What is the Most Fragile Gemstone?

During your quest to find the most beautiful and expensive jewelry, consider purchasing a precious gemstone. Gemstones are prized for their beauty, luster, transparency, and value-to-volume ratio. Because many gemstones are mined in faraway regions, statistics are hard to come by. However, the world’s uncut diamond production was valued at $12.7 billion in 2008, compared to $6 billion in 2001, according to a trade journal. The world’s production of synthetic gemstones has yet to make a significant impact on the global gemstone market.

The cleavage of a gemstone can be divided into four levels: perfect, good, imperfect, and no cleavage. Gemstones with perfect or good cleavage are particularly delicate and require special care. However, the softer gemstones may not be as easy to protect. If you are concerned about the fragility of a gemstone, it may be best to avoid purchasing one until you’re sure of its quality.

Softest Gemstone

Despite their beauty, softer gemstones together with opal, turquoise, and the organics, pearl, coral, jet, fossilized wood, amber, shell, and mother-of-pearl are regularly prevented due to the fact they may be broken through effect and publicity to warmth and chemicals. Jewelry has to resist a positive quantity of wear and tear, this form of fabric offers designers and makers an actual challenge. How do you contain suitable safety for the prone stone and make it a quintessential part of the piece’s design?

I located this to be of the hobby as it isn\’t always the standard-setting one sees for gemstones. When you get to gemstones like this which are fragile and expensive, there may be a manner to put on them without the fear of wounding the stones.

What is a Barrier?

A barrier is one of the handiest methods of protecting fragile material. For example, a pearl necklace turned into designed with every pearl encased in gold and platinum via way of means of growing a “cage”. There is a gold cord going across the pearl in one manner and a platinum cord going the alternative manner and every “cage” turned into connected to every other to shape a strand of pearls and the pearl completely protected. This isn\’t always a horrific idea.

Rings stand the threat of being broken greater so than different portions besides bracelets. The key to that is placing the delicate stone in a bezel placing.  This is best for an opal as nearly all are cabochon reduced and they are able to lie flat withinside the placing the gold could have an ornamental rim that complements the placing, no accessory stones are simply needed.

Wirework Designs

Wirework designs are a powerful manner to shield the delicate gemstone, and the placing is ornamental as well. Working gold cord around a stone offers many opportunities to the design, due to the fact there are limitless strategies and designs for wrapping the gold cord around a delicate stone and this maintains it from being harmed.

There are bezel set designs that might be genuinely innovative. A South Sea Pearl bezel set so to talk interior a circle of gold with simplest the pinnacle 1/2 of the pearl uncovered offers the pearl a protection perch, you simplest see the pinnacle 1/2 of the pearl.

With a cuff bracelet of stable gold, and on the focal factor their \’s a gap for the pearl to be held in region with the aid of using a publish and on the equal time the bracelet bureaucracy a barrier to guard the pearl. This should be paintings as properly for a pendant, the pearl or gemstone encased in metallic sitting at the lowest of a loop, and the white or yellow gold with bezel set tiny diamonds might nonetheless provide the pearl middle stage. The metallic is added collectively on the pinnacle with the bail and the necklace is prepared to wear.

These softer gemstones can include a hefty rate tag, particularly opals and turquoise, Persian turquoise to be precise, and whilst of the path we need to put on them, in addition, they want to be in settings with a view to guard them against harm.

It is all approximately the design, there are endless approaches to creating ring settings and bracelet settings with a view to guard the stones. The pearl necklace defined above with the pearls in “cages” may be achieved for a bracelet as well. Bracelets take as tons put on and tear as jewelry does.

So don’t shrink back from those fragile stones, there are countless opportunities for placing those stones in settings with a view to guard them.

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Organic Gemstone

Organic gemstones are produced via way of means of organisms and had been reduced into gemstones or decorative objects.

Pearls are a natural gemstone: Yes, pearls are taken into consideration to be “gemstones.” They are produced via way of means of mollusks and different shellfish. People have used them as gemstones for heaps of years. Pears are a hard, lustrous round mass, usually white or bluish-gray, fashioned inside the shell of a pearl oyster or different bivalve mollusk and relatively prized as a gem. Pearls are available in a whole lot of colors, white, cream, gold, pink, grey, and black to call a few. These are prized gemstones and the best pearls are luxurious at best.

