certified diamonds

Certified Diamonds

Before you conclude a purchase of a diamond, it is very important to ensure you are purchasing a certified diamond. Why Certified Diamonds? Would you purchase medication from your local pharmacist that had come from an uncertified or unknown place?  Purchasing an engagement ring will be the first major purchase you will make in your …

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yellow diamond engagement ring

Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings: It’s All About Color!

An increasingly popular option, yellow diamond engagement rings are the perfect way to showcase her individuality and style, while symbolizing happiness, joy and prosperity. Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings   Most diamonds are essentially colorless, and it is preferred to have as few traces of yellow or brown coloring as possible. However, when a yellow diamond …

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three stone diamond rings

Three Stone Diamond Rings: Sparkling Symbolism

Whether the occasion be an engagement or anniversary, three stone diamond rings are a timeless and symbolic reminder of a couple’s love and commitment. They are also known as trinity or trilogy rings, and offer many different styles to choose from.   Symbolism of the Three Stones Traditionally the three stones in this type of …

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diamond solitaire rings

Diamond Solitaire Rings: Simply Elegant

Out of all the engagement rings, the diamond solitaire is undoubtedly the most popular choice among women. They are classic and simple, yet strikingly sophisticated and versatile.   Diamond Solitaire Rings: The Basics The term solitaire means alone and in jewelry terminology, this means that the diamond stands alone. This style of engagement ring essentially …

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wholesale diamonds

Wholesale Diamonds: Fact or Marketing Fiction?

What are Wholesale Diamonds? Everyone likes a good deal.  That’s why the phrase “wholesale diamonds” sounds practical and economical.  However, many have found that it is another marketing method used by jewelers to encourage you to purchase their product.  Anyone who sells diamonds, with or without a setting, has to be a registered business (with …

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colored diamonds

Colored Diamonds

Colored diamonds, also known as “fancy diamonds” or “fancy colored diamonds” are those diamonds which have natural, distinct hues of color which makes them rare, beautiful and highly desirable. Colored diamonds,  are a stunning alternative to white diamonds, and come in many different beautiful shades.  Although extremely rare and valuable, there is something for everyone …

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