to interpret wedding rings. Today some view them as a mere outward presentation meant to signify a commitment. They say “I’m married.” For others, wedding rings are a symbol of love. They are the physical representation of a bond that should remain strong and whole. It is a symbolic memento of friendship, passion, and respect. And for many, it’s both. For many people, rings act as a token of love and commitment. It is these viewpoints that have affected the meaning of wearing a ring and the impact of a wedding band.

In modern society, one of the first things people notice about you is whether you are wearing a band. And once they make that observation they decide about your availability or even your relationship. Not only it is a daily reminder of your love and the commitment you made, but also has meaning for others. Last, wedding rings serve as a symbol of the self. They are an opportunity to express personal style and individuality. They may even express detail about the marriage.

However, no matter the connotation, or the history, a wedding ring is only as important as the love they represent.

Which Ring is the Most Well-Known?

Choosing a colored stone for an engagement ring is a unique and lovely twist on the standard engagement ring, and the candy-colored sparklers are no exception. Even though many people have tried the trend, a few engagement rings have stood out.The blue sapphire engagement ring worn by Kate Middleton is arguably the most renowned engagement ring of all time. The Duchess of Cambridge wears the ring that Princess Diana wore on her finger, and the iconic royal band has an 18-carat diamond and sapphire stone that Prince Charles bought in 1981.

What is the Most Valuable Ring?

The largest Internally Flawless Fancy Vivid diamond ever graded by the GIA is featured in the 59.60-carat pink diamond ring. It is now the most expensive ring in the world, as well as the most costly gemstone ever sold at auction, having sold for $71.2 million.In May 2016, Christie’s Geneva sold the Oppenheimer Blue for $57.7 million, making it the second most valuable gem ever sold at auction. It was named after famed diamantaire Sir Philip Oppenheimer, who donated the ring to his wife Pamela and is said to have been sourced at the Cullinan mine in South Africa.

What is the Most Unusual Shape For an Engagement Ring?

The round brilliant diamond cut is the most popular engagement ring. Due to their superb light performance and universal shape, round brilliant-cut diamonds are the ideal sparklers. They work in a limitless number of set designs.Cut into pears. The pear-shaped diamond, sometimes known as a teardrop, is a mix of forms that dates back to the 1400s. This distinctive form, which draws inspiration from both the oval and the marquise, is ideal for vintage-inspired brides who follow their own set of rules and believe that two is better than one.

What is the Ideal Carat Weight for an Engagement Ring?

The national average for an engagement ring in the United States, for example, is roughly one carat. It’s 0.6 carats in the UK, and it’s considerably smaller in Europe, hovering around 0.5 carats.It is also important to consider your age. Jay’s younger clients, those in their twenties and early thirties, want diamonds with a carat weight of one to two carats. “The larger the gems normally become as my clients become older,” she says. This is most likely because older people have had more time to save and are further along in their employment, which allows them to spend more money on jewelry.

Is Your Engagement Ring Worn on Your Wedding Day?

The truth is that, like most wedding traditions, you have complete control over what you do with your engagement ring on your wedding day. It can be worn all day, removed during the ceremony, or left at home entirely. There is no right or wrong way to approach this, and the choice is solely yours. With that in mind, keep in mind that your engagement ring has had its time to shine, and it’s now time to give your wedding band its due.When it comes to wearing both rings, there are a few things to consider. Because the wedding band is worn first on the finger, you’ll want to take off your engagement ring before the ceremony to avoid any embarrassing situations. Wearing it exclusively during the reception is a desirable option for many women and grooms who wish to show off their wedding and engagement rings together. Furthermore, if you’re like many modern couples, you’ll want your wedding photographer to picture all of your rings.


Wedding rings are a tradition. They are a societal norm that has existed for centuries and the tradition continues to be passed on. These rings appear simple but act as a representation of a commitment. Rings serve as a reminder of love, reverence, and mutual respect that exists within a marriage bond. They physically express what a marriage is and the love that comes with it.

The perfect wedding ring may not be easy to find, but we hope you are one step closer after looking at this list of 10 unique wedding rings. The list above includes several handmade items that will bring a sentimental touch to your perfect ring. Others had bold designs and varying shapes made to stand out in a crowd. Some rings were customizable to make them sentimental and one of a kind and some were simple to reflect modern tastes. Now that you’re empowered with knowledge, the choice is yours. What will it be? A bold turquoise, vibrant emerald, or a lustrous diamond? Will you choose a mate silver, a glossy gold, or steel?

Whatever your decision may be, let the ring be unique and the perfect one for you.

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