Coral Cabochons

Coral is a colonial organism that lives in warm, shallow marine waters and often develops reefs. It is a hard calcium carbonate material that can be cut or carved and polished into beautiful gems. The coral is usually white, cream, or pink in color. Rarely is bright red, the most desired color. These specimens of pink coral are from Taiwan and can be dyed red.


A variety of bituminous coal with a uniform texture that can be cut and polished into attractive gems. It was popular in Victorian England and used in mourning jewelry. One of the most famous jet-producing localities is near the community of Whitby on the eastern coast of England. Jet, as a form of coal, has a very low specific gravity. That makes a long strand of jet beads much lighter in weight than a similar-size strand of any other gem material except amber. Pins, pendants, and earrings made from jet are also much lighter than those made out of other materials and can be worn more comfortably. Jet is widely used in Native American jewelry.


Amber is a fossilized resin that changed into secreted via way of means of historic plants. It normally has a yellowish to orangish brown color however may be white, greenish, bluish, or maybe black. It is without problems reduce and polished into bright, lightweight gems.


The hardest natural gemstone is the diamond, but even a diamond can chip or split. In fact, John’s grandmother accidentally broke a three-carat diamond while she washed the dishes. During the process of cleaving a diamond, the material undergoes four distinct directions along the flat crystal planes. Because of this weak atomic bonding, cleavage in gemstones can be described as perfect, distinct, good, or fair.


Emeralds were traditionally believed to be the most fragile gemstone, though many believe they soothe the soul, protect the eyes, and ward off evil spirits. Emeralds were also thought to enhance memory and bring great wealth. While emeralds rank seven to eight on the Mohs hardness scale, they are susceptible to scratching and chipping. Because of their fragility, some emerald styles are unsuitable for everyday wear. Citrines should never be exposed to extreme heat or harsh chemicals.


Opals, a type of turquoise, are also known to be quite fragile. Exposure to shock can easily crack and chip them. Because they are a hydrated stone, opal is susceptible to thermal shock and should be kept in an airtight bag or wrapped in damp cotton to prevent dehydration. Some precious opals will also crack when exposed to heat or dry conditions. So, while opals can be fragile, it’s worth protecting and treating them properly to protect their beauty and value.


Another gemstone that is highly valuable is the ruby. Ruby has a hardness level of nine, making it perfect for everyday use and a stunning engagement ring. Ruby can be quite expensive, so choose carefully. Sapphires, on the other hand, are less expensive than rubies. They are both made of the same material as rubies and are available in many other colors. White sapphires are considerably cheaper than rubies.


Pearls are a good example of a durable gemstone. Pearls are made inside mollusks after an irritant enters the mollusk’s shell. Once inside, the soft inner surface of the mollusk is protected by the layer of nacre. Light reflected off the overlapping layers of nacre produces the characteristic iridescent luster. Pearls take about seven to eight years to form a solid pearl. The most expensive pearls are large, perfectly symmetrical, and naturally produced.


Another type of gemstone known for its resilience and hardness is Alexandrite. This form of Chrysoberyl was discovered in 1830 in Russia. The stone was named after Czar Alexander II. Unlike other gemstones, a finely faceted Alexandrite over one carat is rarer than a fine Sapphire, Emerald, or Ruby. An interesting feature of Alexandrite is that it changes color when exposed to different types of light. Under fluorescent, standard electric, and candlelight, it changes from blue to red.

Can Any Gem be Worn as Jewelry?

All gemstones have something appealing about them, whether that’s their appearance, their symbolism, their rarity, or an unusual physical or optical property. However, not all gems make good jewelry stones. Some are just too fragile to wear. In the Gem Listings below, popular jewelry and collector’s stones will have Wearability grades noted in their entries. These can range from “Excellent” to “Display Only.”


In the last century, a blue variety of zoisite was discovered. The stone’s name was derived from the country of Tanzania where it was first found. The gemstone is highly prized and displays three layers of color: dark blue, green-yellow, and red-purple. However, nearly all tanzanite has been heating treated. Its high price makes it a popular choice for jewelers.

Hardness is another factor in determining the durability of gemstones. Hardness is measured by comparing the stone’s hardness to those of selected minerals. Harder minerals can scratch softer minerals. Using the Mohs scale, you can easily determine which gemstone is the most fragile. The hardest gemstone is the diamond, which is ranked a 10 on the scale. Other hard gemstones include topaz and quartz.